The Murders of the Young Children in Beitou, the Young Siblings Were Struggling Up Until the Moments of Their Deaths, with Their Throats Slit, Signs of Suffocation and Asphyxiation

The autopsy results are now, in! From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The family tragedy of the man, Chang, murdering his own three children then committing suicide, the Shihlin District Attorney’s Office examined the three deceased yesterday afternoon, and, took the samples from the stomachs to get tested, to clarify whether or not the children were drugged before they died. As the children were being autopsied, their mother stayed close by and cried, she said that she’d argued regularly with her husband, but, never imagined that he would, murder their children.

Yesterday, Chang’s older brother, his wife, and his brother-in-law watched the autopsies, Chang’s wife broke down and cried for four continuous hours, and couldn’t calm down.

The D.A. reviewed, that there were, knife wounds on the left side of the necks of all three children, Chang and his younger daughter had severed carotid, and the youngest son’s death was caused by asphyxiation; the coroners researched the stomach contents and the blood works. The D.A. stated, that the review again, was to make sure, that the wound was caused by the murder weapon, and if the blood left on the blade of the knife, belonged to the victims, they’re currently ruling out murder by someone else.

Chang’s wife cried, that from the very start, they hadn’t gotten along well at all, she’d not known if her husband had, accumulated debts, there was not another person who was between them. The Shihlin District Attorney’s Offices made a statement, that the newspaper reports of “Planned to take the three kids”, “Infidelity of his wife”, “Losing millions of money in investing in stocks”, do not coincide with the man’s last note. Because Chang was his wife’s abuser, the D.A. returned his corpse to his own older brother.

The mayor of Taipei, Ke went to visit the eldest daughter who was the sole survivor at the hospital, he’d stated, that even if the husband and wife argued, but, NO matter what, the parents should NEVER strip the children of their rights to grow up, this, was a tragedy.

The forty-six-year-old Chang is a programmer who worked from home, on the early morning of the fifth, he’d, used the fruit knife to murder his own children, the second daughter (age 14), the youngest son (age 13), other than having knife wounds on their necks, they were also suffocated with the quilt. The eldest daughter had a 3½inch wound on her neck, and there was, a wound of two centimeters on her airway, suspected of falling unconscious from the pains, but gladly, the blood didn’t flow backwards back into the lungs, there was still some air in her lungs. The D.A. and police investigated, that the children who’d died showed signs of having convulsions before they’d died, which showed that there were, signs of struggle moments before they’d died.

And so, this, is ALL the aftermath of that tragedy from yesterday, and, it’s all, after-the-fact, and, this still just shows, how dangerous it would be, to leave your own young, in the care of a very unstable ex or spouse…


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