A District Attorney Solicited Underage Girls, and Introduced Other of His Cohorts to Do the Same

Here, we have, officers of the COURT, breaking the LAWS, if you can believe it, and, yeah, SEX was involved here! From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Changwha District Attorney’s Office’s District Attorney, Tsai was suspected of soliciting a sixteen-year-old underage girl, and passed the information, spread the news to his group of online friends who shared his same interests too, two days ago, the Taichung’s District Attorney’s Office sent out an arrest warrant for Tsai to be taken in, after they’d interrogated him, they’d sent him to jail, based off of laws that prevented children and youths from being sold, at the midnight hours of last night, the Taichung District Court approved the arrest warrant.

The head district attorney, Lin of Changwha District Attorney’s Office said, that Tsai didn’t have an record of rule-breaking, and was already in custody, and, he was stripped of his title in the law offices, based off of Rule #41.

The forty-eight year-old Tsai came out of the thirty-ninth judgeship training, married, has a daughter, he’d once served in the Taichung District Attorney’s Office before, went to various middle schools, to educate the students on law. Based off of the new laws, Tsai’s office of having sex with an underage minor got him under three years in prison, and, his involvement in solicitations will get him anywhere between a year and seven years, and, because he’s a member of a public office, he will be punished, even more severely.

Last year in July and August the police tracked down the sex trades online, found that Chen used a communications app to spread the news to his group, “Members of the Firing Squad”, found a total of over three thousand johns who were interested, and, the police chased the leads, and found, that adolescent females were being sold, and, one of the sixteen-year-old girls being sold was sold to Tsai.

Based off of investigation, Tsai used the I.D. of “Lun”, and, the adolescent female and the rest of the member of the app group didn’t know, that he was, a D.A., but because Tsai had often posted his “professional opinions” on the legal front, a lot of the members of the group thought him to be an attorney; but because Tsai was involved in passing along the “group’s goings on”, he was considered a solicitor, was zoomed in by the police, and, after the police chased him down, they’d realized, that he was, a district attorney, and that he’d introduced men like him to have sex with adolescent girls six, to seven times.

Tsai knew how the police worked, and so, he’d changed his account name, set up new groups, destroyed evidence, dodged the police who were on his tail; based off of understanding, the moral council spent over a month, tailing him, and until last week, they’d, finally, caught him, with a woman, making an appointment, to have SEX in a motel.

The moral council arrested Tsai yesterday, and went to the Changwha District Attorney’s Office to confiscate ALL the related paperwork he’d kept, and, they’d interviewed the johns, the witnesses, along with the adolescent girl who’d sold herself to Tsai; two years ago, Tsai had sex with the adolescent girl at a motel in Taichung at the price of $3,500N.T., the adolescent testified to this, and Tsai claimed, that he didn’t know she was a minor.

The judge ruling over the case believed, that Tsai has set aside his own assets overseas, and that his younger sister lived abroad, he was at flight risk, and connections, and mandated that he be taken into custody.

The members of the investigation said, that after looking into the matter, they’d found that Tsai set up multiple accounts in the well-known sex-solicitation websites, and helped the women who’d sold send out the messages too, they’d suspected, that he was already into, calling the hookers for a long time.

Tsai’s coworker told, that Tsai was very articulate, a very intelligent man, reacted and thought clearly and quick; he’d not shown any extra ambition at work, but, had always, worked within the rules, “It’s hard to imagine, that he’d committed such an offense”.

So, this, is how a D.A. became an operator of a sex-trade online forum, he’d not only became a john, he’d also, acted as a PIMP too, and on top of that, he was, an officer of the law, and, he should BE punished, for breaking the laws, knowingly. This, is a SERIOUS offense, and that just shows you, how there’s still, that lowered morality standards of the legal department of this government.


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