He’d Strangled His Cohabiting Girlfriend to Death in Front of His One-Year-Old Son

The primary cause of this murder was the JEALOUSY of the cohabiting boyfriend, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The thirty-year-old Sun yesterday, in front of his own one-year-old son, strangled his cohabiting girlfriend, Tsai to death in their residence; he’d claimed that it was because he got upset of his girlfriend who’d worked in a bar, who’d flirted with a male customer, that, was why he’d, strangled her. The police changed him with murder.

Su claimed, that awhile ago, his girlfriend started working at a bar, and would come home, wasted, and, early yesterday morn when she got off, she’d come home, then, headed out, to go shopping again, he’d taken a peek at his girlfriend’s cell phone, and found that she’d flirted using text messaging with multiple men, and, he’d, taken a closer look and found, that she was, working at a bar. As for how Su claimed he’d just found out about his girlfriend’s working at a bar yesterday, the police are doubting it, and, they’re still, investigating the matter.

The police investigated, that early morning at five yesterday, Tsai came home from shopping, Su was displeased at how she’d flirted with other men, they got into a verbal altercation; in a moment of anger, Su grabbed a broom stick, and started, beating down on his girlfriend, then, strangled her to death. The police found, that there were, multiple bruises on Tsai’s body, and there were ligature markings on her neck too.

After Su behaved violently toward Tsai, it took him two whole hours to calm back down, and he’d found that his girlfriend was, unconscious then, he’d immediately called up the ambulance, and had them rush her to the E.R.; on the ambulance, Tsai had, stopped breathing, and, they’d taken her into the hospital for emergency resuscitation, and still couldn’t save her life. The hospital reported this to the police, as Su was taken to the subprecinct, he was crying, and had that blank look on his face.

Based off of understand, Su and Tsai had been dating for three and a half years, they’d not registered for marriage, had two sons, the eldest son was over a year old, the other, still an infant. The couple showed off their love on Facebook a lot, and on the anniversaries, the man would register on FB, and made their outings into a card to give to his girlfriend, and, the woman photographed him sleeping with her son, with the captions, “Father and son”, it’d showed that they were, getting along well together. The neighbors told, that they’d often seen the couple take the child out together, and believed them to be married, that early yesterday morn, they’d heard arguing, and saw Su carrying their son onto the ambulance.

And, this is still, due to a man flying into a JEALOUS rage, and, the woman’s job entails flirting with the male customers, otherwise, how do you think she would be able to, get the extra tips from her male customers, and yet, this man couldn’t stand it, and flew into a jealous rage, and, strangled her to death, it’s, a crime of anger AND passion here!


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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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