Animal Traps

A HORRID scene, with animals, bleeding to death, struggling, to break FREE from the traps that humans set, translated…

I don’t know what the most beautiful thing in Taiwan is, but, the WORST thing that happened in Taiwan a short while ago, it was, surely, that mountain hawk eagle with an animal trap on its left foot, and still managed to soar high. How many people, had gotten to understand, this endangered species, how beautiful, majestic it truly is, I don’t know, but, I’m thinking, that the hawk is to die soon, as for the predatory birds, having their claws taken off, there’s only DEATH that came next.

Nobody knew how to save this hawk that’s flown into the mountains now, and, nobody can tell if that female Swinhoe’s pheasant with a broken foot can survive; just like nobody would know, that there were, laws set up against setting and selling of traps, how come, there’s still, an abundance of them. The larger animals like the black bear, to the smaller creatures like the leopard cat, the dogs, no matter whether if they are kept or wild, they couldn’t, escape the nightmares, of being caught by the traps. The force the traps used were enormous, and the limbs that were caught by these, will naturally need to be amputated, what’s worse, would be that if help didn’t come in time, the tissues became dead, and leading to eventual death.

here’s one, photo from online…

In June of 2011, the Legislative Department added the addendum to the Animal Protections Law No. 14-2, “Without the permits of the central agencies, the traps can’t be manufactured, sold, displayed, or used”, back then, the animal right’s activists hollered ecstatically, “This, is the most important milestone of the animal protections history in Taiwan, this meant, that the scary tools of traps will vanish from Taiwan’s environment”. What’s sad was, until last November, someone falsified himself as a buyer, and went to the hardware shops, and, the shop owner shoed the man a dozen of animal traps at a time.

Ten animal traps, scattered around the wilderness, and, one can only imagine, how many animals’ bodies would become broken because of this, or lose their lives, and, no matter how much the rescuers spent, it’s never, quite enough, but, the trap setters were only getting fined from between $15,000 to $75,000N.T.s And, these were from those who were caught in the act, in 2014, the Animal Protection Agency of Hsinbei City had found over thirty places where these illegal traps were spotted, and they were only able to ticket TWO of these, which were set close to the setters’ homes; in 2015, there were, a total of twenty-eight case, and, none of these cases were fined! In the tries of how difficult it was, to catch the setters in the act, there’s, no way, of effectively catching or preventing the setting up of traps, so, how can we, make these traps extinct altogether?

and another…

and this one’s howling in PAIN!!!  Photo from online…

The threats from the traps, were not only found, in the distant regions of the mountains or in the secluded areas, there were, also traps found in the urban areas, the three-legged dogs and cats, were the most frequent “customers” of the shelters; and, the animals weren’t the only ones who fell victim, back on December 10, in 2015, a member of a search and rescue team accidentally stepped onto a trap, and, got wounded on his thigh, and, the rescue squad didn’t DARE send out the search and rescue dogs, which made it even MORE difficult, to find the missing in the areas; and, the Animal Protections Agency in the city of Taipei, also got a report, that in the South Airport Night Market in Zhongzhen District, there was a cat that was caught, and because it couldn’t break free, it’d, died, struggling, trying to break free.

When will the day of the complete ban, complete prohibition of use of traps come? Would that hawk with the broken foot still be alive, how about that Swinhoe’s pheasant? As humans, we have, many considerations, those unimportant measures, those, conflicts of interests, those pleasing to whom. Humans aren’t worried, and allowing those traps to stay right there, in the wilderness. And still, the pains of a life being trapped, those bright red drops of blood that fell, into the darkness, had, been, etched into the minds of those who loved and cared for the animals, and that, was the most horrid scene in Taiwan.

and, there’s, this too…

with the chance of survival being NEXT to NONE!!!  Not my photo still…

So, because of human needs, we’d set up traps, to capture these animals to sell, to make a few extra bucks for ourselves, and in so doing, we’d shown a total disregard toward nature, and, we don’t even know it yet, but WE, are a BIG problem, a hazard, to the environment we live in, and, if we can’t, coexist peacefully, meaning NO overhunting, NO overkilling, of these beautiful creatures in the wild, we will only, bring DOOM to ourselves!

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