The Man Who Ran Over a Doctoral Student Then Dragged Him on Causing the Student to Die Was Indicted

Vehicular homicide, and the man who’d hit and run over the doctoral student attempted to commit suicide, believe it or don’t!!! From the Front Page Sections, translated…

Last year in June, one evening, the doctoral student, Lin from Chingwha University was crossing the intersections of Zhongxing Rd. and Mingquan Road, he was rammed over by a man, Hu, driving an altered vehicle, Lin was under the wheels of the car in a very short time, and dragged on the roads, before he’d died, Hu ran from the scene of the accident, and had set the doctoral student’s laptop on fire, and threw it away, in his attempt to destroy the evidence of him, running Lin over.

The Taipei District Attorney’s Office believed, that he knew he’d hit the man, and continued to DRAG him across the roads, had the intention of killing the victim, and, he’d not shown ANY remorse afterwards, and they’d planned to charge him with murder.

the scene from an accident, photo from online…

The father of the doctoral student sighed in court, that he’d spent a lot of mind on getting his son a good education, and now his son is dead, and believed that Hu had NO remorse whatsoever, hoped that the district attorney’s office can give some sense of justice back to him and his family.

Jia-Rui Hu (age 26), late in the evening of June 22nd of last year, as he drove across Zhongxing Road in Hsintien at around eleven at night, he’d sped as the lights turned red at the intersection with Minquan Road, and made a U-turn, and, hit Lin, and another woman, Hsu who was crossing the streets, Lin was stuck to Hu’s car, dragged for about fifty meters, and died of traumatic shock, and Hsu suffered multiple contusions.

After Hu hit and ran he’d parked the car at a parking lot, and found that the doctoral student, Lin’s laptop was stuck to the bottom of his car, he’d gotten it out, throw the laptop into the Hsintien Creek, in an attempt to cover up what he did. Lin is in the fifth year of his doctoral studies, his research focused on the semiconductor, a metal alkene, he expected to finish up his dissertation this year, but, all the researches he’d done was saved in his laptop.

the driver in remorse over driving too fast,  hitting someone with his car, photo from online…

When Hu was taken to court, he’d claimed, that he had the music blasting then, the tint on the windows were too dark, he’d not realized that he’d hit someone. The D.A. reviewed over the surveillance footage and compared the statements from the witnesses, found, that Hu was speeding, as he’d made a U-turn, he’d rammed into Hsu first, then, into Lin, Lin was under the wheels, and, dragged for about fifty meters, and, Hu’s car slowed and started shaking hard, there was NO way Hu didn’t notice this, but, instead, he drove on.

Hu was suspected of taking the laptop containing the doctoral dissertations Lin was working on, to the parking garage next to Hsintien Elementary School, and, burning it up. But he’d told, that “back then I saw the laptop stuck at the bottom of my car, already blazing up, that, was why I’d, thrown it away.”

The D.A. believed, that there were footages of him from the surveillance that he’d gone to the riverside park to dispose a package, that he did, managed, to destroy the evidence, but, there’s no proof that he’d, set the doctoral candidate’s laptop on fire, so, he wasn’t indicted on that count.

After the accident, last year on October 15th, at around six in the morning, Hu took a gun on himself at his home in Hsintien, claimed, that he was upset, and wanted to kill himself, but, there was only swellings on the right temple, and he was indicted for violating laws for dangerous arms.

So, this man HIT and MURDERED the doctoral student, and, because he’d not wanted to do the time, he’d attempted to commit suicide, but, he wouldn’t DIE that easily, he will live with what he’d done, and get gnawed by his guilty conscience of driving too fast and running over and MURDERING the doctoral student for the rest of his life.


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