The Kids Are Happy, Learning in the Kindergartens in Germany

The views of a woman who’d taught in Germany AND in Taiwan, this, is her “notes” comparing the processes of education, from the Newspapers, translated…

“If there’s a kindergarten, with the purpose of letting your kids have a ton of fun, will you, send your kids into the school? This, is NO joke, the Germans believed, that although happy children don’t necessarily learn the fastest, but, they will be the ones, who’d learned the lessons the best. And because of this, the ultimate goals of kindergartens in Germany, is to TEACH children HOW to play.

this, is what they’re doing with kids in the kindergarten years in Germany, photo from online…

Lin-Jun Chuang, from the Dual-Language Preschool teacher and teaching department head in Hamburg, Germany received her master’s of education from Glasgow University in England. She has seven years’ worth of teaching experiences from Taiwan, plus three more years, teaching in Germany. And recently, she’d written out her own experiences for a total of over a decade’s time, teaching in Germany and in Taiwan, and wrote “So, This, is How They Teach in the Kindergartens in Germany”.

The belief of education in Taiwan is focused on “teaching through playing”, designing games for younger children, in order to, spark that interest in learning. As Chuang entered into the German kindergarten systems to teach, she’d found, that the teachers there don’t need to write out lesson plans, to design the classes, but their sole focus lies in “observing the children”. The instructors needed to learn to have that keen sense of observation, to see where each and every child’s interests lie, to fulfill the desires these children have toward learning.

“Comparing to how many words they’d learned, the parents in Germany cared more about how much fun their children are having in school.” The kindergarten systems in Germany believed, that teaching children to read and write too young, not giving them enough time to play first, will decrease the ability to learn in children by half.

and here’s what’s going on, in kindergartens in the eastern world, photo from online…

kindergarten in taiwan 的圖片結果see how early tehy start to learn to read here???  Without enough time, for children to play, not my photo…

The parents in Taiwan always worried that their children “might lose at the starting lines”, and, during the time the children should be playing and making discoveries about the world all around, they’d crammed them up with the academic courses, the talent classes, to the point, that the children don’t have ANY time to themselves. After Chuang arrived in Germany, she’d often contemplated, “What exactly, is the focuses of the kindergarten in Taiwan, was it, academics, or educating them?

The parents in Germany don’t worry much about their young, losing at the starting lines on reading and writing, the only worries the parents have are that their young may not have the social skills to interact with other children well. The two-year-olds in Germany would go out on play dates with kids their age, and at age five, they start having sleepovers and parties at other kids’ houses, to experience the different ways of life in their friends’ houses, as opposed to their own.

And, the ability to take care of one’s own businesses, is also, an important focus of the preschools and kindergartens in Germany.

The transportation means of the field trips of the kindergarten and preschool years are either taking the busses of walking, at age four, the parents started training their young children to cross the road. When the parents in Taiwan believed it to be too dangerous, to let a preschool-age kid cross the roads by her/himself, the parents in Germany believed, that “not training the kids how to cross the roads at a young age, that, is dangerous.”

The Germans are punctual to a fault. Turns out, that in the preschools, there were, strict rules set on punctuality, that the children need to arrive by nine in the morn. If they were late, the doors will be opened again, at 9:30, and, at 9:31, the doors to the school are, closed, and, the schools no longer take in the children who arrived later than that. There were parents who couldn’t understand why the school teachers don’t tolerate a few minutes’ lateness, and told the instructor, “because you don’t have kids, so, you wouldn’t know how hard it is, to get them ready for school”. After the director of the preschool learned this, she’d demanded that the parents apologize to the instructor, used her actions, to support the teacher’s views.

And so, this, is so very, different, from the eastern measures of training the children, and that, is why children growing up in the western worlds become, MORE independent, more capable at an earlier age than kids in Asian countries, because, Asian people got into the habits, of hovering over their own young, but, this article showed, that with discipline, setting the rules clear-cut, that, is what makes kids happy.



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