A Philanthropist in Taiwan Worked on Recycling the Materials Through the Chinese New Year’s

Giving back to the community, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A little over three years ago, the selected “Hero of Kindness” Wen-Cheng Chao, by Forbes Magazine, he’d recycled materials for a long time, worked for over fifteen hours daily, even around the New Year’s, he’d still, worked hard, at separating the recycled materials, New Year’s was just like any other day of his life.

the man, with the awarded plaque photo from online…

Chao, who lives in Wuji, Taichung, gained the reputation of “Male Shu-Ju Chen”, in 2012 he was selected as Forbes’ magazines hero of good deeds, and, the rest of the selected people who’d won that award were all from large-scale corporations, and yet, he’s not even, a business owner, the resources he’d donated were from his hands, he’d collected the recycling materials by hand, and sold them for money, then, donated the money from the earnings, as the former president, Ma made a visit to his own, he’d commended him, for being, a real hero.

At the age of seventy, Chiao had donated the money from the recycling materials he’d collected for over thirty years on end, he’d worked every single day of the year, never thought of taking a rest, just had his heart, set on helping more people, and, even AS the rest of the people in his area were taking it easy, having a celebration for the New Year’s, he’d still, buried his head in work.

his day-to-day routines, photo from online…

During the New Year’s, Chiao still woke up at five in the morn, after washing up, he’d started, sorting through the recycled materials, then, went out, to work as an environmental volunteer, and didn’t turn in until eleven o’clock at night.

He’d kept this steady schedule, all year long, without vacations for the New Year, no rest, and, the money he’d earned from recycling, he’d saved a-third for his household living expenses, and donated the other two-thirds of his total earnings, and currently, he’d sponsored over twenty children with orphanages, World Vision Organization, as well as the Welfare Fund for Family & Children.

“No matter the season, or the occasions, enjoying making sacrifices, bringing benefits to the world”, that, was his own dreams for himself as he was interviewed; because of working all year long, callouses built up on Chiao’s hands, and, he’d carried the hopes of many other people who are less fortunate, that, was what motivated him to keep on doing what he was doing.

As he’d asked about how he spent the Chinese New Year’s? Chiao told of his life story. He was from a blue-collar family, he was chased down by his school teachers, because he’d always turned in the fees late, and, shared one packed lunch with his older siblings from day to day, he’d never gotten fully fed for a day in his young life, and, only on New Year’s, was he able to have some sweet cakes to savor.

it said, that the Forbe’s Hero of Good Deeds, Four Taiwanese citizen were nominated…Wen-Cheng Chiao, age: 68, occupation: Janitorial, Donations: $4.05 million N.T.s over a span of thirty-plus years…

Having new clothes was a far-fetched dreams, his parents bought only one set of clothes and shoes for him, and he was to only wear his clothes, for the New Year’s, and, needed to take them off, he’d normally walked barefoot, and dressed in worn out clothes regularly. He’d made fun, that gladly, he was starved, otherwise, there was, no way he would fit in those clothes and shoes year after year. And, as he spoke to this point, we could see, Chiao get red in the eyes.

Because of the trying days of his younger years, Chiao didn’t like the New Year’s, and, as he’d heard on the radio when he was younger, that someone required assistance, that, was when he’d started making the donations, “Then I’d found, that I couldn’t stop myself, from donating money.” And because he grew up in poverty, not getting an education became one of Chiao’s biggest regrets, and so, his donations were made to mostly children’s welfare agencies.

This year on New Year’s Eve, and through the New Year’s holidays, Chiao still worked like he’d always done, although he’d not been well, with glaucoma, cataracts, he’d refused, to take a day of break.

And as we’d asked him, if he’d thought about taking a day or two off, Chiao thought for a short while, then, told us, “I will NEVER stop working, I will, keep on helping out until one day, I can’t do it anymore!”

So, this, is the amazing tale of how a man, despite how poverty stricken he is, still decided to help make a difference in the world that we live, and, he’d lived on only what was bare necessity, he’d, kept this simple way of life since the very start, and, his will is something we can all learn from.


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