My Tutor

It was, all due to, fate, what had, happened to these two people in life, translated…

My father had been escaping his debtors for years on end and, my mother, who’d been seriously influenced by the traditional values believed that daughters only needed to make more money, and not gotten an education, but, under my persistence, I’d finally, gotten the right to go to school, and, during my off-time and my days off, I’d needed to, work very hard, and so, every year during the summer vacations and the winter holidays, it’d become, my time to work.

My mother would often NOT waited until the summers and already set me up with a job, although there are the summer sessions at the university, but, it was, next to impossible for me to go to the summer sessions. The classes are for the following semester, and, after I’d worked for two months and returned back to school, it’d felt, like I had, fallen, far, far behind the rest of the class already. The Chinese courses got to the ninth lesson, the math, into the second chapters, and, on the second week that school started, there was, an exam, over the materials the other students had learned during their summer sessions. And, that time, I was, able to guess out a total grade of a fifty-eight, and not mentioning how I’d, flunked in the math sections.

What was learned during the summer sessions, the professor wouldn’t go over again during the semester anymore, and, for Chinese, I can just, study the text well, and still managed, but not for the mathematics, and so, I had to, ask my classmate on how to solve the problems, and, strangely enough, she’d agreed, to become my tutor.

Every time I’m free from work, I’d gone toward her house, and, she’d not gotten annoyed or impatient, and teach me do to the math, problem, by problem. There were, several subjects and too many problems, and, I’d gone to her house to learn a lot, she’d even, helped me out with my assignments for the summers too. And, she’d become thirsty in the middle of our lessons, and, she’d gone to her fridge, taken out the popsicles she’d made, and, I’d, shared the treats with her too. The heat of the summertime, with that icy, cool popsicle, managed to pass through thirty years’ time and space, I can, still, taste it on my tongue.

Because we lived close to each other, in the two years of middle school, we’d ridden our bikes together, gotten off together. She was, my very helpful friend, also my teacher too, and, under her instructions, I’d managed, to pass my courses one by one.

In July of 1973, we’d gone together to take the entrance exams for the Chiayi Teachers’ College. There were, a total of eight test takers, only I passed, as the notices were mailed home, her father finally grilled me hard, “My daughter was way too dumb, she’d given you the answered exams, that, was how you were able to, pass!”, but, we’d taken our separate exams in separate classrooms, there was, NO way that could’ve happened, but, the student passed, while the tutor didn’t, no wonder her father had his doubts.

The interactions had, begun, and ended, and, it wasn’t, up to either of us. Later, I’d gone to school in Chiayi, and she’d studied in Daja, we were, separated by the distance, and, there were, almost no chance we’d gotten together since, then, we’d both, entered into our separate marriages. Being beautiful and kind, she’d, married a good man, and was, cherished by her in-laws; while I’d, had a hard road, in the stresses of the economics, and overworking myself long-term, my health deteriorated. And, I’d, fought on alone, in marriage and at work, I’d, slowly, lost contact with her.

No matter how far we were, how difficult life became for me, during my spare time, I’d still seen her, coming up into my consciousness. It’s because of her instructions, that I was able, to become who I am right now, she was, a key to my success in life.

Affinities are, set by destiny, after losing contact with her for all these years, my eldest sister gave me news on her, I’d learned, that she’d worked as a financial manager of a traded company. This time, I’d, decided, to go visit her, and, unlike me, who’s weakened by my illness, time seemed to have, left NO traces on her face whatsoever, she still looked as she did, plain, and kind. The two of us started carrying on in conversation in her living room, and, she’d asked me, “Honestly, I still can’t quite figure out, how was it that you’d done so well on the exams, and I didn’t”, and, I suppose, that this question had, stayed inside of her mind for thirty years, and she’d finally, blurted it out.

The two of us gazed at one another, I saw the doubts on her face, but, what can I say? And, in the hurry, I’d thought of the words, “Because you’re destined to manage others, and NOT teach anybody”. After so many years, I can only, attribute what happened to us separately to fate, that, was the only way I can, make sense of this question about life that we have carried for so long.

So, funny thing, that fate is, isn’t it? And, because this tutor was truly kind, helping this woman out, made a difference in her life, that, was why this woman was blessed, with an easier going life process, and, because the woman was touched by how her tutor had helped her, which probably inspired her to become a teacher after she’d passed her teaching exams. It’s already, written down by fate, is what this was!


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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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