He Had Smothered His Landlord to Death, then Accompanied the Corpse for Seven Days, He’d Left a Note, to Make it Look Like a Suicide

Because he was, displeased of his landlord/boss firing and evicting him, MURDER became, the RESULT!!! From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, displeased at how his landlord pressed him to pay the rents, and cussed at him, last year in August, he’d strangled the man to death, and robbed the $3,000N.T. in cash that the man had, then, tied up the limbs of the body, placed it into a linen sack, accompanied the body for seven days, and even wrote the notes of his cares and concerns, to not place any suspicions on himself, and it wasn’t until the migrant worker who was his roommate had smelled the dead body, did the murder come out into the open. The Taoyuan District Attorney’s Office prosecuted Lin on murder and robbery charges, and asked the judge to give him a heavy sentence.

The police investigations showed that Lin (age 46) was hired by Tseng, but because he was addicted to amphetamine, other than not paid his rents on time, he’d shown up late to work a lot, lazy on the job, the boss told him, “Don’t come to work anymore, go home”, and, “I’ll give you to the end of the month to move”, and they’d gotten into a huge fight, and left things on a sour note.

At around seven in the evening, on August 10th of last year, Lin was angered at how Tseng had, insisted on him moving, he’d covered up Tseng’s mouth and nose, and suffocated him to death, took the $3,000N.T. that Tseng had in his wallet, and escaped, but he had nowhere to run to, three minutes after he’d left, he’d returned.

Lin then, tied up Tseng’s body and placed the corpse into a linen bag, and originally planned to dispose of the body somewhere, but he didn’t have any means of transportation, he’d decided to hide his landlord’s corpse in the storage on the back of the first floor.

In order to make himself look less suspicious, Lin left notes five days consecutively in Tseng’s bedroom, and he’d made a note of the dates, with “Teacher, I hadn’t seen you in several days”, and, “Teacher, did you go into hiding? Are all your cases working out well?”, etc., etc., etc. to attempt to, derail the police from the right tracks of the investigations; several days later, the migrant worker who shared the same apartment with him smelled the scent of the rotting corpse and became nauseated, he’d pretended to follow the smell, to try to find where it was, coming from, to pretend that he had, nothing to do with what had happened.

Lin worried that others may get suspicious, waxed the floor to clean up, then, sprayed the shampoo, mixed in with water all around, and lit up the mosquito repellents to do away with the smells, until seven days after the murder, the migrant worker, Nguyen saw a bag, that looked like a man sitting with maggots growing on it, he’d used a small knife and cut open the bag, and was shocked to find, that it was his boss’s body, and notified the police.

And so, this man, murdered the man who hired him, and gave him a place to stay, because he got too lazy, and wasn’t performing well on the job, and he was, addicted too, and the business owner had EVERY right to fire and evict him, but this man felt that his boss was unjust in firing and evicting him, and so, the seed of murder got sprouted, and he’d even attempted to, cover up the tracks, but, in the end, it still went BUST, and this still just showed??? If you do something bad, you will get found, and you won’t be able to, escape JUDGMENT, no matter how well you’d, covered up your tracks!

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After the Conditions in Domestic Abuse Was Taken Care of, the Couple Started Relating to One Another Better

Here we have, a “success” story from the counseling program offered from the above, from the Newspapers, translated…

For some of the abusers, after counseling, they can return back to their families, some had reduced their own negative emotions. The fifty-year-old Mr. Chen had gotten violent with his own wife after he gets drunk, the restraining order had only allowed him to stay at a distance as his children go to school. After the counseling courses, although he’s still separated from his own wife currently, but as a “older schoolmate”, he’d shared his personal life experiences with others in the program, reminding them, to NOT make the same mistakes he had.

The C.E.O. of Hsu-Li Foundation, Jiang who’s in charge of these behavioral training courses said, that Chen believed that he loved his own young, but now, as his children saw him, they’d, turned their heads away, it’d hurt him deeply; Chen had even suspected, that it was his wife, who’d, said things that’s made the children turned on him, he’d become, emotionally unstable once.

Jiang pointed out, that after counseling, Chen slowly found a release for his negativity and pressure, although for now, he still couldn’t get back together with his wife, but his emotions were calmer now, he’s now, sharing his own personal experiences in the group courses, to encourage others who are going down the same path to make a change.

The sixty-year-old Mr. Lin, after retiring, he’d managed his family like they were in the military, and caused his wife to separate from him, took his son away too, and she’d even asked for a divorce. Mr. Lin needed the anti-depressants, in the end, he’d come to the white ribbon learning center, and started the courses in intimacy and group learning courses, his wife forgave him, and they’d made amends.

And so, how the HECK do you know, that he isn’t going to return to his old ways of treating you? Perhaps, it’s how this man was willing to make a change, realizing that the way he’d interacted with his loved ones wasn’t good, and his willingness to show that he was willing to change, by enrolling in the courses, but, how do you know, that he wouldn’t, return to his old ways of becoming violent again? You don’t, and, it’s a huge gamble, ladies, and are you, willing to, TAKE that chance? I know I’m not, because people don’t change, not that easily, and that, is based off of MY own personal experiences!

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Counseling the Abusers, to Learn to be Alone & Anger Management

A program, to help the abusers, hoping, that with the supportive network, and more effective outlets of their angers, they don’t have to resort to violence again, from the Newspapers, translated…

Last year from January to September, there were 15,157 cases of domestic violence that were reported in the city of Hsinbei, with 79.3 percent of the victims being women and 20.7% being men, the females who were victims were about four times the men who were victimized, other than placing the victims into shelters, the city also provided the counseling programs for the abusers, to prevent the instances of domestic violence from occurring.

The manager of the Domestic Violence Preventions Center of Hsinbei City, Hsu said, that after the cases occurred, the social workers from the center would show concern toward the victims first, to understand how the violence had, happened, and offered the shelters that followed, the childcare programs, along with helping with employment; and on top of that, the social workers would also try to understand the conditions of the abusers, if drugs are involved, the individuals will be sent to rehab, and the rest of the abusers were sent to the “White Ribbon Learning Center”, to get the counseling needed.

Hsu said, that one key of the abusers is emotional control, almost all of the abusers showed negative thoughts, and when they’d bumped into a bad situation, they’d, used words, psychological, and physical ways of resolving their issues, whether it be the abuser or the enabler, the cases are all due to the problems in life, and the individuals needed outside helps.

Hsu stated, that the white ribbon learning center has the mentorship programs, with the teaching of those reformed abusers to share their experiences with the first time comers, including how to get along alone, and how to pass through the holidays, and this New Years, the group of pupils are planning a gathering meal on New Year’s Eve.

And so, this may look effective, after all, the abusers ARE once victimize from before, and, this program is digging, a little deeper, to find the cause, and helping to change the behaviors, but until these abusers can figure out WHY they’re behaving angrily toward some stimuli, the problem will never be completely, resolved, and, it’s hard enough, to admit that you were, abused by someone, and even harder, to admit to yourself, and others, that you’d, ABUSED others, and that, is why this vicious cycle will keep on getting passed down from one generation to the next.

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Beautiful & Ugly

How do children pick up these values, huh??? I wonder…translated…

My daughter’s been going to the first year of preschool for a little over a year now, the reason why I’d selected this school was because it was only, a five-minute walk from our home; before I quit my job, it was her maternal grandfather who’d, taken her to school daily, and now, I’d retired from my teaching post, and I’d gotten the opportunity, to enjoy these mini-ten-minutes journey with her.

That day, as I took my daughter’s hand, to get her to school, she’d asked me, “Mommy, yesterday XX said that the pants I am wearing is ugly, is that really true?”, I’d turned to her, looked at her seriously, said, “Not at all, the point is you look clean and neat every single day. You can tell your classmates, ‘I wear what I like to wear, and your words upset me.’”

This kindergarten is considered more expensive, locally speaking, and every time I’d picked up my daughter, I’d gotten the opportunity, to look at the name-brand cars, and, it’s not hard for me to imagine, what sort of expectations the parents would have on their young. But maybe, it’s because when I was younger, my mother always dressed me up as a “little princess”, and that’s, caused me to HATE skirts for a very long time, and, as I’d had my daughter, I’d not bought her skirts to wear, the important thing about clothes is comfort and how easily can she move in them.

It’s just, this was NOT the first time I’d received this sort of messages, my daughter once told me that her classmates told her, “You’re ugly when you don’t wear skirt”, and even started criticizing her appearances. And perhaps, I’m a woman too, I’d known, that this is a problem she couldn’t dodge on the way to growing up, that it’s important for her, to build up her own self-confidences, but it shouldn’t be related to the appearances, more importantly, we need to, like ourselves better.

I hope that my child can be healthy and show courteous, and expected that she’d learned, to see other people’s good qualities, and not be stingy in giving out compliments.

This morning, she’d still worn her favorite, pants to school, with a pair of yellow stocking with ponies on them, and greeted the teacher outside her school with full energy.

And so, you can see, how the classmates’ comments can bother this young child, right, because as they’d started in school, they would, start caring a lot about if I fit in to the rest of the kids’ groups, or if I’m like by them, it’s all, a part, of the normal socialization process, and, this mom soothed her daughter’s worries about how the other girls in her class had, perceived her, and encouraged her to dress as she pleased, fitting, for comfort!

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Being Supportive of Your Husband’s Pursuits

Being supportive of one another, that, is what marriage is all about, isn’t it??? Translated…

That day my husband asked if I had a book club meeting tomorrow? Seeing me nod, he’d handed me $2,000 said, “Here, for your cab fare and some snacks too!”, as I took the bills, I’d said to him inside my mind, “Honey, you’re so very, cute!”, he’d smiled, and not said a word. I have a job too, but, with the kindness shown to me by my husband, it’s a sort of bliss I’d felt, from being cherished and loved by him.

Over two decades ago when we first got wed, every week, I’d had myself a “singles day”, after work, I’d gone out with my best friends to eat and chitter chatter, while my husband rushed home to the household chores, and took care of our young. In the depth of the nights, he’d gone to the bus stop, to welcome home a woman who’s, full of energy.

When I’d had a bad day at work, he’d never acted macho and stated, “Don’t work anymore, I’ll take good care of you!”, instead, “You should keep working, staying at home all the time, you will surely, fall ill.” As I was sorting through the data at my desk, calling up my clients, there would be that gaze of encouragement from behind me. Although we’re the same age, but, he’d silently supported, watched over me, like I was a sapling, growing up.圖/豆寶illustration from the papers online…

This was my husband’s wisdom, and my blessing. My friend, Hsia was so envious of how good we got it. She’d loved line-dancing, but her husband would always use the excuse of “you won’t have the time for the household chores” to stop her from her pursuits, and, every time, Hsia would always finish the chores around her house first, and took her husband to the line dancing class, to show, that there wasn’t a chance that she will be holding hands with another man. But Hsia’s husband still felt displeased, and they’d argued a lot, to the point of getting into physical altercations too, and they’d gone to couple’s counseling, but, right after the sessions, they’d, returned back to their original ways of interacting with one another again.

I’d kept giving encouragements to Hsia through LINE, but once, I’d bumped into her, with her head lowered, and a face mask over her face, she’d looked, so thin then, only showed those pair of scared and lightless eyes. Every family has a different story, I truly hope, that Hsia can soon, walk out of her gloom, and am really glad, that I have a husband, who is happy, seeing me happy.

like this???  Not my picture…

I’d asked myself, if I’d been, as supportive of him as he’d been, of me? And, I was taken back to over ten years ago, he was standing in front of a counter in the shopping malls, looking at a bean grinder, I’m not a coffee drinker, and I’d, hurried him along, and, it took me a long time, to realize, that I should’ve, asked him on that day, if he’d wanted, the coffee bean grinder? But he’d shaken his head no. Was it my carelessness, that’s, killed his joys that he’d kept, locked inside of him?

After being married for these years, although, there is no more passions between us, but, the way we got along with each other became like a good wine, aged better with the time. On the weekends, we’d taken up separate corners of our living room, and reading the books we’d enjoyed, and every now and then, we’d looked up and caught one another’s gaze, he’d nodded toward me, knowingly, and that, was enough for me.

Married as lovers when we were young, growing old, to become, companions in life, I’m grateful, for an amazing husband such as he.

And so, it does, take us all, to our middle age years, to finally look at our separate spouses (1 @ a time), and see their good qualities, like the saying went, and this couple complimented one another, the husband played the supporting role to his wife’s dreams, and pursuits, and she started realizing, that she’d not done the same for him, and after realizing that, she will surely, become even MORE supportive of her husband’s pursuits, no matter what they will be.

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The time changed, with the deaths and the new loves that came and went, all happening, inside this, small local diner, translated…

The osmanthus diner, is located on the street outside the villages, it was originally an old restaurant, Aunty Osmanthus took it, and worked in the kitchens as the chef there, and the shop became a Sichuan style diner. All the locals started visiting, the gatherings of the various units in the military, here too, and, the osmanthus diner became, a well-known shop that has mom’s tastes.

查看來源圖片like thi??  And you DO see how the elderly man can get, a bit, supsicious, right???

The spicy tofu over rise, and the spicy and sour beef with noodles, they were, the best, without preordering, or that Aunty Osmanthus wasn’t familiar with you, you’d wanted to have the foods, you can only choose one of two, without the beefs, and, take outs are, a lot faster than dining in. And yet, this rice and noodle became, the shop’s specialties, and, a lot of the customers came, solely for them.

Aunty Yang was a frequent, suppers on Thursdays, she’d come regular. Aunty Yang, whose hometown was Sichuan, frequented the shop a lot, it’s said, that there were, several dishes that Aunty Osmanthus had, asked Aunty Yang to show her how to make.

Aunty Yang was thirty years junior to her husband, the two of them, in the escaping of war, became close, and, as the neighbors saw the seventy-something Mr. Lee, they’d called out, “Grandpa Lee”, but, turned to see the forty-something Mrs. Lee, they’d had troubles, calling her “Grandma”, and she’d, lowered her age group, and became, an “aunt”. All of Aunty Yang’s acquaintances who’d come visit them, are young enough, to have Mr. Lee as an uncle, and nobody dared call him “Brother Lee”.

“Grandpa Lee” who’s not talkative, became jealous over how his wife had many friends, how she’s, outgoing, how she’s, having more fun in life. From before it’d happened, it was a gathering of the girls, and the elderly man, who didn’t want to be left out, came to “Osmanthus Diner”, pretended that he didn’t know them, and sat along in the corner, and ordered up a bowl of “Spicy & Sour Beef Noodle”, and didn’t have any money on him, and so, Aunty Yang pretended she didn’t know him at all, and refused to pay his share of the meal, and had corroborated with Aunty Osmanthus, to NOT allow for Grandpa Lee to eat free, and had Grandpa Lee signed a slip for what he’d owed.

Today, Aunty Yang came with two women, the three were dressed up, there was a daughter of a friend who got engaged, and, the ladies didn’t want to have the food at the banquet, and came to “Osmanthus Garden” again, and ordered, the “Eggplant with fish”, “Rice Crispies with Shrimp”, and “Stir-fried String Beans”.

An elderly followed them, sat along at the corner, Aunty Osmanthus wasn’t around, the waiter came to bring the tea, and asked what he’d wanted.

Aunty Yang felt a bit, uneasy, the girlfriends started talking out of tune too, and, a meal passed by, and, the two ladies left first, and she’d sat at the elderly man’s table. It was, Grandpa Lee, he’d, come again, with his wife, the elderly stared at that bowl of rice, not taken a bite, lifted his head, gazed at his middle-aged wife. Aunty Yang said nothing, just sat there, sat there silently, then, went to pay for both tables, then, slowly, walked outside, the elderly followed her away.

Perhaps, it’s, a coincidence, friends are all new, the waiter, new too, nobody knew Grandpa Lee, who’d died over a year ago.

And so, either that this woman only targeted elderly men who has a retirement pension from serving in the army to marry, or, that it’s just, her bad luck, that she’d married men who are in their final stages of life, but, this was just the ordinary lives, of ordinary people, something that we can, all relate to…

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My Son’s Singing

On parent-child interactions, translated…

One thing I’m certain of, my eldest son surely loves to sing, but he’d never, sung in front of me.

That day, I’d stood outside the bathrooms, and worked hard, to hear the notes coming from him mixed in with the splashing of the water from the shower. The tunes he’d hummed were mostly from school, perhaps, from his music classes, or those popular tunes, like “As a Breeze Lifted up the Kites/The Prayers I Said for You, Moved Me Because the Kindness/Finally, You’d, Vanished from My Sight at the Far End of the People Rushing by/I’d Finally Realized/that it’s Most Painful/to Smile While Crying………”

At age seven, while he was flying his kite at the riverside park, he’d gotten annoyed and kicked himself for the kite getting broken off the strings and getting stuck high up in the trees, does he understand the philosophies of life is not about having? At age eight, he’d become the Queen in the anime, splashed up that water in the tub, stomping around, believed, that the bathrooms can freeze instantly into the castle of the Ice Queen. At ten, he’d still used the shower head as the mic, and, treated the small space of the bathroom’s echoing system as the surround sound systems of the radio, and alleviated his tiredness through the whole day.

from before when they were younger…photo from online…

Before bed, he’d come to play coy with us, seeing how I wasn’t moved, my eldest started humming “Lullaby” by Brahms. He’d changed the lyrics, “Go to sleep/good mommy/my mommy is asleep…”, I’d curled up like an infant, and enjoyed that childish voice that’s ringing in my ears.

A little bit later, my eldest started, “Mom, you’d sung this tune to me to get me to sleep, along with ‘those kids who can’t sleep, fall asleep quick, or she’ll chew off your pinky’”, and it’d, unlocked my memories, my youngest added, “Yeah, yeah, that’s right, there’s NO Belvedere! And there’s ‘Make a Plane/Make a Plane/Landing in the Pastures’ then you’d allowed us onto your lap, then, extended your legs, and we both flew up!”

So, they do, remember everything.

In my half asleep, half awake, I’d listened to those nursery rhymes, and recalled their rec圖/陳完玲illustration from the papers online…ollections of nights they couldn’t sleep, and, with their words, it’s, as if I’m sitting inside the spinning cup ride, dizzying, looking at the memories, passing me by.

Seeing how I wasn’t responsive, my eldest shook me, asked, “Mom, did you hear?”, my youngest immediately hushed him, “Stop singing, mom’s asleep………”, if I were a baby, I would’ve definitely starting crying, “I want more songs, wah~~~”

So, this is what happened before bedtime, this intimacy that’s shared between the mother and her sons, and, the sons recalled the times their mother sang to them as they were babies, and, that was a cherished memory they all shared.


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