Let’s Head into the Smaller Scale Libraries

Experiences of one’s life, translated…

The director, Martin Scorsese came to Taiwan, to publicize the film “Silence” which he’d filmed here. This movie which will be out in mid-February, was from the 1969 novel of the Japanese writer, Shusaku Endo, it’s one of his most important works.

The novel, “Silence”, I’d read a couple of months ago, due to change, I’d gone to the postal museum’s small library to read it.

It was really hot last summer, in order to save up on the charges of my air-conditioning at home, I’d hid out in the libraries to read. Because the library was a subsidiary of the Postal Museum, it was very small in area, and, the books are mostly exclusive to the Postal museum, but, the library had the four, five major newspapers, over a dozen of widely read magazines, plus over hundreds of volumes of tour guides, literary works, and an assortment of tool books too, it’d filled up my leisure time.

a more intimate, smaller-scale setting, with enough books…not my art…

As I’d found “Silence”, it wasn’t a part of the library’s collections, but a donated book from the public, on the shelves. There’s the trend of “drifting books” in Taiwan right now, there were drifting books stations set up all around, for the members of the society to freely donate books or to pick up a book to read, but because it’s public, there were, more books taken away, than donated, and, in a very short time, those “drifting books stations” became, vacant, and lost that sense of aestheticism; and, looking at this smaller-scale library, it’d run by someone, the books would get returned back.

That day, after I’d finished reading two newspapers that I didn’t subscribe to, I’d read about twenty to thirty pages of “Silence”, and felt that it was very interesting; and, in about six months later, this book was made into a movie, about to be shown.

someone reading in the library, not my photograph…

Thinking in retrospect, this smaller-scale library served its function. If every borough carries this sort of a smaller scale library system, instead of having just ONE huge library on a grander scale per district, more people would be into reading the books now.

So, this, would be the pros of going to these smaller scale libraries, because of the limited number of books, you can find what you’re interested in reading more quickly, and, the setting would be more intimate too.


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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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