Waiting for My Daughter to Get the Notice of Passing Her Public Office Exams

Seeing how many unsuccessful tries her daughter had gone through, translated…

My daughter had kept a regular schedule, even as she’d left home to go up north to university, when all her classmates were busying, socializing, going to parties, she’d still acted like a monk, kept at her studies. She’d given up her summer vacations and winter breaks to head up north for more courses, but, she’d never gone out because of an extracurricular activity. Although her grades were average, but, she’d still graduated. Without any outstanding skills, her best quality was how well-behaved she’d been, and it’s, also, the WORST quality she can have. Starting to work, this was, the start of the biggest challenge of her life, and it was also, the starting point where, I’d started, doubting my own methods of educating her too.

I’d recalled that the first job she’d interviewed for was a store clerk at a bakery, she’d taken her résumé, with full confidence, but, after three minutes of being interviewed, she’d left, after she’d arrived home, she’d told me, “The interviewer told me to wait for their replies”. And so, I, just like her, became filled up with the expectations. One day without any notice, second day, still without any calls, I’d known, that that, was what the interviewer was trying to do, let her off easy, but, it took my daughter an entire week’s worth of waiting, until she’d, given up on waiting, and realized, that “waiting for us to call” meant, “You didn’t get the job”.

only a few who’d scored high enough gets in, not my photograph…

After a few turns, she’d finally found a job at a security guard company that works around the docks. One day on, one day off, from eight in the morn to eight in the evening, not mentioning the long work hours, they’d not even gotten days off for the Chinese New Year’s, let alone, the overtime fees. Long work hours, with low pay, with a long drive to work, but, she’d, worked hard and diligently, checked the cargoes, and helped design an easier flow so the company can operate more smoothly. Because she’d needed to contact those truck drivers, I’d worried about her, but she’d always told me, that all the drivers were very kind toward her.

Finally, she’d found a job, and yet, after three months of her working, the company ended the position they’d hired my daughter for, and, my daughter who had no clue what had happened, lost her job. Then, she’d made up her mind, on passing the exams to become a customs officer, but, she’d not graduated from a related major, and I thought that this, was a hopeless road she was on, and yet, she’d closed her bedroom doors, bucked down, to study hard.

Looking at how so many of the studious kids had, set their sights on passing the public positions exams, and year after year; from before, I’d not felt a thing, but now, I’d become, rather, anxious. I’d wanted to become a teacher when I was younger, and worked hard, to get into the teaching colleges, and became a school instructor as I should; until my own child started hunting for her job, did I realize, how difficult it was, to find one, and the sense of confusion she had, trying to find her place in life.

the life of a test-taker, continuing AFTER the graduations, not my photograph…

Someone from the younger generations stated it too well, she doesn’t believe, that those who were outstanding should work for the government, instead, they should be encouraged, to enter into the various fields of work, that way, the country can get more newness. Sometimes, this sort of not looking at things in various angles truly worried me, I hoped, that my daughter who’d scrapped her extracurricular activities can, find a different job, to UP her own experiences in working, but she’d told me, “Was it wrong, for me, to uphold my ideals?”

Every time I saw the job applications stated that they were looking for someone with work experiences, I’d often wondered, WHERE, are those fresh people going to get the work experiences? Seeing how the laborer and the employers got so heated on the news, I was so envious of them, for being able to, dig up the problems, and find a solution. Toward my daughter, who’s, placed ALL her eggs in one basket, I’d worked hard, to tell her, to change her beliefs, that the slow can start slower, but not to forget to get out there, don’t know if she’d heard me or not? So, for the parents with children who’d set their minds up on passing the public office exams, the parents are the ones who’d needed to learn to “wait for the notices” and be patient.

Because this young woman has a goal, she’d set her mind up about reaching it, but her mother is worried, because of how difficult those public office exams are to pass, and, she’d worried, that her daughter who’d only hit the books in school will continue, to waste her twenties, thirties, even forties, cramming those test preparation guides too. But, children have their separate fortunes, and you should just stop worrying about them, because, fate had already, paved the way for your younger generations.

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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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