A Middle School Girl Addicted to Logging on to the Internet, Only Slept Four Hours Daily, Her Face Covered with Pimples

It’s NOT, that shocking, if you think about it!!! From the Front Page Sections, translated…

Percent of the total number of students “Showed Signs of High Addiction to Online Games”, the Most Serious Groups Being Middle and Elementary School Students

A first year middle school girl, was taken to the psychiatrist for her symptoms of attention-deficit, the physician found, that she was, overly drawn into the online games, stayed up all night long, played the online games on her cell phone, only slept for four hours a day. The investigations found, that there were, a total of 2.8 percent of students showed “high tendencies for online game addictions”, and, of the samples, middle school students take up the most part of the sample, 3.2 percent, the elementary school students, 3.1 percent, much higher than the high school students and college students, combined.

yup, that, is WHAT it looks like now!!!  Not my comic…

The girl noted above, not only showed lack of concentration in class, she’d had, pimples growing, ALL over her face, and, her interpersonal relations are also, greatly, affected. The professor from the graduate department of psychology of N.T.U. Chen said, that there’s a higher rate of addiction to online from elementary and middle school students, and the researches suspected that this is probably due to how the younger school children lacked self-control and are not as psychologically mature compared to the high school and college students, and, if they’d encountered defeats in their daily lives, then, they will search for comfort online, trying to escape, what they’re going through psychologically, thus, becoming addicted to online.

The attending physician of the child psychiatric department of N.T.U. Hospital’s Online Addiction Prevention Forum, Chang said, that being addict to online can have a certain level of effect on the mind and body, the most apparent one being lack of focus, easily dazing out in class, can’t focus when having a conversation with someone, and, the children would forget to eat their meals and sleep at the designated hours if they are logged on, destroying their own biological clocks, causing the imbalances of hormones, along with a multitude of problems.

Chang said, that parents shouldn’t force their children to quit cold turkey, otherwise, it may cause the exact opposite effects, he’d suggested, that the parents help find out the cause of why the children are turning to online, if the child is suffering from not being able to establish meaningful interpersonal relations, then, the parents should step in, and help them improve their interpersonal skills, and, if the parents aren’t able to find out the cause, then, they should seek out professional help, so they can find the right and working cures for the problems.

what it looks like, if you don’t START quitting!!!  Not my picture…

The Department of Sanitations asked the N.T.U. Psychology Department, to do a research on the adolescent usage of online, and, it’d found, that “social networking” was the FIRST cause of why teens used the internet, second cause being “the media resources’, and last was “online games”.

So, this, IS becoming a HUGE problem, and the teen girl who’d slept too little, and had pimples ALL over her face, is still, NOT the MOST severe of cases, there was a case where someone became almost BLIND, from playing online games on her/his cell phone all night long, and, because, there’s, NO way we can prevent these high-tech gadgets from entering into our daily lives, we must, exercise GREAT amount of self-control, remind ourselves constantly, to NOT get addicted, otherwise, we will, end up paying, too high a price for it!!!


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