A Woman’s Death, Suspected of Drinking a Poisonous Drink When She’d Gone Out to Karaoke with Someone She’d Met Online

Death, just doesn’t seem to, take a single day off, does it??? Of course N-O-T! From the Front Page Sections, translated…

just letting loose, with absolutely NO sense of the after-effect here, photo from online…

A woman, Chen met up with friends to celebrate at a karaoke bar in Luodong, Yilan, she died, in suspicions of drinking an unknown drink. And because Chen’s families had doubts about what caused her to die, after the corpse was lifted to the Hsinbei City’s public mortuary, the Shihlin District Attorney’s office decided to perform an autopsy, with the Yilan District Attorney’s Office in correspondence of the case. Based off of understanding, the woman had a cold, and wasn’t feeling well before she’d died, and from the preliminary exams, there were, no signs of rape.

The nineteen-year-old Chen on the fourth of the Chinese New Year set out from Hsinbei City headed to Yilan to visit her friend. She was accompanied by a female friend, and after she’d decided to meet with a man she’d met online, Su, during the midnight hours, she’d headed over to the karaoke bars, later on, Su and his two male friends were there too, one of the men, Chen, was suspected of bringing along the drug-filled satchels of coffee, which Su had mixed in with the drinks on the tables, and, after Chen consumed it, she’d fell ill, and, was lifted to the hospital, and died there.

spicing someone's drink 的圖片結果and, after mixing it in very well, thisi drink would probably, only taste, a little weird, and you wouldn’t even pay it enough heed!  Not my photograph…

The three men and woman was taken to the police station to have their statements taken, and they all claimed that the controlled substances were used to “get everybody high”, that Chen took it on her own, nobody forced it down into her throat, the police found the scums from cigarettes, containing traces of ketamine in the karaoke room, and took the urine samples of all four people who were there, and the case was asked to be investigated by the Yilan District Attorney’s Offices.

Because this case, of a younger woman, unknown substances, dying of illegal uses of controlled substances was similar to a shocking murder at the W Hotel a short while ago. The Luodong Police Substation stated, that before Chen died, she did, test positive for unknown substances, and, all of those who were with her are now, listed, as persons of interest, and the police is going to chase down where the illegal substances came from.

So, we have here, another drug-related death, and, this just shows, how easy it is, for your drinks to get “spiked”, which means, when you’re out in public, your drinks should NEVER leave your hands, because you don’t know WHAT someone might have, spiked it with, during the short time you’re away, to go to the restrooms or whatever!







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