Playing Card to Count Down to the Brand New Year

How we celebrate our New Year, the memories that we’d, shared, translated…

In his younger years, my father saw how gambling, had caused a coworker’s family get destroyed by his gambling habits, so, he’d, strictly forbade us from anything that’s remotely linked to “gambling”. The only thing we’re allowed to do was playing cards, and, we were only, limited to play during the New Year’s Eve, NO betting allowed.

When my father got angry, he would take up slippers and beat our buttocks, so, the five of us, children, NEVER went against his order to NOT gamble. But as I saw my classmates playing cards at school, there’s, NOBODY to prevent us from watching and learning the plays. We were all, very tentative, in learning the ways to play, slowly, accumulated our skills, and, we’d, waited, until New Year’s Eve, to start kicking each other’s asses.

not my comic…

As the kids in other households finished up their New Year’s Eve meals, they’d squatted in front of the T.V. to watch the shows, or headed out, to set off the firecrackers, and in our household, we’d, waited for our father to take out that dusted pack of cards, then, we’d played, anything from blackjack, heart attack, the Big Two, and every other known card games. Being the youngest, at first, I’d not known how to play, and just, watched at the side, but, as I’d slowly, gotten to understand how the games were played, naturally, I’d become, dissatisfied, at just watching my older siblings, have all the fun, and so, I’d, started, giving away the cards that they had, made weird noises, and faces, to break up the games, giving off the wrong information about their cards, and so finally, my siblings finally, allowed me to join in.

But, five people shared a deck of cards, and, we couldn’t get but a few cards each and so, we’d, added another deck, adding to the level of difficulty, and, it’s, more fun too. The yearly card game showoff, everybody wants to win big, we’d bluffed, played a fake card, making rants………used, an assortment of way, to distract each other, and, the ways we played, were like the professional cardplayers in the movies.

a game of poker during the New Year’s here, photo from online…

Although now, we can play poker online, but, it’s, without that face-to-face personal nervous tension in the air, it’d just, felt, different now. And, my eldest and second eldest sisters moved to the U.S. to live thirty years ago, and, my third eldest sister, my older brother and I, live in separate cities here, we’d not, gotten together as a family for the New Year’s now, I really hope, that the next time the five of us get together, we can celebrate the New Year’s, with the games of cards we used to play, I’m certain, that the warzone is going to, get reignited then, and there would, surely, be louder laughter then too.

So, this would be, a tradition you all have, on New Year’s Eve, started by your father, and, because you were the youngest, you’d, watched, before you can join the older siblings on the gambling tables, and, being included, is probably what you missed the most from those earlier years of playing card games…


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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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