Grateful Toward My Son’s Teachers

The thoughts of a mother, translated…

When my youngest son was in the first grade, I was asked to see his school teacher at the office, this instructor who was very hardworking, very focused in her teaching told me in a round and about way, that she wanted me to take my son to see a psychiatrist. At the moment, I’d felt, a bit upset, and so I’d consulted my brother-in-law who’s a psychiatrist, and after his observations, he’d believed,, that my youngest son was just, a bit more active than the rest, that he’d not needed to be diagnosed as A.D.H.D., that I had nothing I needed to worry about.

When my son entered into the higher grades in the elementary years, I’d often discussed his progress with his instructors. His third and fourth grade homeroom instructor told me, “Children are supposed to be active and running all around! I don’t think there’s anything the matter with Li at all!”, she’d often used her sense of humor, to look at how my son would act. And his fifth, sixth grade teacher made the comments of, “His attention-deficit is problematic, I’d needed to remind him to calm down a lot in class.”, I feel compelled, to apologize to ALL of his school teachers here.

By the time he got into the fourth grade, I’d, surrendered to giving him the helps he’d needed for his coursework, having a numeric disorder myself, so, I’d, sent him to the cram schools. And, his two cram school instructors used enormous amounts of patience to teach him, and, they’d become, his idols too.

As the schools started teaching sentence structures, the sentences he’d written out were mostly, incongruent to what the teachers were asking, and so, as he’d told me he wanted to take the courses in essay writing, I’d, found him, a private tutor again. One day, my son showed me his essay book, I was so surprised at how much he’d improved in his writing, he’d written, so lively, and so articulate too, and, I give thank, to the professional help I’d found for him!

He is now, a last year middle school student, and, as the grades of the sectional exams came out, he’d told me excitedly, “I want to tell you a great news, I’d scored a level FIVE on my essays, the best score I’d ever mad so far!” as his mother, I was, surely, very happy for him (as he’d normally just told me the better performances and not the awful ones!). My attitude toward his exams is so long as he’d done his best, I’d not wanted him to feel trapped by the grades at all, plus, if the grades are really too low, then, someone WILL speak out about it, and, as a result, this usually works, a whole lot better than his own mother’s screams!

From the day he’d started school, my son’s made progresses, each and every day, little, by little, I’m truly grateful toward ALL of his instructors, and, I, as his mother, had become, eventually, defeated, in teaching him, compared to his regular teachers!

So, this just shows, that with the right attitude from the parents and the instructors, any child can learn well in school, but, there are, rarely any teachers like the ones this young man encountered, who were, more than willing, to take the time, to work with a child on what s/he needed to work on the most. But, thankfully, this young man’s found several teachers who can help him do better in school.


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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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