A SERIOUS case of E-N-M-E-S-H-M-E-N-T here!!! Translated…

The five of them, stayed closed to Tsai’s bedside, they’d all set, in separate folding chairs; the eldest daughter, Hsin-Fang and her husband, Wen-Huang Lin, Hsin-Fang’s younger brother, Hsin-Shyong, and his wife, Mei-Yue, along with the younger sister, Hsin-Huei. The siblings all had the expressions of worry and anxieties. The eldest sister, Hsin-Fang walked toward the bed, placed the mother head, a little to the left, to prevent blockage in her airway. She saw her mother’s eyelids moving, as she attempted to, open up her eyes. Hsin-Fang called out to the other four members of the family, “She’s awake!”, then, she’d, shifted her gaze toward her husband, Wen-Huang, as Wen-Huang stared, at his mother-in-law’s face.

and here, we have, a ROOSTER and HIS CHICKS, picture from online…

The mother opened up her eyes, Hsin-Fang helped move her mother’s head to the center of the pillow. She’d looked pale yellow, there are only, three thick wrinkles by the sides of her eyes now, she was, very relaxed, in her comatose state. Her mother’s eyes rolled, went from Hsin-Fang’s face, to look at the other four, and, stopped her gaze on her son, Hsin-Shyong, and, there was, that light in her eyes, as she looked at him. Turns out, she’s, looking for her son. The mother said, in a weak voice, “Shyong, you drove here?”

Hsin-Shyong went to her side, “The moment we learned you’d fainted, I’d immediately driven here with Mei-Yueh.”

The mother said, “Sorry to trouble you.” Turned to her son-in-law, Wen-Huang, “Huang, give the dried persimmon to Shyong”. Hsin-Fang stared her husband down, her husband, evaded her looks.

As Hsin-Fang heard the words, “dried persimmon”, she’d started, becoming, short of breath. That, was a gift from her coworker who’d gone to Korea to travel, brought back to give to her as a gift, she’d given it to her dad, for her parents to eat. But, her mother had, stashed it away, to save it for her son, and intentionally, not told her about it, and, told her son-in-law, to execute the act too. Hsin-Fang recalled, how the last time she’d bought two imported Fuji apples for her parents, and, they’d waited for two weeks later, until Hsin-Shyong went back to Kaohsiung from Hsinchu, then, the mother rummaged through the closets, took it out, it was, already, rotten by then. Hsin-Fang felt awful, who was it, that took her parents to the E.R.? As the mother’s bipolar relapsed, who was there, to calm her, as she, picked up everything and threw it around the room?

The mother spoke on for a little bit, got tired, and, fell asleep again.

Hsin-Fang used her eldest sister status, ordered, “Shyong, Huei, come with me. Wen-Huang, Mei-Yueh, stay here, and watch mother.”

Hsin-Fang led her younger siblings to the small visitors’ lounge on the floor, because it was in the morning, there was, NO one else there. She’d, lowered her voice, and, said firmly to Hsin-Shyong, “Shyong, I’d taken care of our parents for THREE years now, now, it’s your turn. And, after Huei marries, she’ll take her turn too. Huei had driven in from Pingdong three, four times a week now, and, she’s already, done everything she could.”

Hsin-Shyong knew his older sister was blowing up today, he’d looked matter-of-fact, and stated, “You’re a nursing student, nobody ELSE would be more fitting than you, to look after mom.”

Hsin-Fang rebutted, “You’re the ELDEST son, you should be the one who takes the responsibility.”

Hsin-Shyong stated, “I’d put up the money for the nurse’s aide from the Philippines, and paid for their living expenses, mom and dad move in with you.”

and here, is a “diagram” to help you all understand what it is, from online…

Hsin-Shyong said, “It’s really, inconvenient for us, just help take care of mom for two more years.”

Hsin-Fang hollered, “What, TWO years? What, did you ever do, as the eldest son? Come once every two months, made mother miss you for two whole months, and, you’d come, and be cherished by her?”

Hsin-Shyong said, “Mei-Yueh is pregnant, two months in, so, we can’t manage for the next two years, we need to, take care of the first GRANDSON of this family.”

Hsin-Fang was so furious she couldn’t say anything. She’d been married for five years, and still hadn’t had a baby yet, Hsin-Shyong had only been married for two, and, his wife is already pregnant. At this time, her husband, Wen-Huang ran in, told them, “Mom’s awake, looking for Shyong.”

As the four of them made it back to the room, the moment Shyong walked in, his mother caught him, and, was suddenly, overjoyed. Shyong walked toward her, held her hand, “How have you been this month, mom?”

The mother looked at Fang slanted, “I was, mistreated by your older sister! She’d kept me so tightly watched, wouldn’t let me go out, don’t give me any good food, so mean, would often, yell at me.”

Shyong smiled and said, “Sister did that, for your benefit, you’d needed to, follow her words, you must’ve had a small stroke, because, you’d snuck in some of that fatty pork.”

The mother said, in a voice of playing coy, “nope I didn’t.”

Fang was now, angered out of breath. As her mother’s bipolar took over, she was, completely, unreasonable. Once as her father went to rehab, her mother insisted on following, and, the Filipino nurse’s aide couldn’t watch them both. And so, Fang had to, become the tough mother, and scolded her own mother, to back her down. And now, that’s become, evidence. Fang turned toward her husband, there was, that scent of sympathy, and encouragement in his eyes, but, Fang’s anger still couldn’t become even.

yeah, uh, see how intertwined these two carrots are???  That, is what this is like, photo from online…

Shyong held his mother’s hands tight, “Mom, there’s some good news, you’re about to become a grandma, Mei-Yueh’s pregnant.”

The mother blinked, digested the news, gazed toward Mei-Yueh, but that wasn’t, a look of joy, but instead, somewhat defensive. And, all of a sudden, Fang understood, that her mother loved her son, to the point of being possessive, that her grandchild became, totally, unimportant, and, what’s more was, her pregnant daughter-in-law will now require even MORE attention from her son! Until two years later, at the age of thirty-four, Fang finally got pregnant, and, she’d, needed the cares and concerns of her husband every minute of every day, did she finally realized, that her own fixations were, comparable to her own mother’s. Not only for an entire lifetime, but, HALF more after it too.

So, until a woman becomes a mother, she will NEVER understand how her own mother felt, that, was the point of this article, but, you do realize, how this mother who’d fallen ill, was treating her children very unfairly, right? I mean, her daughter was the one who looked after her 24/7, and yet, the mother only feels happy, when her own son came to visit, and now, the daughter-in-law is pregnant, which meant, that the mother will NOT be able to have her own baby BOY, who’s already a GROWN man, ALL to herself, and, if that’s NOT messed up, I don’t know WHAT is!!!


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