An Uncle with Whom We Shared Father’s Day with

There are, many forms of a family, not just with a mom and a dad anymore!  Translated…

Shiny was raised in a house with three adults—dad, mom, and an uncle who’s unrelated to him by blood.  This uncle was like a second dad to him, whether it be in his infancy, his toddler years, changing the diapers, playing games, watching the cartoons, playing video games, to even bedtime stories, and putting him to bed, Uncle was always there in Shiny’s life.

In the art class the week before Father’s Day, Shiny wrote a card, planned that surprise for his dad.  On the way home, he’d told his mom, “Mommy, I wrote a card for daddy!”

“That’s wonderful, daddy will be very happy.  Do you know why you wrote a card?”

“Because it’s Father’s Day?”

“Because you need to let him know that you love him, this is very important.”

“Then, shouldn’t I write a card to mommy also?”

illustration from UDN.com圖/HOM

“You will write a card to me on Mother’s Day, who else would you want to write a card to?”

“Then, can I write one for uncle too?”

Then, the two of them, mother and son bought a cake, decorated their living room, waited for dad and uncle to come home, to celebrate that Father’s Day that belonged, to all four of them.

“Uncle: thank you for looking after me, playing with me every day, I wish you a happy Father’s Day, I love you!”

So, this is, probably, the marriage of a same-sex couple, with the surrogate mother who’d carried a child for them, and, they’re, a family, just the same, and a family is no longer made up of a mom and a dad, there are, the various forms, shapes of families now.

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The Chinese Woman Pursued the Scam Ring from Overseas, All Fifteen Members of the Groups Were Mandated to Pay for the Damages

Someone from across the straits that got scammed by the scam artists here, and now, she demanded them to P-A-Y for the damages they’d caused!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A total of fifteen people including Lin were ordered by a scam artist group, setting up the units in Poland, in no more than a year’s time, they’d scammed fourteen Chinese, and made over $8.08 RMB in illegal profits, and, one of the Chinese female sought out the damages of over $1.06 million RMB; the judge found that fifteen members were arrested and extradited, and although the courts only found that four of the arrested were in possessions of $710,000N.T.s in illegal profits, the judge still believed that all fifteen members were guilty of infringement, and all were mandated to pay, including the interests owed on what they’d scammed too.

The verdict pointed out, that in 2017, Lin was invited by an investor nicknamed “Sir Four”, and got involved in the international telecommunications scams, the scam ring used the international fraud mechanical units; the other fourteen members were assigned to the roles of managers on site, computer experts, caller, and chef, etc., etc., etc.  This ring used the claims they were D.A.s and officials of the law enforcement to scam the Chinese citizens.

The police in Poland on January 18 of two years ago cracked the unit, arrested fourteen, keep them in jail for three months, then sent them back to Taiwan, the Miaoli D.A. and police later chased the leads and caught Lin, and they’d found that the ring from May of 2017 to January of 2018 managed to successfully scam fourteen victims, and earned the illegal profits of over $8.08 million RMBs, but the money gained illegally wasn’t found, and there were also, four more cases of attempted fraud.

The fifteen members were all sentenced one by one, Lin received the most severe of six year four months, and forced labor for three years, the judge found, that Lin and his three other accomplices received the payments of $300,000N.T., $100,000N.T. and $60,000N.T. each.

A female victim, Tsai from China was scammed for a total of $1067,480RMB, she’d demanded all fifteen member of this ring pay for all her sufferings.  Lin said he wasn’t the head of the ring, that he’d merely gotten into the scamming, the other fourteen members all evaded the delegations of their parts and involvement in the scams.

The judge found that the fifteen charged were all involved in scamming Tsai, and that they’re all responsible for causing the damages, that they were all responsible for encroachment, sentenced all fifteen members to pay Tsai back the amount they’d scammed her for, plus the yearly interests of five-percent per year.

And so, these people all ended up, on the bad side, they scammed, and were caught, and because this woman from China felt she was cheated out of her money, and she’d, pursued them, and that was why, she’d, won the case, plus the evidences were valid, and now, all of these scam artists, with disregards of their actual involvement, are all made to pay.

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Fishing in the Oceans, the Boat Had Flipped, the Person Who Held onto the Ship Was Rescued, the Person Who Tried Using the Ice Bin as a Flotation Device Was Missing

Accidents on the seas!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Four friends two nights ago, took the “Porter Boat”, made with glass fibers, set out from Ruibing shoreside to go fishing in the nights, at about one kilometer away from the shores, the waves hit, turned the boat over, there were, two males who’d, grabbed tightly onto the sides of the boat that got flipped over, they were fished up by the fishing boats, the two other men were carried off by the waves, grabbed onto the ice bins, the searched by sea, and air continued until last night, and they still weren’t discovered.

The two men, Chen’s from Hsinbei, with the brothers, Lu, a total of four, two nights ago at around 9:40 at night took the Porter Boat, set out from Ruibing Bay of Ruifang, at about a kilometer away from the Keelung Oceanside Park, the waves turned the boat over, the four men all fell in, Chen and the younger Lu got on the back of the boat that’s flipped, drifted in the oceans.

Back then, the fishing boat, “The Sea Slug” that set out of the Speed boat port of Bisha passed, the captain, Chen told, he and his crew found two men clinging on to the boat that’s, flipped, they’d immediately, fished them both up.  The men who were rescued said, there was this huge wave that came at them, “the boat suddenly flipped!”, everybody was surprised, and grabbed on to whatever they could, the two men grabbed onto the boat’s body, in the darkness, they saw their other companions grabbing the ice bins, and carried away by the currents.

The second of the Coastguard, the fire departments from Hsinbei and Keelung, the local subprecinct of Ruifang, and other units started the search from two evenings ago, until yesterday, by air and by sea, the rescuers even set out on the boats, use the helicopters, to try to recover the men who went missing.

fishing accident on the oceans…查看來源圖片like this???  Photo from online

The missing were a man, Chen, the older of the Lu’s, they were suspected to have gotten carried out by the currents toward the open oceans out of Keelung’s Waimu Mountain, Lu’s younger brother and the families waited anxiously, looking out into the oceans, hoping there’s good news; the captain of the Keelung Coastguard, Lin stated, they’d sent out multiple search ships, to try to find the men who went missing.

The fishers who were rescued told, that the four of them all loved fishing, that they owned the boat, and wanted to fish close to the shores, the coast guards pointed out, that the Porter is only seen as a “floatation boat”, it’d not needed to get a license to head out into the oceans like the fishing boats, or the boats that offered the tours, that two nights ago, they found no paper work of boats heading out.

Based off of understanding, at around one in the midnight hours last, the rescuers found the boat that was flipped by the northern side of the sea town, dragged the ship back to the dock.

or this???查看來源圖片with the waves, unpredictable…photo from online

And so, this, is very dangerous, you do NOT need to apply for a boat license, because this is not a formal fishing boat, which makes it easier, for you to get into this sorts of fishing accidents, and two men are still missing, and, they may not be found alive, after all, it’s been hours, since the boat was, knocked over by the waves…

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Drunk Driving Accident Caused Two Families to Have a Tragic Father’s Day

Tragedy that DESTROYED these families, and yes, alcohol was still, the CULPRIT!!!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Tragedies that stemmed from drunk driving again!  Recently, in Nantou, there were, multiple drunk-driving incidents that caused the death of a two-year-old, and an department manager of the local land office, Lin’s death, two families were, destroyed, and this was, the most upsetting Father’s Day for both families.

Two days ago, after the activities to celebrate fathers on Father’s Day, the office manager, Lin went out for a midnight snack with the local representative, Chen, at around one in the morning, as Chen took Lin home on his scooter, as they rode past Bishan Road, they were hit by the drunk driver, Lu, Chen and Lin flew off the scooter instantly, Lu sped away fast.  Lin died on sight; while Chen too, was, severely, injured.

The man who drove drunk, Lu returned back to the scene of the accident with his families by his side forty minutes later, and, the B.A.C. showed 0.56, he was charged with public endangerment, taken into custody.  But, in the blood draw, Chen also showed that he’d exceeded the legal limits as well, and the cause of the accident, the delegation of responsibilities of the accident, the police is still investigating.

like this???查看來源圖片photo from online

And, on the afternoon of the seventh this month, a man, Chang (age 46) got behind the wheel of his pickup drunk, as he passed the passion fruit farm roads of Puli, he drove off the roads, hit a two-year-old child, and dragged her along, causing the child to die of severe injuries.

The police investigated, that the child was out in the passion fruit farms with her families, to harvest the passion fruits, that her grandfather led her around the fruit farm to feed the chickens, as the pick up was passing by the industrial roads, the child exited the farm, and was hit.

and the breathalyzer reads…查看來源圖片photo from online

The police tested Chang for drunk driving, and the reader showed 1.5BAC, after interrogation, the charged him with public endangerment, vehicular manslaughter, sent him to the D.A.’s office.

And to think, these accidents could’ve, easily been, avoided, and these two lives, spared, but they still, weren’t, because there are those who CHOSE to get behind the wheels DRUNK, and they’re, a danger to themselves, as well as, OTHERS too!

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The Game My Father Played in Secrecy

Tried to perfect his skills in the video games, so he didn’t, end up at the bottom every single time, translated…

There’s the game, the Galaxian, from the earliest Nintendo machines, you’d needed to operate the joystick to avoid the bullets from the enemies, and you’d needed to, hit and eliminate all of the enemies planes to get to the next level, and as the levels increased, the levels of difficulty also, increases.  Back when we were little after meal, we’d played this game, and the one who’d scored the lowest will be the one who had done the dishes for that meal.

My mother was the expert in the game at home, she has sharp gaze, and is precise in hitting the enemy ships, in a few moments’ time, she’d, gone through many levels; my dad was, the worst player, as the enemies approached, he’d, flown into a panic, and, started turning the joystick all over the places, which caused him to die, and, he’d, worked, as the robot who’d, washed the dishes for weeks on end, and my youngest sister made fun of him, on how bad he was at playing the game.

here’s that game…查看來源圖片from online

Late one night I woke, saw the light in the living room still on, I’d run to see, it was dad, playing Galaxian in mute mode, he saw me awake, sounded a bit shy, and told me, “go to bed now!”

And, these late night trainings he had actually helped, he’d, beaten us, and every now and then, beaten mom too.  Seeing how my dad was grinning after he’d own, and, to help him keep his dignity intact, I’d, kept his secret.  But later, as we’d switched to the car racing games, he’d started getting at the bottom again, and no matter how hard he’d, practiced the games, he still, came up short, and, naturally, winning the video games, it’s, based off of talents.

off of YouTube…

And so, this, is what you caught your dad doing in the middle of the nights, trying to perfect his skills, so he didn’t lose to everybody in the family all the time, and yet, after you started playing a brand new game, he still, got stuck, at the bottom of the food chains, and I’m sure, he’d done, more than his equal shares of the dishes during your childhood days too!

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Overcome with Jealousy, He’d Hacked His Girlfriend Forty Times, Killing Her, He’d Stabbed Himself in the Chest, & is in Critical Condition

Jealousy can still, K-I-L-L here, can’t it???  It sure, C-A-N!!!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Lee was married over from Indonesia many years ago, after she divorced, she’d met a man, Lin, started dating, but Lin suspected that she was flirting too much with other men from outside, yesterday Lin went to confront Lee at the Thai massage parlor where she worked, they started arguing, Lin lost it, and hacked Lee more than forty times with a fruit knife, her carotid was severed, and she’d died of severe injuries, after Lin murdered Lee, he’d stabbed himself on the left thorax, as the paramedic took him away, he’d sighed, “there’s no real love in these places!”

Based off of understanding, Lee (age 39) had been dating Lin (age 45) for three years, they lived together, and recently, Lin suspected that Lee was too close with an unknown Indonesian male, flew into a jealous rage, at a little past ten in the morn, Lin rode his scooter to the Thai massage shop where Lee worked to confront her, they started in verbal altercation in the massage parlor.

Based off of what the cleaning lady told, back then, Lin marched into the massage parlor angry, demanded that Lee come out, and in their argument, Lin suddenly took out the knife he carried, and, started, HACKING at Lee, as she was shocked, Lee rushed out of the shop, with her injuries, while Lin chased after her, and started, hacking at her as he’d chased her down.

The witnesses from nearby shops testified, that they’d heard Lee screamed, and saw her run to the front of the shop, “the suspect dragged her from behind, back into the massage parlor”, the floor was covered in blood, then, the cleaning lady started screaming and ran out of the shop too, and not long thereafter, there wasn’t any sound that came from Lee again, and everybody started dialing the police then.

Based off of understanding, Lin hacked Lee at least forty times, and one of the wound severed off her carotid, causing Lee to bleed out, she’d fallen in the hallways of the shop, she was pronounced dead by the time they rushed her to the hospital; after Lin hacked Lee, he’d, attempted suicide with the knife, fell onto the bed of the massage parlor, he was severely injured, taken to the hospital, he’d missed his own heart, but, was still transferred to a major hospital for an emergency surgery, but he’s not out of danger yet.

Based off of understanding, Lin worked as a technician at the Hsinchu Scientific Park, was displeased at how Lee spent listlessly, and suspected that she’d fallen for someone else, as Lin was lifted onto the ambulance, he’d mumbled, “there’s NO real love in these places!”; Lee’s friend testified, that Lee only started working in the massage parlor just two weeks ago, that she’d heard Lin complained of her boyfriend’s abusing her, and didn’t expect that she’d lose her life this time.

The Hsinchu D.A.’s office finished with the autopsy yesterday, and the motives for Lin’s murdering his girlfriend will have to wait until Lin regain consciousness after his surgeries to find, and the police will contact all their friends, to find out exactly what happened between the two, the case is being investigated as a murder case.

Of course it’s murder, this LOSER flew into a jealous rage, because of his girlfriend’s work, she’s a masseur, and surely, she would have, male clients, and, this LOSER got jealous over how she’s with a ton of male clients, and, lost it.

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The Woman was Saved, the Man’s Body, Discovered, from Sharing a Surfboard Together

Tragic, truly!  Off of the Newspapers, translated…

On the first of this month, the woman, Chien and the man, Huang went to the northeaster coast to surf standing up, the two sailed out on one surfboard together, but the wind and the waves were too strong, they both fell off the board, Chien was fished out by the coastguards, but Huang was missing for days on end, on the fifth, his body was, found, he no longer looked anything like he had when he was still alive, and his fingers were, unprintable, the families didn’t dare making a positive identification, and the forensic officials had to go by the injuries he’d sustained from work and the fingerprints they were able to get, sent the records into the criminal investigations department, to positively identify him, and his cause of death was by drowning.

what you’re doing…查看來源圖片gambling on your lives…photo from online

The coastguard’s Aodihai search and rescue squad told, that the search and rescue raft on the first started out patrolling the regions, and found a SUP standing surfboard with no one on top, they’d immediately started searching nearby, found Chien who’d fallen into the waters, and tossed her a flotation device to fish her out of the oceans.

The local police substation investigated, that Huang (age 52) had been missing for multiple days on end, and through the search and rescue from land and via sea, on the fifth, they found a body afloat 111.8 kilometers out from the Taiwanese mountain highway 2, and because the body had been under water for many days, it’d not resembled Huang one bit, the forensics had to do a thorough comparison to the records, and finally, able to get a complete thumb print from the body, to identify the body as Huang, and the families identified him as well.

The district attorney, Lin from the Keelung D.A.’s office, with the coroner, Jiang examined the body two evenings ago, and confirmed that Huang had died from asphyxia from drowning, that there’s no sign of his death being anything but accidental.  They’d suspected that he was knocked off of his surfboard, and washed away by the waves, then drowned.

And so, this is how dangerous the waters are, and in this case, the two of them went out together, but only one came back alive, this still showed, how we need to be very careful, when we go into the waters to swim, to surf, to snorkel, along with do other activities in the waters, because even IF you’re an experienced swimmer, you can still drown, if you’re not careful enough!






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He’d Quit His Job as a Clerk of the Courts & Started Scamming, Falsifying Himself as a Judge

Using your knowledge of the law, to break the laws, are you, just, plain, STUPID???  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The brothers who once worked as a bailiff, and a court clerk, the Lees, last year opened up a law firm in Taipei, with the title of Taiwan High Court Judge and high up officials in the district attorney’s office to scam, claimed they have ways to “fix the legal problems” that the laypersons may have, they’d received the high pays, and demanded the clients take them out for drinks, then, collected over four million dollars in names of giving the kickbacks to the judges, they were, using the justice systems to scam.

The Hsinbei D.A.’s Office yesterday led the crackdown at the brothers’ residents, their offices, along with a total of six other places, confiscated the cell phones, the ledgers of the bank records into custody as evidence, and the case is being processed as fraud, and breaking of the laws of attorneys.

查看來源圖片photo from online

Based off of understanding, the Lees used the title of their law firm to scam, but, someone who knew a little about the laws had, busted them.

The brothers had worked in the court systems from before, the younger brother worked as a court clerk, the older, as a bailiff, as they set up the firm, they claimed that they were the high court judge and the high level district attorney, that they had a ton of connections in the legal realm, that they can, handle any sort of cases, and through Sun, they started scamming three members of the public who are having troubles in court.

Based off of understanding, neither the Lees had any legal backgrounds, and they’d still offered legal counsel to the members of the public, and claimed that they knew the judges really well, that they can, “fix things up”, and accepted the bribes in forms of drinks, meals, then used the name of how they needed to bribe the judges to get more money from their clients.

The D.A. estimated that the Lees gained over four million dollars N.T. in their scam, some of the amount was in the name of “getting to the judges”, to fraud, the other is for the payments of their services as legal counsels.

查看來源圖片like this???  Photo from online

And so, these men used their knowledge of the law, to SCAM those who don’t have a clue, and, the victims of these scams are equally to blame, just as the scam artists here are, because if they go through the RIGHT ways to hire an attorney to argue their cases, then, NONE of this SHIT would’ve happened, and, because these men saw the weaknesses in human nature: how we all want to pay less, and get more, how we all want to, weasel our ways out of the legal systems, that’s why they were able to, S-C-A-M, the members of the unsuspecting, public here!

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The Cognitive Abilities that Stemmed from the Conversations We Have, on Parenting

The importance of holding that conversation with your young here!  Translated…

Awhile ago, my friend inquire how to teach the child writing, honestly, I’d wanted to, teach, but, my son seemed, disinterested in the matter, and I can only, find methods to, get my points across to him, in a, round-and-about sort of way.  Writing is split into writing the words, and expressions of one’s own thoughts, seeing how my son was lazy to write, I didn’t want to, push him to, but, I’d paid, close attention to his, thought processes, I deeply believed, that once the child gets used to thinking, and became, confident in expression of her/his own thoughts, then, there’s, just, that final mile to connect with writing: learning to find the words that fitted to the written expressions, to fully express one’s own thoughts, as well as, emotions.

From reading “The Satire Methods of Conversations”, these past few years, I’d worked hard, to learn about the “positive curiosities”.  The words my child blurted aloud, I’d, tried not to pass judgments using my adult angle, instead, I’d, tried to, connect with him on a level he could understand, to continue the conversation flows.  In others’ views, the conversations of us, father and son is, out there, but, I got everything controlled, under the subjects we were, discussing.

illustration from UDN.com圖/陳完玲

One morning as I waited for my daughter to get into the car, I saw my son with a soured face, entered into my car, I thought he was, just, being, a teenager, but as I’d asked him, I’d learned, that the super of our building was once again, smoking, next to the car.  His sour face meant that he’d, cared about this, I’d, grabbed on, to this opportunity, to continue the discussions.

“Smoking is the freedom of the manager of the building, is there a law against him smoking right now?”, I’d asked my son.

“I wouldn’t know, probably not!”, my son shook his head.

“Yep, the laws here only limit the places where you CAN smoke, it’d not banned the adults from smoking.”, I’d added.

“Then, I shall, make a law against smokers”, my son decided to start tackling this problem at the roots.

“You can’t just, amend the laws, you first needed to get elected as a legislator, then, you can, state your case, then, get others to concur with you, then, write it into law.”

查看來源圖片with the parent, listening to the words of the child here…photo from online

My son got energetic, suggested us to do a mock vote, only the three of us, on the matter, to select the legislators of our district.  My daughter forfeited, my son and I each had one vote, hard to decide who wins.  My son suggested we followed the rules of the voting of the country, we’d, immediately, gone for a second vote.  Good, last week I’d just taught him on the way the various countries voted, and he was, listening, and knew to apply it to his own life here.  Before we started voting the second round, I’d, hinted to my daughter, that she is to, vote for me, “This is called, ‘splitting the votes’, if before the first round of votes I’d handed your younger sister some benefits, had her drop out of the races, then, that’s called, ‘making the rice balls’.” My children had both made the rice balls on a holidays, saw my hands rubbing together, they’d felt it was, fun.

But, unfortunately, my daughter didn’t, play along, she’d still, forfeited her votes the second round.  And I earned one vote, while my son received, two.  “Older brother cheated, he’d, raised both hands to vote, that’s why he got the two votes”, my daughter reported this, “illegal act”.  “Yep, this is called, falsifying counting.  In fear of your opponent playing tricks, the candidates will call the volunteers, to watch the places to examine if the procedures in counting up the votes are, flawed or not.  Remember how we watched the counting of the votes of the presidential elections at the elementary school on January 11th?  That was, watching the proceedings.”

In the short twenty-minute drive, we’d gone from smoking, to writing a law, in the end, we’d ended the discussions on the systems of voting, we’d all, gained more than our, equal shares.

Allow us to get back to the beginning of all of this, if when my son complained of how the cigarettes smelled bad, and I’d, subconsciously brushed him off, “yeah it does!  I hate smokers too!”, then, what we’d lost, may not be the accumulation of our abilities to think creatively, but also, the chances of parent-children interactions too.

And so, we should, take advantage, to strike up discussions, conversations with our young, as often as possible, because that, would be how we can, instill our values into our young, and, hear what they think, and believe on various matters, and through this exchange in conversation and dialogue, both sides, benefitted.

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The Twenty-One-Year-Old Officer Who is in a Coma Due to a Car Wreck is Getting Unplugged Today and Donating His Organs

How his families decided to let his love live on, through organ donation, this was, their, final act of great love in his honor!  Off of the Newspapers, translated…

The twenty-one-year-old patrol officer, Yang two days ago in the midnight hours rode his scooter out to make the rounds, and, was hit by an unlicensed seventeen-year-old motorist to critical condition.  Based off of understanding, because the primary physician diagnosed Yang with medullar atrophy, they’d confirmed his brain dead status for the second time last night, and he is to be unplugged, and get his organs donated, there are an estimated of ten families that will benefit from the donations of his organs.

The families said, that although Ting-How was injured, but his body is still very healthy, if his organs can be donated to help more people, they’d believed, that this was, his biggest wish, being a police officer.

The Asia East Hospital stated, that last night, Yang’s brain dead status was confirmed for the second time, and they will be operating on him this afternoon, to finish the final act of harvesting his organs, to help him donate his cornea, and other internal organs, they’d estimated that there would be about ten families that will be helped due to officer Yang’s selfless giving.

At around ten in the morning yesterday, the adolescent, Chang who hit Yang showed up outside the I.C.U. got down on their knees, and apologized profusely to the parents of the police officer, but the families wouldn’t accept their apologies, and told them to go.  Because Yang showed no activities in his brain stems, the families decided to sign the organ donations forms for him.

Yang was the only son of his family, independent, kind to his parents, and full of sense of justice, he’d always wanted to become a police officer, to assist others, his parents couldn’t stop him.  He’d persisted and tested into the police academy, and, started at the entry level positions, helping the locals, he was loved by his fellow officers, as well as superiors too.

And so, this, is the final act of kindness that this officer who lost his life gave to the world, and, through this final act of kindness, he’d, made sure that his legacy lives on.







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