The Very First Red Envelopes from My Sons

Watching her sons, becoming, adults, translated…

“Mom, happy New Year, hope you have everything you ever dream of this year!”, last year on New Year’s Eve, after the supper, my two sons who’d flown home from overseas, especially for the New Year’s, stealthily walked out of their bedrooms, with their shy smiles, handed me the red envelopes.

I’d opened my eyes wide, asked, “For real! Is this, for me?”, my sons nodded, told me, “Yup! Do take it, mom, it’s, from us both.” Right in the moment, I was, very moved, it’s, incredible, before my sons entered into the workplace formally, I’d already, gotten a “return” from them both!

For the past two years, I was going through the empty nest phase, this was, one of the loneliest time in my life. My husband works away, rarely came home, and my older and younger sons, one is studying abroad, and interning overseas, I’d turned into “an elderly who lives alone”. Other than reading books and papers, documenting the coming-of-age processes of my children had become the best means, for me, to cope with this emptiness around me.

給父母親紅包 的圖片結果a Chinese tradition, photo from online…

Recalling how since my sons were born, I’d run around all day long, taking care of them, as they entered into kindergarten and elementary, I’d started volunteering as their class mom, teaching the students in their classes the ancient verses, reciting the poems. And, I’d never missed one single field trip from the school, I’d accompanied them on their graduation trip, while keeping the students safe, I’d also, made many good memories for both my sons and I to share.

Because the kids only have one childhood, I believe, that accompanying them, is the BEST nutrient, and, although they were, defeated, by the bad grades in math time and time again on their entrance exams, but gladly, after college, they’d started off, on the right paths of their own separate lives.

A while ago, my eldest son in Japan sent a message to us, “Thanks to you, my parents, for the support and the encouragements, making me into who I am today.”, and my younger son who was, interning overseas, was paid well by the company, other than learning on the job, he’d also, learned, to budget his wages, which was what I considered as, the most valuable thing he’d gained, from his trip.

photo from online…

My two sons worked hard to improve themselves, planned out their separate lives, as their mother, I am, more than happy to see. This very FIRST red envelope from them, I shall, cherish it and keep it well, how precious, is this, gift of love, it is, to be, cherished by me forever!

So, your sons are all grown up, and, you’d, treasured this, first set of red envelopes, not because of how much they put in the red envelopes, but because what it’d symbolized to you, that you’d, raised your sons up to be good men, considerate of you and others, and, knows how to give back to the family too.


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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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