An Instructor of a High School Sat with a Crying Student Who’s Confused about the Future to Comfort Him

能仁家商一名特教生,10日職場實習挫折,對未來人生迷惘,放學時在捷運站情緒崩潰, from…

Act of kindness, caught on “tape”, from the Newspapers, translated…

A special education student from Nang-Ren Business High School, felt defeated as he’d interned at a shop on the tenth of this month, he’d felt confused of his own future, he melted down, in the MRT stations after school, poured the drinks over his own head, and, rolled down a flight of stairs, the instructor, Peng rushed toward him, held him tightly in his arms, and, the student broke down in the instructors arms and cried continuously, the footage was shot by passersby and streamed online, the online community called out, “We can’t live without the instructors in school!”

The school stated, that this student with special needs is in the various skills department, that day, he’d interned at a nearby diner, doing the dishes, thought, that the guests who were in the restroom to wash up were already done with their meals, so, he’d picked up after the tables, and, the customers made a complaint to the restaurant, and the manager told the homeroom instructor, causing the student to feel upset, fearing, that due to this experience, he might not be able to enter into the workforce after graduation successfully, and make a living on his own, and, he’d, broken down.

The instructor, Peng said, that back then, the school just let out, and he was, finished with his duties, and the moment he’d entered into his office, he’d received a call from the MRT stations, told him, that a student was, breaking down at the station, after he’d, poured two bottles of soft drinks over his head, he’d, rolled down one flight of stairs. Peng ran to the scene immediately, and, had the student sat down on the stairs first, fearing, that he might injure himself again, and, wanted to, get closer to him, hearing what sort of troubles he may have gotten in.

Peng said, that actually, he’d just, entered into the schools just last September after his service terms in the armed forces ended. He’d disclosed, that in his schooling career, he’d never been, a “good student”, and so, knew very well, what the students HATE to be told by the school instructors, and knew, that although, harsh discipline may be necessary, but, supporting the students psychologically is way more important, “Most of the times, when the students felt confused where they are in life, all they’d needed is, a simple hug”.

Peng said, that on the day, it was, his thirty-ninth birthday, and he can still hear the student hollering, “God, I’m in so much pain, please, help me!”, he believed, that getting this “birthday present” meant something significant, and so, he’d made up his mind, on showing even more care and concerns for the students, “hoping that when the students are at their lowest, I can be the strength, that helps, pull them back up.”

So, this, is what makes it all worthwhile for a school official, encountering a moment like this, knowing, that you had, made a difference in this student’s life, making him feel better, helping him to understand, that it’s okay, that he didn’t get it that time, so long as he’d learned from his own mistakes, that, is all that mattered, and, that drives you, to work harder, to make even MORE of a difference in the lives of the students you’d come across.




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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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