Greens in the Habitat


Being back in Taiwan, I’d missed the greens in Poland the most. The green on the tips of trees, on the lawns of the local parks, of the fields, the plants in the offices, the greens from the plains that the trains passed right by, the greens of the hills………

Although, there were, patches of green here in Taiwan, but, the greens are mostly located in the mountains, the suburbs along with the countryside. Compared to Krakow, where we used to live, walking for five minutes, we’d gotten to a walkway under the trees that took us to a playground. I can stroll along, between the big trees, and I can allow my son to play in the fields, and on the sand too.

If I wanted to travel farther, we could take a five-minute electric train ride to downtown, there’s this passage in the trees that takes us around the town square, filled with an assortment of trees, until the autumn, then, the entire place turns into yellow, brown, and red, falling to the ground.

Other than the passage under the trees, there was also a gigantic park (48 acres) located at the center of the city of Krakow, with NOHTING on it, just this open plain, looking out, you can see the mountains off into the distance, it makes you feel so free, and so relaxed.

Although living in Taipei, there’s NOT that many places to feel calm, to be surrounded by nature, but, seeing how I’d decided to move back here, I can only, search, for the green patches in this jungle of concrete, and, my Polish husband who’d needed nature as much as I had reminded me, “Although there are rarely any green patches of land here, but, there are, a ton of potted plants. In the smaller alleys, there are, so many quiet corners, you just need to, look for them is all.”

a small lanai, with the plants, beautifying the living environment…photo from online…

After he’d told me, it’d, reminded me, of how many potted plants are there, on the streets of Taipei, and inside people’s homes, there were, flowers, and trees planted, sometimes, they’d, looked like a small forest. The most common being the ivy, osmanthus, along with papaya tree and banana tree. In a certain alley, there’s a family, with a gigantic bread fruit tree, and every time I’d passed by there, and saw how huge the leaves got, I was always in awe. Opposite of it, there was, a garden of bamboos, although it isn’t large, but, it’d mistaken the passengers that they were in Xitou.

Maybe, there are, greens contained in the city of Taipei, it’s just, that being enclosed in by the tall buildings, the roads, and the cars, it’d looked, minimized, or maybe, because of how crowded this city is, so, we failed to notice. And maybe, that, is why most of the people living here would, have so many flowers, potted plants on their lanai, or inside their gardens.

On our lanai, there was a square pot, with the grass he’d bought from Taixi Village, the orchids he’d bought, along with the nameless plants he’d picked up from the streets. I’d originally thought, that it was, impossible, to keep these plants alive, but, miraculously, in my husband’s care, they’d become, flourishing. And so, we’d bought the paper flowers, the Japanese apricot, hoping, that these plants can make our small balcony feel more lively.

So in order to adapt to the limited space, you’d found ways, to make sure there are, greens that you live close to, because there isn’t enough space, for people to own huge gardens here, but, a lot of the citizens set up their lanais with plants, to beautify their living areas too.


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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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