Human Trafficking in the Suites, Eight Women from Thailand Used a Tourist Visa to Work as Prostitutes Here

Because sex still S-E-L-L-S, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Foreigners Utilized the No Need to Get a Visa, Came to Taiwan, to Earn More Money for Themselves, Eight Women from Thailand Came Here Using Their Tourist Visas, to Work as Prostitutes

The Miaoli Police recently found eight women from Thailand who’d used their tourist visas, on the name of visiting, but, they were all here, to work as prostitutes, the police suspected that the sex trafficking rings were taking advantage of how the Thais needed NO visas to come to Taiwan, and set up the ladies from Thailand to sell, the police were looking into the human trafficking ring behind the operations right now.

The local police in Miaoli received a tip, that there was a rental apartment, with women selling their bodies inside, after the police took control of the investigating, they managed to find eight Thai ladies ages from twenty to thirty; they’d used the name of coming here for a tour, but, they were actually, working for a sex trafficking ring that led them here to work.

This group of Thai ladies, right after they got off the planes, they’d, come to this suite to live, and, the ladies called out to their girlfriends, to come to Taiwan, to make more money. There was a woman who’d told the cops, that since her arrival here in Taiwan last December, she’d taken in johns, almost every single day, up to five different men a day; there was another woman from Thailand, who’d just gotten off the airplanes, who’d come to the suites to live, for only two hours, then, was caught by the police.

The police told, that the young Thai ladies, charged a bit higher, than the regular price of solicitations. A lot of the male customers saw how fashionably they dressed, and, believed that the extra money paid was worth it, and, the men told other men, and, used LINE, to set up the contacts and the prices.

The rooms that the women from Thailand were staying at was guarded by an eighteen-year-old man, Wu, who’d collected the fees from the johns, delivered the women their meals. As the police rushed into the apartment, Wu was also arrested. Wu kept his mouth shut on how he’d come to work as a guard, and how he was to, deliver the earnings, after the police interrogated him, he was booked for indecent exposure, and the eight Thai ladies were sent to the immigration’s office’s specialized team in Miaoli for shelter.

Just last month, the police in Toufeng also busted women from Thailand who’d solicited here, a woman claimed that she’d come here several times, and that in the past times, she was taken to Taipei, Kaohsiung, or Taoyuan, the bigger cities to be sold for sex, and the very first time she was sent to Miaoli, she’d gotten, caught.

The police in Toufeng, Miaoli, and Zhunan had busted many women from Thailand who’d used the name of tourism, to come to Taiwan, to work in the sex trade industries, and, they’d suspected, that there must be, a ring that saw a “market”, and, utilized the government’s new rule of the thirty-day no visa from Thailand and Brunei, and this trial period is for a year, and, the agency saw a market, and, used it.

So, this, is how this thing goes, these ladies came here, on a tourist visa, but instead, they were, selling their bodies, and because there is still this, HUGE market for sex, that, is why, the sex trades are still flourishing, and this, is also why the police are, working, even HARDER, to track these things down, to prevent the spread of this bad value, along with the STDs and STIs too!


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