Having a Shy Husband Isn’t All that Bad

not my comic…

Opposites DO attract, don’t they??? On marriage, translated…

My husband is not the least shy about how he has socialization difficulties, he’s an introvert and very quiet too, didn’t like interacting with others, as my family and relatives or the neighbors come to visit, he’d always greeted them simply, then, ducked into certain corners of the house, until I’d hollered for him to say goodbye, then, he’d, make his appearances again. Or maybe, he’d even not answered the phones or the intercom, his reason being, “It’s not like it’s going to be for me anyway!”

My mother-in-law often laughed and retold what happened to my husband when he was younger: when he was younger and was ill, he’d refused to say anything, just pulled out a note with “No Shots” and handed it to the doctors. And, during those years, when the school teachers had picked the head of the class, and, every time, my husband got the spot for scoring the highest on his exams, but, in his insistence, the duties of calling out, “Stand up, Bow”, landed on the shoulders of his second-in-command.

opposites attract 的圖片結果not my picture…

I’d once heard my husband told, that on his elementary school graduation, a female classmate heard him sing Aude Lane Syne, she’d felt shocked and inquired, “So, you’re NOT mute!”

My mother-in-law who knew her son extremely well had planned out his life and told him, “You don’t like saying anything to others, then, you shall be a physician, because they only need to nod and prescribe the medications!” my husband followed his mother’s advice. But, what’s outstanding was, my husband chose the psychiatric department that interacted with the patients most.

I’d recalled how I’d gone with him on a conference of medicine, his college classmate came over and greeted him, “can’t believe someone as ‘handsome’ as you, would choose this department!” I’d had that confused look on my face, thinking, has being handsome anything to do with being a psychiatrist? I saw my husband smiled and replied, “I’m still very ‘handsome’, and, there’s more listening than talking in my work, so, my personality characteristics won’t work against my profession.”, and that, was when it’d, dawned on me, that what his friend meant was “shy”, not “handsome”!

Based off of my husband’s temperament, when my son failed to greet the elders, he’d gotten grilled by me, naturally, my husband wasn’t on the same front as I, and would say, that I make too much of it. And so, my son, as he got older, is just as “cool” as my husband, ignored people, and would always use single-syllables to reply to the inquiries. I deeply believed, that this is nature more than nurture, and, I, as a mom, am NOT to be blamed for it!

how they interacted in marriage…

Even though my husband is quiet to a fault, and would often be called “weirdo” by my girlfriends, but, gladly, I’d, adapted, and it’d become natural, to interact with him, who’s always very quiet. And, my husband’s being too quiet complimented me who’s way too talkative anyway. In the twenty years we’d been married, we’d never gotten into serious arguments. Because, it takes two to tango!

So, this, is what it is, being accompanied by someone who’s too silent, and maybe, this is due to nurture and nature combined, maybe the husband is not talkative at all, and, growing up, there are way he’d weaseled out of using too many words, and, this man’s quietness balances his own wife’s talkativeness out too, so, it still, worked out…

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