The Suspect of Shooting the Woman in the Head, Causing Her Head to Explode Was Caught, with Grenades in His Possessions

At least, he’s, caught, taken into police custody, while the police department check the details of the case, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

Chen, a woman from the Sinchuang District of Hsinbei City had her head blown off, execution style and died, the police arrested her thirty-seven-year-old cohabiting boyfriend, Wu in Taichung yesterday, as they’d confiscated his gun, the police were shocked to discover, that he also had a grenade, after the suspect, Wu was arrested, he’d claimed, that his girlfriend had shot herself, committed suicide after they’d had an argument, the Sinchuang Police Substation had interrogated him through the night.

The police found, that the divorced woman, Chen has a daughter and a son, two weeks ago, she and her boyfriend, Wu rented a suite in Sinchuang, moved in together. At noon on the ninth, Wu called 119 to report, “Someone committed suicide, blood was coming out of her head unstop!”, but, as the call center operator asked for more detail, he’d told them, that he had an active arrest warrant, and couldn’t tell them anything more, then, hung up.

The police found there to be NO signs of struggle in the suite, that Chen’s body was by the bed the bullet entered in from her right temple, passed through her skull, and got stuck in the mattress, there was an exploded shell casing by the bed, they believed that it was from an altered gun. The neighbors told, that before the shooting, they’d heard loud arguments from the suite, but didn’t hear the gun going off. The surveillance of the community showed that Chen’s live-in boyfriend after the shooting, ran out in a hurry, the police suspected that he was, involved.

The police found, that Wu got fifteen years for drug related charges, but because he didn’t go to serve his time, he was placed on the fugitives list, he’d been on the run for six months already. After the murder, he’d called up his friend, Lin, asked him to drive to Sinchuang to meet, then, had him drive to Taishan, Hsinbei City, Beitou, Taipei, t hen, to the bus station in Chongyang Road, in Sanchong District, then, Wu, the suspect took the greyhound to Taichung. The next day, his friend, Lin saw the news, he’d immediately gone in to the Beitou Police Substation to report it, claimed that he’d only driven Wu, that he was, nowhere INVOLVED in the case. The police went to Taichung’s Xing-Xing Bus Depot to get the surveillance footage, and, they accidentally bumped into Wu and two of his friends, they already bought a ticket and was ready to run, they were arrested, immediately.

The police werelater, led by Wu, to an empty lot in Taichung, where he’d gotten the weapon he’d used to blow the woman’s head off, and there was, also, a grenade there too. But, Wu evaded questioning, refused, to admit to gunning down his live-in girlfriend, said that they’d dated for two years, and, she used a gun on herself after their arguments.

So, whether or not this man had murdered his live-in girlfriend is still yet to be known, but, now, the police had just cause, to take this guy into custody, maybe not for murder, but, for his possession of the grenade they’d found, as well as the altered guns too, and hopeful, while he is in custody, the police will find out, if the woman killed herself, or was it, foul play!


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