In the Icy Cold Weather, an Infant Was Abandoned Out in the Cold, the Grandmother Who Didn’t Know that the Infant Male Was Her Own Grandson Had, Saved His Life

Thank heavens, that this young infant boy didn’t suffer any damages from hypothermia Y-E-T!!! From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A young infant boy, with his umbilical cord still attached was, disposed of in the alleyway of the Seaside Community in the city of Tainan yesterday, the infant stayed in the icy cold weather until yesterday morning, then, he was, rushed to the hospitals, his toes were blackened, and risked amputation. The grandmother of the young infant boy called the police on her own, told them, that the infant was her twenty-five-year-old daughter’s “accidental pregnancy”, she’d thought that he’d died already, that, was why she’d thrown the infant out. The police stated that they will call the mother of the infant in for questioning, after she recovered, and charge her with abandonment of her own infant child, and had the city government fine her.

The infant boy’s grandmother told, that her daughter works in Taichung, returned home two days ago, in the middle of the nights as she went to the bathrooms, she’d had her own child by “accident”, “Because he didn’t’ cry, she thought it was already dead, that, was why she’d, disposed of him”, out of fear, that there was, NO malice in her daughter’s part, she’d hoped, that she could, take over custody of her grandson, and raise him on her own daughter’s behalf.

an infant left in the cold 的圖片結果a special “delivery” inside this paper box here, photo from online…

The grandmother of the infant told, that after her daughter arrived home, she’d not said a word, but, kept going to the bathrooms because of stomach pains; she felt it was, odd then, as she was going off to work in the morn, she’d found, that the neighbors were hovering over this pale infant, back then, she’d not known, that it was, her own daughter’s son, she’d gone home, brought the warm clothes, wrapped him up, and, assisted the neighbors to get him into an ambulance to be taken to the hospital.

The woman said, later on, she’d recalled, how her daughter “had gained weight without any reasons”, she’d decided to not go to work, and headed home to inquire her about it; at first, her daughter denied it, later on, she saw there was blood on the sheets, she’d consoled her daughter, to FACE up to it, that, was when the daughter admitted to having a baby.

The paramedics told, that as they arrived, the infant boy was already completely pale, his limbs, frozen stiff, but still had a heartrate; and, the paramedics felt bad for this young infant, who’s shown such strong will to survive.

The man, Liu, who’d found the infant stated, that two nights ago, he’d heard the cries, but because the cries weren’t loud, and there were stray cats about a lot, he’d thought that it was another stray cat and didn’t pay it any attention, that as the morning came, he’d gone outside to check, and found an infant boy, and he was shocked, to discover him.

abandoned infants 的圖片結果wonder if this kid ever made it???  Photo from online…

The actions of an IRRESPONSIBLE mother! And, because this woman didn’t feel she was READY to be a MOTHER, she’d dumped her own son in the freezing cold, but thankfully, her own mother came to rescue the infant, and, the mother should be CHARGED with child endangerment, along with OTHER MORE serious charges, for what she DID to her own flesh-and-blood!


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