Including the Museums into the Textbooks, Made the Autistic Children More Engaged in Discussions

A brand new focus of teaching, working its magic here, from the Newspapers, translated…

The “Aesthetic Team” made up of three graduates from Transportation University started in 2013, they’d made the “Aesthetic Textbooks”, in the three years, they’d gotten deep into sixty elementary schools, and, 1,900 students used the textbooks. The team is going to start the “Second Season of the Aesthetic Textbooks”, working alongside with five famous designers, and, the subjects went from just Chinese, to Chinese, English, Math, Social Studies, and Science, they’d set up the goals of raising $3.5 million N.T.s, and planned to give out over three thousand copies of the texts, “to bring the art museums into the textbooks”

“There’s no aesthetic education in Taiwan since the students started school”, the team member, Mu-Tien Chen went as a foreign exchange student to Europe, and, everywhere he’d gone, he saw the Europeans, practicing the theories of aesthetic in life, he’d originally thought, that his European friends had taken up art since they were children. But after he’d inquired, they’d told him, “Because we were raised in this sort of environment”, it’d made the team realize, the importance of how the environment can, affect the sense of beauty in people.

Chen said, the arts education can’t just rely on that one field trip to the art museums every year, but through the students’ every day living environment. The most creative period in the students lives, they’d gotten stuck, inside the classes, cramming in the test materials. And, the graphics design is the easiest, “Anything that the kids drew on paper, can be further built up on.” And so, the team started working on the textbooks, to attempt to salvage this declining art education.

a page of the text from online…

The team started back in 2013, through the fundraisers, they’d received their very first set of funding, and were able to put the textbook they’d come up with into the elementary classrooms. A lot of the readers said, that the texts were really creative, and it’d even caused a student with autism to engage in discussion with his fellow classmates; the teacher gave the feedback, that when there are more blank spaces on the texts, there’s an endless number of possibilities to what the teachers can teach.

Chen said, the text not only made the textbooks prettier, through the designs by the designers, it’d helped the teachers to interact in a more interesting manner with the students, and the blank space in the texts are, a place where the kids can come up with their own creations. “Our team doesn’t set out to define beauty, but hoped, that through the various presentations, we can encourage the kids to create, to set up their own views of beauty.”

美感教科書 的圖片結果the college students, sharing their textbook designs with a class of children, photo from online…

So, this team saw there’s this lacking in the education, and decided to put what was lacking back into the learning process, and, they’d, designed this wonderful textbook, that can help the children learn about arts and beauty. It’s an amazing thing, as we’d often, become, too focused on the academia (math, language, social studies, sciences), we’d forgotten, that there are other subjects such as art, music, and P.E. that are equally important, for the children, to develop into complete, well-rounded human beings later on in their lives.


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