The Workplace, a Zoo

Let’s take a trip, to this, miniature of a Z-O-O here, in the workplace, shall we??? Translated…

As the bell rang for the afternoon hour of rest to be up, I’d wanted to, rest for an extra five more minutes, but, the company was already like this monster that’s, reawakened, started, rumbling again. The aisles now, filled up with the voices and footsteps again, a heavy-set coworker rushed past my cubicle fast, I felt the floor boards vibrate a bit, like I was, in the midst, of a migration of elephants; I’d gotten up, to get my data printed from the copy machines, there was someone there, busying already, his long arms and legs, working, made him look like a monkey, sending out the faxes.

we have the monkeys in the copy room, not my drawing…

You can, actually, see an assortment of animals at the workplace: those blue collared worker ants, with their heads, buried in working, those butterflies that flew all over the offices, those chit-chatting sparrows too, and, there would be those, mosquitoes that would, bite you every now and then, making you itch nonstop too. And, there are those, dogs, who are, hard at work, those cats who were, mysterious, and vanish, without a trace during work hours; and, if you’re lucky, you can also see, other exotic species of animals in this zoo, for instance, the following.

The sloth, that’s, slow to a fault, that lives on the trees; the work that takes no more than just FIVE minutes for someone else to finish, it’s taking her/him, one, to TWO hours to get done. And, if you have an emergency work, needing the individual’s assistance, s/he will totally, have you, running around like an ant, on a hot pan, and you will, surely, feel that rise in your own blood pressures.

the raccoon, as the tech-support, photo from online…

There are those pandas who’s spent TEN hours sleeping every single day, and the rest of their waking hours, foraging; and, there were, coworkers, whose desks are not only filled with the documents, awaiting their attentions, but also, packed up with the bags of snacks, their mouths worked just as fast as their hands would, constantly, getting the calories they’re needing.

There are the intelligent marine mammals of dolphins who valued living in a group; those who are excellent in negotiation, not only were they able to, get the coworkers to agree with them, they also managed to keep the great connections with the manufacturers too, they are, the popular bunches of the office all right.

the receptionist, a bear, not my photo…

The leopards, who’d focused on speed in hunt, who’d worked alone, they have the agility of skills, worked swiftly, know what they’re supposed to do at set times, handing him the work, the manager can totally, feel, relaxed, he would, totally, hand in the work before the due dates, but, he’d loved, doing things alone, so, he probably disliked, working with others in a group.

There’s the owl, that symbolized wisdom and scholarly: constantly quoting the classics, with the jargons of the workplace, flowing loosely out of their lips, very wide-read, and good with logical thinking skills, very excellent in analyzing the data, although they are able, to lead the department to succeed and move forward, but sometimes, they’d, set their sights too high.

need to get that order shipped out soon!  Not my photograph…

There’s the carnivorous dinosaurs, with the shortened arms, the Tyrannosaurus rex; all of these descriptions are fitting, for those bosses that are used to using their lips to work, and would get angered easily. As everybody felt the world starting to shake, they’d known, that the Tyrannosaurus rex is about to make his appearances, and, everybody, scattered to hide.

There are, so many orders of living organisms in the workplace, the next time you get too tired from working, just, take a break away from your workstations, and, remove your eyes from the screens, to watch the goings on around you, in the workplace, you will be, intrigued with, what you might find.

So, this, is called, finding something FUN from that too boring workplace, isn’t it? And, if you watch closely, you will find, that everybody behaves like certain animals, based off of their roles in the company too, and, you might, get some insight on how you can, work better at your job from taking this, miniature “trip” to the Z-O-O-S!


About taurusingemini

All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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