The Men Who Were Serving the Replacement Army Options Cooked for an Elderly Woman Who Lived Alone, Made Her Happy, as She Savored the Meals

These men had brought some comfort, care and concerns to the elderly who lived alone, from the Newspapers, translated…

Before the Chinese New Years every year, the Bureau of Civic Affairs in Hsinbei City would have the men who were serving their alternative army service terms, to help the elderly who lived on their own, clean up their living environment, and yesterday, the government agency sent out a couple of men who have experiences in food preparations to help the ninety-six year-old elderly woman, Grandma Du, to cook her favorite food, pumpkin for her to eat, Grandma Du carried on in conversation with the two guys who’d gone to her place to cook for her, and, smiled, for the very first time in a long time, stated again, and again, “It’s been a very long time since I felt this happy!”

The department manager of the servicemen unit of the Hsinbei City told, that a lot of the men serving their alternative service terms used the end of the year, to start their volunteer services, it’d become, a tradition now, this year, the department will have a total of 350 men serving in their alternative army service terms, to help a total of seventy elderly in the region, yesterday, the social services department, worked together with the Hongdao Elderly Social Welfare Foundation, with the alternative servicemen from Hsinbei and Sanchong District Offices to help bring the ninety-six year-old elderly, Du out.

替代役男郭璟毅(左)和林晏瑩(右3),為96歲杜奶奶烹煮健康南瓜料理。 圖/新北...see how happy the elderly woman was smiling???  Photo from the newspapers online…

The Department of Civil Affairs found out before, that Grandma Du loved pumpkins, and had the alternative serviceman who had studied in Cordon Bleu, Lin, along with the graduate from the Kaohsiung University of Hotel and Tourism to work together, Lin had made “French Pumpkin Soup” and “Pumpkin Ravioli”. Kuo used his experiences of living with his own grandfather, and made the “low sugar pumpkin cake roll” using less oil, and less sugar too.

As Grandma Du ate the foods with pumpkin, the desserts made with pumpkin, she’d started smiling happily, the rest of the alternative servicemen helped clean up around her house, they’d cleaned the high up places, scrubbed the screen doors, and the air vents too. Grandma Du said, she was more than grateful for these servicemen who’d helped cleaned up her house, and sharing conversations with her.

The social worker from Hongdao Elderly Foundation, Tseng told, that after Grandma Du’s husband passed, she’d taken care of her ill son, plus she’s getting older, and didn’t have the strengths to clean up her own living areas, thankfully, for these servicemen who’d helped her out.

So, this, is giving back to the community, and, although, these volunteer servicemen are supposed to help out where they’re needed, their presence had, brighten up this elderly woman’s day, and, they’d, done a good thing, lighting up her life.




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