Tried Giving You, the BEST I Never Had…

Because I grew up, deprived, of the materialistic desire that I’d wanted to own…

Tried giving you, the BEST I never had, and yet, you’d acted, so ungrateful toward my giving to you, why is that? Did I not, work hard enough, to give you ALL that you’d ever wanted, not fulfilled ANY and ALL of your requests toward me? Why, are you being, so awful?

Tried giving you, the BEST I NEVER hard, growing up, I was, deprived of all the things I’d wished I owned, and, growing up in this deprivation had, driven me hard, to become, a supporter of my own family, and, I’d, slaved my life away, from five TO nine, day, to day, just to give my children ALL that they’d asked me for, and, that still, doesn’t seem, quite enough for them? How spoiled rotten these kids are today, huh?

Tried giving you, the BEST I NEVER had, and I’m clueless, at how my life had, turned out this way, I’d worked, for years, and years, and years on end, just so NONE of you needed to worry about money, and now, on the verge of me, being able to relax, into the state of mind of being retired, you’d pulled something like this? How could you, you INGRATE!!!

Tried giving you, the BEST I NEVER had, uh, hello, just because you were never fulfilled in some sense (materialistically, emotionally, or whatever!!!), that does NOT mean, that that, is what your next generations are in need of, because each and EVERY generation IS different from the next, and, there’s, ample amount of RESOURCES (physically speaking, that is!!!) these days, and, just because, ALL of you, god DAMN parents kept buying SHITS (iPads, iPods, laptops, cameras, or whatever!!!) to give to your children, that still does NOT mean, that you’d done right, providing FOR them, because, what IF, all they ever wanted was, you, to spend MORE time with them (i.e. tucking them in at night, reading them bedtime stories, playing sports on the weekends, taking the family out for a picnic on the weekends and holidays???), but, you were, WAY too god DAMN busy, making the D-O-U-G-H, to “provide” (uh, yeah RIGHT!!!) for your children, so they don’t have to live through the physical deprivations that you’d endured through in your childhood days, while you’d, deprived them of what they actually needed, EMOTIONALLY and PSYCHOLOGICALLY?


About taurusingemini

All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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