Dreams of, Never Again…

I’ve had these dreams, dreams of, never again, with you in it…

Dreams of, never again, I’d promised myself, that this, WAS the last time, NO more, I’d, HAD it, and yet, because I’m, weak, I’d always, deceived myself, with these lies of nobody else’s but mine very own!

not my sketch…

Dreams of, never again, oh, how I’d longed, for them, to be gone, at once, to NEVER return, to EXORCISE them all from my thoughts, and yet, they’d, still, lingered on, and on, and on, and on………

Dreams of, never again, they’re, already gone now, and, they will, NEVER again, come, haunt me anymore, and now, I feel this, huge, empty hole inside, with NO way of, filling them back up again!

not my picture.

Dreams of, never again, I will, NEVER fall in love again (oh but I had…), I will, NEVER get broken again (oh, but I am, broken, once more…), I will, NEVER……but, I did, AGAIN, god DAMN it!!!

Dreams of, NEVER again, I will, NEVER dream about, or of you again, for dreams are, fantasies, and I am still, living here, in this, awful reality, surrounded by, the memories of you………










About taurusingemini

All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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