The Kindhearted Driver of Route 18

Kindness shown to the handicapped passengers by a bus driver, translated…

It was at dusk, I’d turned toward home, as the beauty of the winter sun completely lowered itself beneath the horizons. As I got off the ramp, on that last turn of the corner, came a hello, I knew, that it wasn’t time yet, for you, to get started on your route, and, we’d struck up a conversation in the gentle breeze during the early evenings. A few minutes later, the alarm clock ring started going off on your cell, reminding you it’s time to set out, to pick up the passengers now.

As we waved goodbye to each other, I’d heard your words again, “You must, take the busses more to travel often!”

As you got to the intersection up ahead, you had your hands on the steering wheel, blocked the motorcycles from behind, and insisted on letting me, in my wheelchair pass first, and, to the next light, when I could turn onto the sidewalks, then, you’d, moved forward on.

圖/陳完玲picture from the papers…

Looking at the back of your bus, getting farther and farther away, I’d recalled, that it was, quite some time, when I’d taken your handicapable Route Red 18. I remembered it was at the start of the summers, the sun was heating up at the start of May, I’d gone with a friend in a wheelchair to the natural reserves in Shuanxi to visit, and, we’d gotten on the bus you drove.

You had that gentle looking face, with a hat on, and, although, there were, a lot of passengers already, you’d still, allowed us, in wheelchairs to get onboard, and asked the other passengers to make some more space, then, you’d set up the sliding ramps, so we can, get onboard.

After we’d toured the natural reserves, on the way back, the sun was still heated up; seeing the bus slowly coming towards us, before we could wave, you’d already, slammed on the brakes, and wait4ed for us, I’d lifted my head up, other than all those passengers standing and sitting down, there was also, a woman in a wheelchair.

Standing behind the gates of the bus, you’d thought for a short bit, quickly walked onto the bus, asked the fellow passengers to make some space, helped the woman in the wheelchair toward the center, then, got off the bus, set up the ramps, told us, “Why don’t you two come aboard, the next bus won’t come for another thirty minutes, it’s way too hot………”

not my photograph…

As we boarded, we’d heard several passengers praising your kindness, and, your actions had, warmed us too.

As we arrived to MRT Shihlin Station, most of the passengers had gotten off, and, the three of us, in electric wheelchairs needed to get off too, you’d slowly, helped us off, one by one, in the end, it was that other woman, with cerebral palsy, she’d not moved her wheelchairs as swiftly as we both had, and, as she got off the ramps, she’d accidentally, gone over your foot, you’d not let out a loud yelp, instead, you’d told her, “Slowly, ma’am, no worries!”

Seeing you’d squatted down, to put the ramps back up, and the sweat already, drenched your white uniform, and yet, you’d turned your heads toward us, and reminded, “Do be careful, crossing the intersections, and, DO come out and take the bus out often.”

Thank you, very much, for the kindness, and heartfelt giving to us, and so, I’d, quietly, stored this amazing memory of riding on your bus into my mind, as it’d, warmed up my passage through life.

So, this, is a bus driver’s kindness toward someone who wasn’t mobile, and, it’s his heart, his kindness, his wonderful nature, that’s moved the passengers so, and, this, would be a memory that the passenger cherished for the rest of her life I’m sure!


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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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