Waiting on the Love Letters from the Children, She’d Gone to the Distant Regions, and Found the Love She’d Searched For

How the kindness continued on, after their visits were, over, from the Newspapers, translated…

This, is NOT just a trip about trekking, it’s also about, spreading the love out, it’d made me learn to listen, to touch, to feel, to communicate, to understand, to get to experience the kindness this society has to offer,”, an exchange student from China wrote this passage on FB after the end of the activities.

Surely, the end of their journeys, brings about, a brand new chapter; the older brothers and sisters of the universities will “sponsor” the children from the desolate areas, and, the older and younger penpals will write to one another, to learn, AND grow together.

this is like the big brother/big sister programs in the States…from online…

The student from the Shijien University’s Kaohsiung campus’s clothing designs department, Liang, last year, started writing the students from the three schools in Taidong last year, to date, and, from the letters, she’d noted the coming of age of these young children, not only was he happy for them, there was that unspoken sense of achievement that she’d felt for them too.

At first, the children only wrote a few short lines, but, Liang would always write two full pages of letters back to them by hand, and, she’d included a return address envelope with each letter she’d sent, and, soon enough, the kids started disclosing the ups and downs in their daily lives, and would draw those cute pictures for her.

The foreign language student from the Beijing Foreign Language University in Sichuan, Dong, who’d already returned back to China to study, and, the letters from the school children addressed to her is also, forwarded to her university in China, to continue this flow of kindness.

The professor from the department of education from Shrjien University, Fang stated, that in order to continue the process of the program of “the Civics Lessons Learned on the Roads”, she’d set up the education plans of “Together Learning”, after the activities finished up last year, other than lacking the materialistic resources, the children lacked role models, and, allowing the college students to become penpals with the elementary school kids, it’d, helped both grow and mature.

大學生背起行囊,來上一堂「公路上的公民課」。 圖/公路上的公民課臉書the group of college students, setting out, photo from the papers…taken from Facebook.

“Got another ‘love letter’ from the kids!”, as the children’s letters arrived to the university, everybody would open up the letters happily, then, write them back passionately. Professor Fang said, that if the older brothers and older sisters found that a child was her/his regular self, they’d, asked the schools to show more concerns toward these children, to pay attention to them, to make sure these kids grow up safe and sound.

So, this, is the follow-up program, that the students engaged in on their own, and, by keeping getting involved in the children’s lives, these older brothers and sisters are not only making sure, that the kids in these distant parts of Taiwan receive the attention they may be looking for, it’d helped, safeguard the kids, from straying off, and falling prey to bad influences in their surrounding environments.


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