Things about My Father, on Filial Relations

Trials of his life, translated…

For a very long time, on my father’s national identification card, on the father column, it’d printed, “Unknown”. Yes, my father was a bastard child. He was the son, of my grandmother and a married man. In that traditional age, my paternal grandmother, and my father were often, spit on, because of their statuses.

My grandfather’s first wife was my big grandma, shortly after my eldest uncle was born, she’d died, of a difficult birth. Very shortly after my eldest uncle was born, because he fell ill and didn’t see the doctors on time, he’d, become blinded. Later on, my grandfather married a second time, my grandmother, and, my father was, from her previous marriage. My grandfather’s last name was Yeou, and dad took my grandmother’s last name, Hsieh, and, in the big family, my father was often, singled out and discriminated against; my grandfather still refused, to accept him, and, “father unknown” had, caused a ton of damages in my father’s life as he grew older.

After my grandmother married grandpa, she’d had seven daughters with him. Although my father was the second son, but because my eldest uncle was visually impaired, since my father was very young, he’d started, carrying the responsibilities of the eldest son, took care of the household chores, looked after his seen younger sisters, but, he’d, NEVER had the statuses, and the rightful title of the eldest son.

家人關係爸爸的二三事 圖/想樂from the papers…

My older uncle died abruptly when he was forty-eight years old, he’d never married, which meant, that my grandfather had no one else, he can, pass the family’s last name to. In order to not have the family’s last name die with him, before my grandfather passed, he’d, finally, agreed, to adopt my father as a son, and, allowed him to take his last name, “Yeou”, but, the tragedies of my father’s life still, continued on.

After my grandfather died, my aunts, for the sake of receiving MORE of the inheritances, banded together, and stressed how my father wasn’t from my grandfather’s blood, so, he’d lacked the right to get his share of the assets. But, my grandfather was a small scale farmer, not someone who’s rich, how much assets can he have? But, for that small chunk of land, my aunts disregarded my father’s hard work, disregarded how he’d loved them like his own younger sisters for over decades of time, they’d, started fighting with him.

My father was, heartbroken, without realizing, that he’d carried, the belief of “the eldest brother being like the father”, looked after his younger sisters, and, now, his younger sisters, had, gotten too awful, because of the splitting up of my grandfather’s assets.

Later on, although my dad did get some of the inheritance, but, the love he’d once had with his younger sisters was, never repaired, and, all the sufferings my father had, taken in, everything, he’d given to this large family, had all, vanished, with my grandfather’s passing away.

And now, on my father’s national identification card, on the father column, my father had my grandfather’s name printed, he’d stopped being mocked or made fun of by others, but, he’d still, felt, very lonely inside. I just hope, that the heavens can give my father some peace in his elderly years, so he won’t have to, withstand the hurt from this family of ours; and, I’d hoped, that all of our love toward him, can, somehow, soothe over the fact, that he was, adopted and mistreated by his younger sisters.

So, this, is the traditional belief of adopted children, and, NO matter how these adopted children acted, it’s, never quite enough, in the views of their families, and that, is a VERY BAD value that needs to be changed, but, this sort of SHIT is still, happening in the world right now!!!


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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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