The Man Who Set His Wife on Fire Was Taken into Custody, Said, His Wife Ruined Him

See how VIOLENTLY a man CAN react, toward how his wife cheated on him??? From the Newspapers, translated…

He’d Hated How She’d Taken Up with Another Man, and Kicked Him Out of the House

The man, Chen believed that his wife, Lee, was enticed away by another man, and she’d also, kicked him out of the house too, two days ago, he’d poured gasoline on her, then, lit her up, Lee’s wife became a ball of fire, two nights ago, Chen was caught, the police charged him with attempted murder, sent him to the Keelung District Attorney’s Office for processing, the D.A. asked the judge for him to be taken into custody, which the judge approved.

Two nights ago, at around eight, Chen was caught by the police in a park in Zhongzhen District, he’d suffered server burns on his left hand as he set his wife ablaze, had planned to go to a clinic to get treated, but seeing that there were, a lot of patients there, he feared getting caught, then, he’d, bought a bottle of pesticides, and sat dumbfounded in the park bench for over four hours, hesitated on whether or not he should drink the pesticides. The local police had bumped into Chen before, went searching for him at his old hangouts, they’d found him in time, and managed to prevent him from committing suicide.

Chen said, he’d married his wife a little over a decade ago, they had two sons who are both teenagers right now, a little over a year ago, a man, Wu, made a delivery to the noodle shop his wife was eating at, they struck up a relationship, then, moved in together, his wife had even sold the house they’d bought together, and took the $1.7 million N.T.s from the sales of the house, and Wu broke his front teeth too.

“I was, ruined by my wife!”, Chen cried, that he’d worked odds and ends on his own, to support his own family, but, his wife was, enticed away, by another man, afterwards, she’d, kicked him out of the house too, he only had $200N.T. in change on him left, he’d slept in the bus stops, the parks, later on, someone kind took him in, and he saw his wife and Wu riding on the motorcycle together, he was so angry, he’d wanted to, burn her to death.

Two days ago, at around ten in the morn, Chen arrived at his wife’s residence, planned to discuss the matter of divorce, they’d had disagreements, and, he’d poured gasoline all over his wife, then, lit her up, Lee risked amputation, and her face was destroyed, and is currently being resuscitated right now.

So, because this man felt uneven, that he’d given EVERYTHING to his own wife, and she’d, betrayed him, with another man, and, in the heat of the moment of their disagreement, he’d done something awful to her, that just shows, how dangerous it is, when emotions run haywire!


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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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