The Summer Break of My Life

Taking time off, to spend with your young child, a mom’s experience, translated…

After graduation, I’d, started, in the busy internship at the hospitals, crushed by the student loans, home loans, along with making ends meet; with the birth of my child, time had become, totally, compressed, aside from work, I’d, needed to, take care of my young, fix up the house, I’d become, too busy. And finally, my body could no longer handle it, I’d had, two miscarriages, one following the other, and, being so fatigued, I just, wanted, to hide, and so, before my child was three years old, I’d taken, a three months long maternity leave, and started, having this summer vacation of my life.

a mom, reading to her young child,  not my photograph…

For a very long time, this, was the very FIRST time I’d not been, compounded by the pressures from work when I’m off, no longer needed to be responsible, for the life and death of my patients, only needed to, keep my child in line; it’s also, the very first time in a long time, I’d tried, making ALL three meals a day, and found, that I was, actually, a GREAT cook; and, it’s so nice, having that nap, in the afternoon!

My son complied to my schedules from work, since his infancy, he’d gone to bed early, and gotten up early, and now, I’d gotten, the benefits, of having a regular schedule, after breakfast, came the time, to do the household chores with my son. My son cleaned up the floors, I, did the tabletops; I folded up the quilts, he put his reading books up; as I was out back, taking down the laundry, he was, in charge of watering the plants. So, a two-year-old child, can accomplish so much! Ending a fulfilling day, my son went to sleep early, and, I’d, no longer needed to, review over the cases from work, instead, I could, enjoy some free time online, or, playing a game of chess with my REM cycle.

Naturally, a two-year-old won’t be so controlled daily, he’d become, very imaginative, when he’d demanded my attention, to keep me from cooking, and spending more time, playing with him, he’d thought up of, an assortment of imaginative ways, “Mom, I’m a dinosaur, I can eat the meats raw.” “Mom, I got sharp teeth, no need to chop up the veggies, I’ll, swallow them all.”, it’d been, very interesting. And, I’d needed to, battle wits with him daily, I’d asked him, to wash the vegetables for me (in reality, he was, playing with the waters), tomorrow, I’d, made stamps from the chopped off parts of vegetables, and, the next day, I’ll give him, the cooking spatula, without the wok for him to cook, and once, I just, couldn’t, come up with anything, and my son was, getting bored, he’d asked me, “Mom, why are you, cooking again?” Yeah, this, hard to come by short vacation, aren’t you, supposed to, interact with your child more, so, how come, you’d, gotten, sucked, BACK into the busyness of working hard again?

lessons from everyday life, not my photograph…

And, this, hard-to-come-by, but blissful summer had, slowly, marched toward its end, my son is turning three, and, on top of that, my mortgage didn’t, take its summer vacation, I’d still needed to, cope with it; and, on the evening I was to start working again, I’d become, like a student, before the first day of school, tossed, and turned, thinking back to these past few months, although, life became, much, simpler, but, I’d felt, very much, fulfilled. Maybe, after my son grows up, he won’t remember, that his mom took three months of to stay at home and play with him, but this, was one of, the most, treasured memories I will ever have.

So, you’re actually, making memories for Y-O-U, because, you came to the realization of how fast your child grows up, and, you’d, decided, to take a break off from work, to stay at home, to accompany him as he grows up.


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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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