A Wake in the Form of a Calligraphy Exhibition, the Final Present to His Father

So, instead of dressing themselves up in WHITE LINEN (as is the tradition here!!!), the family used an alternative way, to celebrate the life of their loved one, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The impressionist calligraphy master, Kao-Shan Feng passed away on the fourteenth, today, is his funeral. Toward the end of Feng’s life, as the cancer cells metastasized to the bones throughout his whole body, he was in excruciating pain, yet, he’d never stopped, creating, his two daughters, in order to continue their father’s will and spirit, had set up his funeral into an “exhibition”, they’d selected eighteen pieces out of over a thousand that he’d written, made the calligraphy writings into postcards, to give to their friends and families, to be used, as the final parting gift they give to their own father, “I believe, that if my father’s spirit were here, he would love to attend this final exhibition of his own, instead of being at his own funeral.”

書法家馮高山。圖/馮靖惠提供the man, writing calligraphy, photo from UDN.com

Since Feng was a young child, he was, more than intrigued with the calligraphy brushes, the inks, the lines too, when he was younger, he’d started writing on his own, without ANY formal instructions, and, he’d started writing out the celebratory paper slips of the New Year’s for his entire village then.

Feng’s eldest daughter described her father, that his life-long creations are reflecting his life in the moment. As he was attending the Art’s Community College (Now, the Taiwanese Art’s University), he’d started creating, and, made a specific branch of writing calligraphy, the impressionist style of calligraphy; later he’d gone to Japan to study, and, was educated in the forms of calligraphy there, which was the seed for his future writing styles, there’s a strong sense of experimentation in his work.

書法家馮高山。圖/馮靖惠提供the man, with a piece he’d written out, photo from UDN.com…

Feng also developed the uses of multiple kinds of tools, for instance, loofas, and brooms, and, he’d used the varied speeds of writing, the thickness of the inks, the hard-pressed writing styles, and the slow and fast strokes, to write, it’d had the strong visual aestheticism to his work.

So, this man had, made his love into a dream, he’d become an expert, in writing calligraphy, without ANY years of formal instructions in writing calligraphy, and this just shows, how if you love something, and pursued it, you will be able to become an expert in the areas of your interests, like this man was, and it’s a great way, to remember the father, by putting a show of his writings on exhibition to see, WAY better than those regular funerals where everybody dressed in BLACK, and, started crying, and going up to the casket, to say their final farewells to the deceased, this, is a more meaningful way to remember the man and his contributions to the areas of calligraphy.

書法家馮高山一月十四日病逝,享壽七十八歲。他的女兒為紀念父親,將告別式以「展覽」...the memorial that his daughters set up for him, photo from UDN.com…


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