Shaken Upside Down, the Infant Girl Was Thrown Toward the Ground, Hit Her Head, and Fell into a Coma

shown with a doll, the effects of shaken baby syndrome…photo from online…

This, is considered, ABUSE??? From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A one-year-four-months-old girl, Weng, on January 23rd, was taken to the E.R. due to a head injury, she’s still in life-threatening danger to date. The father of the child accused the nanny, Lin’s claim of how his daughter had fallen on her own and suffered the injuries, after he’d grilled her about it, and the police went to question her, she’d finally, admitted that she’d held the toddler by the feet upside down, shook her, and the toddler’s head bit the crib, and fell to the ground, the father SUED the nanny for the injuries on his own young.

Lin, the nanny on the next day, apologized to the families, and, went to say the Buddhist verses outside the I.C.U., she’d kept up contact with the family members, but, refused to say anything to the press. And, the parents of this young girl stayed in the hospital, and waited anxiously by, and two days ago, they’d asked for well-wishes from FB, prayed, that she’d get better soon.

The Domestic Violence Prevention Center in Tainan stated, that the 35-year-old nanny, Lin has a two-year-old son of her own, is a certified caretaker of the young, she’d worked for over a year, and had NO bad records, as the incident happened, she was also, looking after a little boy of a little older than a year old; and, the parents of the young girl reported to the police, and accused her of doing bodily harm to their own young, and the little boy whom she’d looked after was also, taken home by his parents too.

The young girl was placed under Lin’s care last December 13th, and, it’d only been forty days, then, she’d died. The child’s father told, that on the morning of January 23rd at 10:46 in the morn, he’d gotten a call from the nanny, that while his daughter was playing with the other children, she’d accidentally, hit her head, that she may have a concussion, she kept sleeping. He’d, rushed over to the nanny’s, saw his child in a comatose state, he’d immediately taken his daughter to the hospitals.

and this, is how easy, the infant brain gets injured, NOT my picture…

The hospital examined her, and said that there were swellings in her brains, combined with subdural hematoma, along with hemorrhage of the visual cortex, after the surgeries, they’d placed her in the I.C.U., and, there were, two critical notices already. The neurosurgeon of the Chimei Medical Center, Hong said, that two nights ago, due to the pressures hiking up in her brains, she’d been on the respirator, and was in a steady comatose.

Weng’s father pointed out, that the doctors believed, that “this sort of injuries, is caused by external brute forces”. That, was why he’d suspected if it’d been, the nanny’s abuse on his own young. And he’d called the police and pressed charges.

As the police went to the nanny’s, she’d told, that at around nine in the morn, her husband was in the living room, looking after the other two children; she was in the bedroom, changing the young infant girl’s diapers, and was playing with her, by holding her by the feet, and swinging her side to side, and, accidentally, bumped the infant’s head toward the bed, and, the infant fell to the ground.

Weng’s father told, that the nanny told him, that she was preparing lunch in the kitchen, with the three kids playing in the living room, and she’d heard a loud thud; ran to the living room, saw the girl fallen, on the mats, after she’d calmed her, she’d put her to bed in the bedroom.

how it can happen, NOT my diagram still…

The very next afternoon, the nanny arrived at the hospitals, and apologized to him and his wife, and told them how she’d, held their daughter by the feet, and dangled her head upside down, and, swung her from left to right”. Weng, the father stressed, that the nanny stalled for over an hour, before calling him up, and, as the toddler was taken to the hospitals, it was, already almost noon, don’t know how much time actually passed, that it’d, gone past the time for effective treatment already.

So, the nanny was at fault, but she’d not admitted to it, which caused the delay of hospitalization of this young child, which in turn, caused her to die, and this just showed, that even IF the person you’d hired to look after your young child has a certification, that still doesn’t mean, that your kid is safe in the individual’s care!







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