Collecting the Debts, Beaten the Victim to Facial Bone Fractures, Received Thirty-Days in Jail

Young and criminal here, from the Newspapers, translated…

A man, Chen, is still quite young, but he’d already, accumulated, a long rap sheet, two years ago in June, because of debt issues, he’d gone with five of his accomplices, used the name of “carrying on in casual conversations”, asked Lee out, then, took him by force, and duct taped both his wrists, and beaten him up until Lee suffered fractures on his cheek bones and nose too, the courts found Chen guilty, gave him a thirty-day jail sentence, which he can pay a $30,000N.T. fine, and get out of serving the time.

debt collection violence in Russia, photo from online…

The police investigated, that Chen (age 23), was told by his friend, Chiao, that Lee had, owed him money and refused to pay up the debts, on the night, he’d asked Lee out to chat, but instead, he’d gone, with five accomplices, forced Lee onto a small sedan, driven him to the back mountain to negotiate, and on the way, he’d even gone into the super convenience shops, bought the duct tape, and taped Lee’s wrists up.

At first, the group started beating and kicking Lee together, then, they’d taken out the clubs, and taken swings on him, causing Lee to suffer multiple fractures on his face, a broken nose, his face was bloody, afterwards, they’d, driven him to Sanchong, Hsinbei City, in the end, Lee made his get away, and notified the police. The police chased the leads, and arrested Chen, after he was arrested, he’d admitted to use violence on Lee, and, was taken into custody by the police.

The Keelung District Court found, that because of a third-party telling Chen of how Lee owed the money, he’d stripped the victim of his freedom, causing him to be traumatized psychologically and physically, he’d even, caused danger in the society, and, sentenced him based off of his role of an accomplice in the matter.

arrested by the police officers for violently collecting the debts for somebody, photo from the newspaper online…

So, this, is how a man, tossed away his own future, because he thought he was doing right by his friend, who couldn’t collect the debts from the man he’d beaten up, and, that just shows, how violent the younger generations of men can become these days…


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