Saying Farewell to Her Food Addictions, with the Social Supports from Her Friends, She Was able to, Slim Down

Call this, the POWER of SOCIAL SUPPORT if you will, from the Newspapers, translated…

“Mary” (a false name) was a “girl who cried in the nights”! From when she was younger, she’d had this food addiction, she’d wanted to munch on things constantly, and as she felt awful or had been defeated, she’d turned to food even more, she’d tried an assortment of ways to cut her food addictions, but, none of it worked, until two years ago, she’d gone to a session with FA, after the counseling sessions, and sharing with her peers her experiences of being addicted to food, she’d finally, gotten out, of the dark clouds, “There’s still NO FA chapters here, and I’m willing, to be the one who started a chapter here.”

Mary因食物成癮,最高體重達68公斤。兩年來維持52公斤體重,恢復正常生活。 ...what she looks like now…photo from the newspapers…

She said, that the FA support groups had the members shared their personal experiences of food addictions, to help the members get better, that it was, completely, voluntary, and she’d wanted to, give all she could, back to the community.

Mary is thirty-five years-old, at her heaviest, she was almost 150 pounds, at 5’4, she said, that she’d gotten involved in FA back in 2014, she was able to keep her weight at 114.4 pounds, “This, was the longest I’d ever, maintained my weight the exactly the same”; she’d said, that for most, it wasn’t hard, to maintain a healthy weight, but for someone who’s addicted to food, it’s, considered, as a miracle.

She’d felt differently toward food compared to the rest of the general population, when she was younger, she’d helped her maternal grandmother to make the dumplings, and, she would, steal a few of the uncooked outside wrap and consumed it up behind the couch with nobody knowing it; in the elementary years, when she couldn’t break through in her piano lessons, she’d downed those soft drinks with high sugars or the snacks, before she went back to practicing her piano skills; and, during her schooling careers, whenever the stresses of the academic became too hard to handle, she’d gone off on eating binges, plus, she wasn’t that articulate, she’d not made friends easily, she’d become a truant at time in her life, and as she’d entered into college, her life still, revolved around snacking, “There were several times, that I’d, snuck some of the foods my roommate had stashed away.”

She said, as she’d entered into the workforce, every Friday after work, she’d gone to the supermarkets, and buy a whole bundles of treats to celebrate the weekend; she’d tried numerous ways to reduce her weight, spent a whole lot of money on the eastern AND western measures to treat her food addiction, there was once that she’d overdosed on the meds, and started twitching at her home, and was, lifted to the hospitals.

Back in 2010, something happened in her family, and, she’d, broken up with her boyfriend, which exacerbated her dependency on food, “I can eat the rice prepared for six-persons all at once”, she’d eaten and cried, thinking, “Why couldn’t I stop? How can I, treat myself like this?” for two years on end, she couldn’t work, didn’t have any social life at all.

Back in 2011, her family wanted her to go abroad to the States, her relatives gave her a book to read, and as she read, she’d cried, because the stories in the book, were exactly her experiences in life, and so, she’d, e-mailed this support group, and because the group wasn’t set up in Taiwan, she’d turned to Beijing, and met two other American girls who shared her experiences with food addictions, and began her new life.

Back in September of 2014, a friend in Beijing introduced her to FA, she’d gotten involved in it, found a sponsor, and started her own recovery program, “From the day I’d found a sponsor, and entered into the program, I hadn’t binged again,” other than having her weight returning back to the normal range, she’d found herself a full-time job, and started, getting active in her social life too.

She believed, that there are, those who are in the various places in Taiwan who are having the same troubles, “I hope that FA can help them just as it’d, helped me too”, Mary provided the self-administered tests to see if a person can be addicted to food, to help with getting diagnosed with the conditions of dependency on food.

So, this, is how a woman found strength, she’d realized that she’d needed a change in her lifestyle, because she got tired, of living her life the way she had done in the past, and, with the help and support from the strangers of the program, she was able, to ward off her own personal addiction to food, and now, she’s, shared her experiences of how she successfully kicked her food addiction for the public, hoping, that those who suffered the same food addictions know that they’re not alone, and that success is possible, for she’d, made it!



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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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