The Father Who Pushed His Own Handicapped Son into Oncoming Traffic, Causing His Death is Sentenced

Finding an excuse for why he’d murdered  his own son by “accident” here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Lin, because he’d parked his motorcycle on the sidewalks, he’d gotten into a verbal altercation with his neighbors after he got drunk, he’d lost control, and pushed his own eight-year-old epileptic son who was in a wheelchair toward the parked motorcycle, causing the motorcycle to fall on top of his son, killing him, he was indicted by the district attorney’s offices, and the D.A.’s office was asking the judge to sentence him to fifteen years in prison.  On the first trial, the judge saw, that Lin showed remorse, and that he didn’t intend to kill his own son, gave him seven and a half years in prison for intentionally killing a child.

Lin who works as a sale agent, and a driver, for the last four years, had gotten into verbal altercations with his neighbors on the matter of the right of way of the sidewalk in front of his home.  On the evening of April 22nd, at around seven, Lin started arguing with his neighbors again after getting drunk, he’d wanted to warn his neighbors that putting his motorcycle there can cause hazards, he’d gone into his place, wheeled out his own son with cerebral palsy, pushed his son toward the parked motorcycle in front of his own home.

The boy in the wheelchair fell over and the motorcycle fell on his neck, back then, Lin wouldn’t allow his neighbor to save his son, ordered him, “Don’t move him”, as the police and fire department came to the scene, the boy is already dead.  After Lin had his verbal altercation with his neighbor, he’d gone in to his house to drink again, and, the process of how he’d murdered his own son was captured by someone’s cell phone then posted online, causing anger from the rest of the online community, the Kaohsiung D.A.’s offices prosecuted him based off of death caused by domestic violence, Lin was indicted.

“I loved my son very much, I didn’t mean to hurt him”, as Lin showed up in court, he’d denied having intentionally harmed his own son, stressed how he was the one, taking care of his own son full-time, how he loved him very much, and told the judge again and again, that the neighbor who’d blocked the way of his son’s wheelchair was the real killer.

The Collectivist Court reviewed the video footages provided by the witnesses, believed, that in the process of getting into verbal altercations with his neighbors, he’d not spoken out of turn, he’d only become, unsteady, couldn’t tell, if Lin was temporarily off, depleted, and so, the judges didn’t believe how Lin’s ability to make judgments were impaired by him drinking, so, there’s no way they could reduce his sentence.

However, the Collectivist Courts believed, that at the time when Lin had committed the crime, he’d only attempted to cause damage, that there was no motives in murder, plus, Lin was the primary caretaker of his own son, the father and son got along very well, and Lin’s wife was willing to forgive him, and Lin also stated, that he’s the one, most responsible, for causing his own son’s death, the judge believed, that Lin “showed remorse”.

So, to prove his point, this man had, thrown his own handicapped son under the BUS wheel?  Wow, what a father, right?  And the rulings from the judge was even MORE outrageous, just because he’d taken care of his son regularly, and had not wanted to kill his own offspring, so his life can be easier, that still doesn’t mean, that he did NOT, murder his own young, even if, it was, to PROVE his point to his neighbor, and yet, this man did not get the maximum sentence for murdering his own young.


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