The Online Interactions that Became Uncomfortable Face-to-Face

Once they’d met face-to-face, things started getting awkward, and so, they’d retreated back into their separate corners in front of the screens, and interacted the way they used to, translated…

To me, the benefits of conversing online is that I can totally disregard the facial expressions of the person I’m chatting with, and, through words, I can communicate accurately, my thought to the person I’m talking to, but, there are, always exceptions to the rules.

The year I’d passed the grad school exams into the theatre department, I’d wanted to find someone to work on the music for a film with me, and I was introduced by a friend, and gotten Jiang’s contact information—back then, the mainstream internet agent was MSN. Although we’d never met up, but, after he’d watched my uncut film, he’d matched up to my belief systems, and, we were able to, quickly, set up the music compositions, and later on, we’d begun, chit-chatting via MSN, and we got more and more into our conversations.

this, is what it worlds down to, because we’d gotten so used to relating to one another via apps or social networks, we can’t even interact face-to-face anymore!!!  Not my photograph…

I’d told him, why not meet out for lunch next time, Jiang had, immediately agreed. Because we were attending different university, I’d asked Jiang where he’d lived, and, he’d lived in Banciao, just as I do too. And, as I’d asked him more questions, something near magical happened—back then, there was a window by my computer desk, and, a few short minute later, I’d, opened up the window, and saw Jiang waving at me shyly.

In order to fulfill our dinner date, we’d gone to the hotpot shop close by, but, we’d interacted, with less passion as we had done a short while before on MSN now. And, the musical composition of my film, we’d started discussing later, on MSN then, there was, that sense of, intentionally not interacting in person.

Thankfully, he was a man to, otherwise, it would be like the start of those soaps, so very, awkward.

and sure, using online, you might be able to connect with multiple people at once, but, how many of those interactions are, personal enough???  Not my picture…

So, this, is how two people can connect online, but once after they’d met face-to-face, they’d felt awkward, and, this is probably due to how you’d gotten so used to interacting with each other through the screens, and this, would be one of the BAD things that can happen, that can, stop you from establishing the face-to-face interactions more meaningfully, and, because currently, we’re, becoming more and more reliant on the IMs for our interactions, we may all become, too awkward in one another’s company, but once we’d reconnected back online, we’d, become the best of friends again, but, ARE we, best of friends, if we can only relate better to each other through the screens and not face-to-face?


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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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