The Former Boyfriend of the Murder of the Woman on Campus in Pingdong, He’d Finally Admitted to Murdering Her

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

In the hacking murder of the woman, Chiu in the Guanfu Branch of the Kaoshu Guangxing Elementary School in Pingdong, her ex-boyfriend finally admitted to murdering her early this morning. It was suspected that he’d used Facebook, to get his ex to meet him at the school, strangling her until she passed out with a scout’s rope, then, bashing her head with bricks, stabbing her fifteen times with a fruit knife, after the police interrogated him, they’d sent him to the D.A.’s office to be prosecuted for the charges.

The police found, that two weeks ago, the victim and the suspect broke up, Wang couldn’t forget it, he’d had her meet him at the school, using a phony Facebook account, said he’d wanted to get her involved with the extracurriculars, to take her to karaoke, then, as she got in, he’d, strangled her with the scout rope from behind. Then, he’d, SMASHED her head with bricks, and took out the fruit knife he’d prepared, stabbed her fifteen times, afterwards, he’d returned back to his home in Chaozhou, Kaohsiung to sleep for the night, then the next morn, he’d met up with the victim’s two daughters.

動保志工徐滿惠上個月從屠宰場救出5個月大的「土豆」,原本看見人就發抖害怕的牠,現在已相當親人,近期將替牠辦送養。記者鄭維真/攝影the woman interacting with a dog she’d adopted, photo from…

The police told, that yesterday, members of the public reported seeing “a woman lying in the school campus”, as the patrol officers arrived, they’d found her to be beaten in the face with blunt object, with four knife wounds on her chest, eleven stabs on her abdomen, and her pants were pulled down to her knees, and, they’d found a mo-ped to the side in the ditches, and zoomed in on Chiu’s ex-boyfriend, and the special task force also asked the D.A. for an arrest warrant.

Early this morn, the suspect, Wang went into the Pingdong Police substation, to tell his side of the story, then was interrogated through the night, during which time, he’d denied his murdering his ex, but after the police presented Wang with the evidence, he’d admitted. There was a group of Chiu’s close friends gathering outside the substation, hollering that they wanted justice for her. But Wang was already transported to the D.A.’s office.

The police told, Wang, who had priors in violence, made threats to Chiu on Facebook, and he’d used another man, Chang’s account, and had Chiu come to meet at the school to sing karaoke, as she’d arrived, he’d, strangled her with the scout’s rope, and used the murder weapon he’d prepared before to kill her.

被人砍斷左前腳的「阿吉」很愛撒嬌,但曾有路人看到牠斷腿,還拿石頭砸牠;現在牠聽得懂「坐下」、用左前腳與人握手。記者鄭維真/攝影the dog, “Lucky”, who’s now, trained to “shake”…photo from…

The police told, that two days after they’d met last December, they’d moved in together, they broke up two weeks ago, but Wang believed that there was, another man between them, which was what drove him to plan out her murder. The police said, that because Chiu’s close family and friends kept ranting about how they will find him, and they’d threatened him, that, was why Wang came out of hiding in fear.

As for why Chiu’s pants were pulled to her ankle, and why her motorcycle was left in the ditches, the police told, that it was Wang’s way of attempting to foul up the evidence, so they wouldn’t suspect him.

And so, we have here, a MAN who murdered an ex, because he was displeased at how she broke up with him, and started dating another (or so he’d, suspected it), and, this still just shows, how little can drive a person to MURDER someone, and, they were, in love from before, scary, isn’t it???


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