Too Caught Up…

Too caught up, in these lies, there’s, NO way out for me now! Too caught up, too fixated, on something that shouldn’t have been anywhere NEAR my priorities, but, it’s, too late for that now. There’s, NO way, I can, get my mind, to RETHINK it, to LET it go easy…

Too caught up, we’re all, too caught up, in our separate lives, that we’d, forgotten, that there are, others like us, who are, also experiencing the pains, the sufferings, JUST as real as we would, in their lives. Too caught up, there’s, NO way out, it’s, ALL dead-ends, and, it’d, become, completely, DARK, and we can’t see anymore!

breaking free here, not my photograph…

Too caught up, I’d become, over this loss, and now, I’m, so totally, ready, to move on from all of this, and yet, I can’t, ‘cuz, my feet, they’re, GLUED to the cement here, I can’t move!!!

Too caught up, in this life, that we forgot, that there are, other things, other people, who’d, mattered, just as much as we do, to ourselves, and each other too………

Too caught up, we’re, tangled now, in this, web of lies, of deceitful ways, and, the harder we’d, struggled to break free, the more stuck we’d, become, and so, we wait, like those insects, caught, in the black widow’s web, for death to come, slowly…………

not my artwork…


About taurusingemini

All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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