Three Female Students Were Attacked by the Man Who’d Started Grabbing Women’s Buttocks in Keelung

Ahh~~~ooooooooo! A wolf on the H-U-N-T, another LOSER who couldn’t, keep HIS hands to himself, from the Newspapers, translated…

Two afternoons ago, close to Ren-Yi Road and Ai Four Road, close to Miaoko, Keelung, there were, three incidents of sexual harassment, the police reviewed the surveillance and found, that it was all committed by one man, a middle aged man of about fifty years of age, who had rubbed up against female students’ backpacks with his own body, and touched the victims’ buttocks, the police, other than starting the investigations, they’d also warned female students to take precautions when they’re out.

Members of the online community on FB posted the warnings, that two days ago, at the Ren-Yi Road close to Ai-Four Road, there was, a sexual predator prowling, who’d already, sexually molested THREE high school age girls, and one of them was thrilled she’d started crying. The members of the online community warned this predator, “Don’t think you got lucky this time, there are surveillance cameras, watching you”, and this group of young women also didn’t allow him to get away, they’d immediately gone to the police station to report the incident.

The post on FB got immediate attention from the online community, and the police collaborated that this did happen. The captain of the women’s squad, Chiu stated, that the three female high school students were sexually molested by the same man, using the EXACT same methods, and the cases happened one right after the next. At the time of the incident, the female students all thought that it was their classmates who’d touched them, but when they realized it wasn’t, when they’d turned around, the suspect already made his escape.

Chiu said, that the three steps to take when being sexually harassed by someone was, “Grab, SCREAM, Take a picture”, grabbing the suspect’s hand, holler for assistance, and, take photographs with your cell phones as evidence. And the victims would need to recall as many details about the suspect as one can, and when you’re in a middle of a crowd, holler out for help, and ask others around you to stop the perpetrator. Chiu stated, that the man zoomed in on the female students as his victims, he believed that the teens are too young, and couldn’t fight back.

And so, if you just, kept everything to yourselves, after this sort of SHIT had happened, you’ll only be creating MORE victims like yourselves, because, those PREDATORS would keep thinking, hey, nobody’s gonna cry out loud, so I’ll just, keep on offending this specific age group of younger generations of women, but, unfortunately, this LOSER picked on the wrong young women this time, and, the bystanders all helped out in collecting the evidence, to try to find this LOSER who can’t keep his hands to himself, and until this M***ER F***ER (maxed out???) gets CAUGHT, nobody can walk on the streets with E-A-S-E!

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The Farewell of the Trains of Goodbye & the Clouds, a Poem

On death, dying, and saying goodbye to the ones we loved, translated…

The Train that Turned the Visiting into a Funeral

I’d, Sat by the Window Seats

As I Usually Had

Gazing Toward the Clouds Outside the Windows

查看來源圖片how quickly life passed us by…photo from online…

Inside My Heart & My Hands

There Was, Nothing

And All I Could

Was Hold on Tightly to the News I’d, Just Received


The Fog Dissipated in the Air

The World Became, All too Clear

Like a Joke

The Few Snow-White Round Clouds

Popped Out of the Blue Cleared Skies

They’d Gathered to My Passenger Window

Rolled, Turned

查看來源圖片like the ship, sailing into the setting sun…photo found online…

Changed in the Lights

The Fuzzy of the White Markings

Despite How the Crevasse Contained Shadows of Gray

The Gold Boundaries Decorated the Outlines

And, there’s No, Sparing of the Uses of the Colors Pink & Light Purple

Those Clouds that Moved Closer

Seemed Like Eyes that Blinked

Even Talking

and this, is where we all end up…查看來源圖片inside that hole on the ground…photo found online…

I Couldn’t Help But Inquire:

“Is that You, My Father?”

I’d Forgotten Everything Now

And Only Had a Pair of Eyes that’s Opened Up Wide

With My Jaws, Dropped

Until, Everything Went, Back to Normal

The Fog, the Smog that Always Hovered Over the City Returned Once More

The Skies Grew Dark Again

There Was, that Dead Row of Edifices by the Horizon

that’s Become, the Fences of the World, Far as Our Eyes Can See Now

And so, this is on the poet’s losing his own father to illness, and, the loss of a parent that he will now be, coping with, and the long and winding grieving process that’s going to take him his whole life to get done, because losing someone we love will always hurt like hell…










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The Stinky Tofu & the Love of My Father

Savoring the memories here, translated…

Awhile, around the Memorial holidays, I’d gone back home, as I’d arrived to my parents’ house, it was, already, very late, and, there came the hollering of the vendor, selling stinky tofu.

“Stinky~~~Tofu!”, that heightened first syllable, with that shortened end, that familiar call roused up the memories of my childhood years—on a certain night, I’d gone to take out the trash with my father, as we’d passed the elderly man who’d sold the stinky tofu from the carts, my father asked me, “Are you hungry? Let’s buy a serving, but don’t tell your mother!”, I’d nodded, foolishly, to reply back to my father who was winking and smiling at me. And that, was the very first time I’d tasted stinky tofu, fried to golden on the outside, the aromas were so amazing, it was crisp on the outside, but soft on the in, with a side of spicy cabbage, yum! But, what stayed was the love my father had for me, with that hidden pleasure of sneaking around for a midnight snack, without the rest of the families knowing about it, it’d, given me that taste of magic, in the ordinariness of this food item.

what the item looked like…photo from online…

I’d made my way out of the memories, walked into the house. With the stinky tofu I just bought, I’d told my dad who was sitting square, waiting for me in the living room, “Dad, let’s have a midnight snack together!”

And so, this became a ritual of sorts that the two of you, father and son had come to share, and, the reason why this was your specialty food item was not because of the food itself, but the love you’d felt as your father bought it for you to savor when you were just a young child, that, is why you’d loved this particular food item so very much…

查看來源圖片how the item was being sold…photo from online…

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The Balloon Years

These were, probably, the MOST difficult years of our entire lives, being STUCK between adulthood and childhood, not yet an adult, but no longer a child either…translated…

There would always be a couple of years in our lives, that’s like blowing air into a balloon, we’d used all our strengths, closed our eyes, and became grown-ups overnight. Turning around to look, and simply, couldn’t recall, what we took, to get here. For me, it’s probably, during my middle school years.

Perhaps, it’s the changes in my body, like my breasts bloated up, I’d started to have my period, the boys started having their beards and moustaches, what’s called “puberty”. And still, the balloon getting blown up was psychological, you’d needed to, pull all your strength together, and rush forward all at once, because three years from then, there was only ONE goal up ahead: the entrance exams.

Recalling to those three years, everything was totally a blur, perhaps, it was in how I’d closed my eyes repeatedly, as I’d blown air into that balloon. And, the moments I’d had my eyes closed, were mostly those days of heading to school early for the early study periods, cramming the texts, and taking the exams.查看來源圖片the emotional “aspects” of growing up…photo from online…

Naturally, there were many, “puncture wounds” that have stayed too, but they’re not all, wonderful. Like on the cramped up busses, there would always be those horny men who’d gotten too close to your back, and started blowing air into your ears, to lift up your uniform skirts. Or like on the exams, the physical punishments of one wrong question, one hit, it’s normal that our hands were bruised to black and green, to the point that the instructor broke the stick that was used for the punishments. What’s magical was, the teacher took the wrong tests, and hit the wrong students, or accidentally, cracked the students’ watches, or that s/he got angered and kicked the board of the podium until the board cracked open……an assortment of never-before-seen accidents. Ahhhhhhhhhh, thinking back, it’s, quite tragic, but, as the teacher punished the wrong students, and the students looked like they were about to cry, everybody else were laughing about it.

When the stresses had no way out, I’d often chosen to ride on the busses, after school was out on Saturday afternoon, and rode back to where I got on, like how I was, walking along the boundaries of that balloon. Sometimes, I’d gone to the astronomy museum in Yuanshan to watch the sky screens, and for one moment, I’d gotten the illusion that I’d, left this city, the classroom, and the textbooks, that I was, lying on a plain somewhere, just, gazing up at the stars.

There were the sweeter moments of, perhaps, when I got my first taste of love, but, I’d gone to an all-girls’ school, I’d not known how to like a boy (and, back then, the boys had that angst and that unknown strange scent to me), so, the one’s I liked were mostly, girls. I’d still remembered that girl whom I’d liked, how she had long lashes, and how her eyes twinkled, recalled what her voice sounded like, and how she’d thrown the basketballs into the hoops, but, no matter how hard I’d thought, I can’t, recall her name, reason being, that we’d finally, lost track of one another, on the yearly skills level test.

this is only the physical aspect of growth…found online…

But, being in the best class wasn’t anything that’s too happy, some of us blew hard on that balloon, to the point that it’d, popped. On our last year of middle school, a student who’d always gotten the high grades stopped coming to class just a few months before the entrance exams. I’d gazed at her empty chair, and never knew what’s happened to her. The teacher didn’t say anything, just told us, that So-and-So fell ill and could no longer come to class, told us to work hard, and get into our top choice of schools, but also to remember to take a break, so we can have the strength, to pick the text back up and cram again.

Then, the words of read-aloud came from the classes, and, those tests that were handed down, picked up, graded, and then, returned back to us again.

And so, this, is how it was, in an academically competitive education forum, and, this is during one’s teenage years, and, teenage years are already, hard enough, we had to worry about what’s changing in our bodies (hormones, etc., etc., etc.), and at the same time, we still have to cope with whatever’s going on outside (peer pressures, tests, grades, entrance exams, etc., etc., etc., etc.) which is why the teenage years are never easy, especially when during this time is when EVERYTHING you’d gone through as a young child also overflowed…

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Things that Stayed Hidden, Until the Reveal…

“Anyone who has a continuous smile on his face conceals a toughness that is almost frightening.” ― Greta Garbo We all have them, our bottles. These vessels that we store and stow away from ourselves serve a purpose. But this purpose is usually a dark one, or one we wish to throw away but simply […]

via Bottles — HeartSphere

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An Eight-Year-Old Girl, Drowned to Death at a Difficult to Get to Location

This is caused by the NEGLIGENCE of this young child’s parents!!! From the Front Page Sections, translated…

An eight-year-old girl, Chen, from Kaohsiung on the 22nd, went to the temple in Chiayi with her families and was separated from them, the families searched for her for days on end, yesterday morning, they’d found the child’s body in the ditches close by; the investigative officers, the coroners believed her death was an accident, that there wasn’t, any external forces that may have caused her death.

The young child’s father said, that his daughter was mentally incapacitated, couldn’t talk, that normally when they’d gone out, she’d not wanted her hands to be held, and he couldn’t imagine that she’d, gone missing. These past two days, he’d stayed in Chiayi to keep trying to find her, yesterday, the temple asked Mazu, and they were told, to head south of the temple to see, as he’d walked to the bridge by the port, he’d found a group of people, gathering by the ditches, and found that his daughter had drowned in the ditches, from fallen into the ditches.

The rescuers stated, that the child’s body was a kilometer off the temple, in the ditches, that it didn’t seem easy for her to get there by herself, because the old bridge of the port was fenced, the adults wouldn’t get close easily, they’d suspected that the child may have walked on the path next to the bridge for over ten meters to the flood gates, and was playing with the water as she’d accidentally fallen in.

The D.A.’s office manager, Lin said, that the D.A. on duty, Wu went to examined the girl’s body, and confirmed, that she had, fallen into the ditches before she died, and they deducted that she may have mis-stepped, fallen into the ditches, then, drowned.

The police investigated, that on the morning of 22nd, Chen took his wife, and two daughters to the temple with a group of worshippers, because it wasn’t their turns to enter into the temples yet, Chen carried their younger daughter in her arms, the eight-year-old girl didn’t want her hand to be held, followed alongside them, and, in just a short while, she was gone, the families searched for her a long time, and even asked the temple to help, but they weren’t able to, discover her.

The temple reviewed the surveillance footages and found, that the young child had, entered into the temple with her family, to see what the raucous was about, but after she couldn’t find her mother, she’d, gone to look for her outside, and exited the temple.

The child’s father told, that the family relied on him working odds and ends, that they weren’t rich, and, the death of his older child happened, on this rare opportunity that they had, of traveling together.

And, this is still due to NEGLIGENCE, because the parents weren’t watching their child closely enough, the little girl wandered off on her own, and when she was finally found, she was found, DEAD, lying in a watering hole!

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A Funeral of Memories…

查看來源圖片now that we’d, gathered them all up together, the only thing left to do, is to STRIKE that match, photo from online…

We are gathered here today, to put ALL these memories to rest…

A funeral of memories I’d gone to, dressed in RED (as if I have anything in RED???), because, burying the memories symbolized how I’m finally, beginning my life anew, that I’m, no longer, held back, by everything that’s my past!

A funeral of memories, like those time capsules you’d, buried when you were children, that you may, or may not ever dig back up again, they’re, already lost, so, why think about it, huh? A funeral of memories, that, was what I’d planted, in your honor (yeah, uh, get REAL, as IF you have ANY honor to begin with???), but, nobody showed, how O-D-D!!!

A funeral of memories, I’d had, and now, all my memories are all gone, the good, the bad, AND the hurtful, not to mention, the UGLY too, and I’m done, with funerals of these sorts…

A funeral of memories, had you, had one yet? You should, as, goodbyes like these are, especially important, to help us all, move on, from everything that’s, already gone, and ain’t NEVER comin’ back again!!!

And, this, is the END result…

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