Retirement Can Come Easily

Life after retirement, translated…

My older schoolmate retired a couple of years ago, at first, she felt, that life was, very relaxing, but, six month after she’d retired, she’d started, living her life wasted, and by the second year, she’d become, lost, without any goals in life, and felt disappointed at her own life.

In order to make herself happier, she’d needed to, contemplate on WHAT sort of a life she’d wanted to have? She thought, that she’s in her fifties, and health comes first, and she’d needed to, keep a healthy lifestyle with the regular exercises, and, she’d heard, that learning and the process of creating something can give her that sense of achievement she’d longed for, so, she’d, planned that in too.

And since, she’d divided her daily life into portions: exercises, learning, interest, spirituality, etc., etc., etc., and, set up precise plans, in each of these categories, and met them, for instance, in the learning section, there’s, English, touch typing, art, and, she’d, made a graph of it and, kept track of her daily goals and accomplishments by the day. I’d told her, “You’re finally OUT of the workforce, you’re still, doing things on schedule?”, but she said, “As I saw over a dozen checks on the charts at night, I’d felt, that I’d, accomplished a lot, and felt, that I’m not, squandering life away!”

學姊是幾年前退休的,剛開始覺得生活真是愜意極了,後半年卻處於頹廢的狀態,第二年就...the woman, keeping track of her own achievements after retirement, setting those smaller goals for herself to accomplish, picture from the papers…

And so, in the mornings, she does yoga, in the evenings, she’d gone out for brisk walks, now she’s glowing, and, lost the extra weight, and, she’d, managed to find what she’d given up in the past, because life got too busy, writing poetry and essays, and she’d practiced meditating too, and through it, she’d found her own spirituality. Anyway, this seemingly ordinary life, with the affirmation and plans from the graphs (of course, every month, she’d made slight adjustments to her schedules), she’d felt, that her days are fulfilled.

From before, she’d worked as an office manager, with a fully-booked schedule, but after she retired, she had, all this time on her hands, and nothing to do, she’d felt, loss. And so, every couple of days, she’d, selected a theme for the day, and, drew it on her schedule book, it may be a plate of sushi, a pot of flower. And because the slots weren’t that huge, there’s NO need for excellent drawing skills, to fill it up, and, with a few pictures, decorating her monthly schedules, it’d made her schedules looked more colorful.

What’s worth mentioning was, after she retired, she’d gotten a lot of free time, and, she’d became, logged on completely to the internet, and because she didn’t restrict her time, her eye sight failed, and so, she’d, limited herself to having just TWO hours online, otherwise, she’d, banned herself from logging online the next day. “This, is in the areas of self-discipline, and if I’d managed to uphold this rule, then, I can get a check in the slot”. She’d told me, with this seriousness, and so, her time spent online became, very efficient, because she’d needed to, spare an hour online, to watch the Korean soaps online.

staying active in life after retirement, NOT my photograph…

A few days ago, I sat with her at a café, saw how she drew a piece of cake in the slot in her calendar, she’d used the colored pencils to draw it, the cake looked delicious and colorful. “Coming out today with you, it’s truly a blessing!”, after she’d said, she’d placed a check next to the column labeled “Bliss”.

So, this woman had, put her schedules to work, at first, her retirement had hit her hard, because, all of a sudden, she had, NOTHING she needed to do, but, quickly, she’d, changed her mindset, and started setting up things she’s interested in doing, and, she’d managed to, exercise her own self-discipline through the process, and this, is how much you can achieve, if you work hard, to reach the goals you set for yourselves, and, this woman’s way of viewing her own retirement had, made her own retirement, even MORE colorful!


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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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