That Magical Bank Deposit Book

Remembering her own mother, translated…

Being able to get accepted into ANY university for someone like me, whose last year of high school was spent, battling constant nasal allergies, with the lack of concentration on my studies I should be glad. But, on my way home by bicycle, I’d felt upset and depressed, because I’d not believed, that my family can afford the private university’s tuitions.

As I arrived home, after my mother heard I’d wanted to retake my entrance exams, having reviewed over the grades I’d made, she was shocked, and asked me, “Why would you need to retake the exams?”, seeing how my eyes were red, she’d pulled on my hand and told me, “You should be happy that you were accepted, why do you look upset? Come, mom’ll show you something.”

She’d led me into their room, separated by a thin wooden board from the living room, pulled out a bank deposit record book, from the corner of her drawer in the closets. She’d, patted me on the shoulders, told me, “open up the pages and read, I KNOW you can get into college, I’d been saving up years ago!”

懷念母親那本奇妙的存摺 圖/陳佳蕙picture from the papers…

Before the digits fully registered into my mind, my mother continued, “Money is not a problem. I’d made the calculations carefully, these $20,000N.T. with the money from scholarships, even if you go to a private school, it wouldn’t be any problem at all. Plus, your older sister will graduate in two more years.”

That, was during the time when a plain bowl of noodle cost only two dollars, my mother made about a little over ten dollars N.T. for each dress she’d made for her customers. Looking at the front of the bankbooks, it had my name on it, with a total of $20,000N.T. already deposited, all of a sudden, I’d felt, that I’d been, spoiled.

Twenty thousand, that is such an enormous amount, for our family that’s been living only a little bit above the poverty lines! I didn’t know how long it took my mother who’d worn the same clothes, same shoes, to save all of it up, for my education.

let’s, fatten up this little piggy!!!  Not my photograph…

I knew, that there were, various tin cans with different labels underneath my parents’ bed. Every time there had been extra money earned, my mother would place the money she’d earned into the separate tin cans. Knowing it, I’d understood, that this, was my mother’s way of handling the huge expenses that came up in our lives.

But, it’s twenty thousand dollars!

I think, that even IF in my mother’s time of looking after the household affairs, overseeing the grocery shop, making the clothes for others, waking up early, to make bottle, after bottle of green bean soups to sell, it must’ve taken her forever, to save up.

My mother’s love moved me, but shortly, I’d, quickly, forgotten how hard she’d worked, to send me to school, being a freshman, and, encountering, an assortment of new stuff.

Until I’d become a daughter-in-law, a wife, a mother, did I, finally, understood how much my mother who’d been ill a long time cared for me, and, I’d felt, more than grateful toward her; and, in the process, of taking care of the family, raising my children, I’d, felt how amazing my mother had, made the plans throughout her own life, during the times.

And now, our mother who’d planned for that rainy day in the future had, long been taken from us. Although, she’d been gone a long time, but, the excitement on her face, how she’d urged me, encouraged me to chase after my own dreams, how her tone of voice raised, how her eyes lit up, it’d still, warmed me up as I’d needed it, given me the comforts in harder times of my own life.

So, this, is the love of a mother for her own child, she’d saved up the money which was very difficult to come by, to give to her own daughter to get an education, and, her daughter learned from her hardworking mannerisms, and, I’m more than certain, that she’s a hard working mom herself now too, and, the mother passed along a legacy of hardworking, of loving her own young, to her own next generations.


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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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