Her Blind Dates with Dementia…

What can I say…blind dates are ALWAYS a BITCH, with all your casual things, getting to know one another, faking how much you’re, into one another, when ALL you want, is this god DAMN SET-UP to be O-V-E-R…

So, she’d gone out, on a, blind date with dementia…she was, dropped off, by her loved ones, at that café that she used to love so much when she still had ALL her memories intact.

“Hi,”, she’d, greeted Dementia, as it’d, entered into the café…”tell me something ‘bout yourself…”, then, the casual things that goes on during the blind dates happened, all those, chit-chat, without ANY point, glancing down at our watches, pretending we’re, listening to each other talk, while, WHISTLING in our separate heads.

So, her first blind date with dementia, well, it went, okay, as Dementia had, requested to see her once more.


like this, perhaps???  Not my photo.

And on their second date, she sat, in that very SAME seat, in that very CAFÉ where she and Dementia were first, introduced…

“Hi, I think you’re, my blind date, but, I can’t recall your name, you don’t look familiar to me at all!”

Dementia: “uh, ma’am, this would be, OUR SECOND date, remember, last time we sat here, in these same seats, as we’d, introduced ourselves to each other???”

“Oh, I’m sorry, must’ve, slipped my mind!”………

And, each and every time, Dementia goes out, on those “blind dates” with her, it’d seemed, like the first time, and, Dementia NEVER gets annoyed, in introducing itself to her.


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Getting My Tooth Pulled

Encounters with a predator in her teenage years, then again, as a grown woman, and apparently, what this OLD HORN dog did, didn’t IMPACT him as hard as it had his “victim”, translated…

The hikers came toward me, and greeted us good morning. Of the elderly walking with the canes, one of them had, stumped me. Before I’d turned, I’d looked at him through my peripheral vision, then, shifted my gaze back to the valleys.

This man, about eighty, with thinned out hair, the hairlines high, the small eyes hid, on his small face covered with the sun spots and the wrinkles. His necks tucked in, and his body looked just like forty years before, thin, with his white jumpsuit, dressed very cleanly, but, his face looked like a rat’s. I’d thought, if he was ten years older, even, twenty years, I’d still, recognized him. And yet, as we’d bumped shoulders, our eyes locked, and, he’d not looked surprised or anything, it seemed, that this elderly man didn’t, recognize me at all.sitting in a dentist's chair 的圖片結果putting oneself in a vulnerable position here, photo from online…

He’d once owned and operated a small dentist’s office in our small town, without the titles of a dentist. He was, an unlicensed dentist, and, it was, a public secret, that people without the proper licensure are practicing medicine.

The very first time I’d gone to the office, I was about fifteen, my wisdom tooth ached for a very long time, and my mother, busying at work, couldn’t take me, so I’d, gone there alone. As he’d treated me, he’d told me, that I had too many cavities, that it’s best, I have all my wisdom teeth pulled out. And so, he’d made the appointment for me the next morn, stressed that I should come in in the morning, so the bleeding won’t happen the whole day.

The very next morn, I’d arrived at the clinic, there was, no one there, and he’d told me to come upstairs. Nobody was around, there was, the four walls untouched up, gray, with just, an electric fan, and a worker’s chair, and an already, outdated, ready to get throw away dentist’s chair.

So, I lay down on the chair, and, I’d started panicking, like I was a pig, ready for slaughter. I’d, worked hard, keeping my mouth open wide, and, he’d given me an anesthetic on my gums, and after that instant pain, my gums felt, numbed, my lips too, and, I’d started, losing feeling over my entire cheeks. He’d hit mem with a chisel, to make sure that the anesthesia had kicked in, then, started, working at pulling out my tooth.

First, he’d pushed, then, dug deep, then, work hard, shaken my tooth, to loosen it, about half an hour, or, forty minutes passed, I’d guessed, and my tooth was, just beginning to start to budge. I’d felt, that my wisdom tooth, had caused him some hardships. And, after a long while, his hands seemed to be, trembling, with sweat, rolling down his forehead, actually, it wasn’t, that hot, and the fan was on too. The chisel continued, working in my mouth, with the suction tube, getting all the blood out, I really didn’t know how much blood I’d drunk in? I was so afraid, that I may, bleed out, and die on that chair. His hands, still trembling, the sweat kept rolling down. Then suddenly, I caught a reflection of my blouse, and realized, that perhaps, I was dressed, a bit, improperly, but no I wasn’t.

I’d, quickly, caught his gaze, and, focused on that orange glow of the light, and, some things from my past came back out.

One afternoon, I’d gone to meet a classmate in the afternoon, at the bus stations, to head up the mountains to work. I’d, surpassed the public restroom’s, a man walked up to me, with that dumbfounded gaze, suddenly, took out his penis, other than being thrilled by him, I’d, run quickly, into the crowds, another time, a drunk man was walking with his bicycle, his bike and he were both, unsteady too, he’d stopped, with that same look on his face.

Don’t know how long it took, I’d still trapped myself in these, uncomfortable memories, then suddenly, felt that the tweezer in my mouth got something. Then, a rotten tooth, was dangled in front of me. I’d felt, relieved, after I rinsed my mouth, I’d bitten down on the gauze, gotten off the treatment chair. At this time, he’d turned around to pick up the medication, then, he’d, suddenly turned toward me, hesitated a bit, then asked me, how large are your nipples? My heart was almost, falling down to the ground, I’d, suppressed my own, panic, asked him, why do you need to know. He said, he’d needed to get the meds, and that the meds needed to be the size of my nipples. I’d replied, what has it got to do with the size of my nipples? He’d fallen silent, and, looked at me with that awkwardness, and as he’d handed me the medication, he’d still, looked at me like that. I’d paid him, and rushed downstairs.

getting her tooth pulled 的圖片結果with the anesthesia kicking in, soon, you wobn’t, feel a thing…photo from online…

There were toys, scattered all over the kitchen floor on the other end of the clinic, a woman was cooking in front of the stove. I’d not gone toward the kitchen, nor did I have the intentions of retelling what had happened, just a minute ago.

All the way home, I’d, lost my weight, and seemingly, floated, all the way, home, without any hesitation, I’d, thrown the medication into the trash. In the evening, I’d told my mother this, she was shocked, and replied, what a horny old creep!, my mother was very weakened, and soft, after that, just like usual, she’d, started, preparing supper.

Over forty years later, I’d told my mother, I’d bumped into the man, and, apparently, she’d, forgotten what had happened, to me as a teen, so I’d told her again, and she’d had that same look of shock on her face, and repeated what she’d stated back then. Then, like it was back then, she’d, fallen, silent.

And so, perhaps, this woman was, waiting for her mother, to stand UP to protect her younger self, but the mother didn’t, and, this must’ve been an awful experience to have gone through, trusting your life into someone who’s, actually, a PREDATOR!

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The Kindness Shown, by the Lunch Shop Owners to the Employees

The kindness of this lunch shop owner, is simply……AMAZING, translated…

The year after I had a successful brain operation, although my condition wasn’t completely, stabilized, but I was, very hurried in finding work, hoping, that with the income I brought in, I can somehow, take the burdens off my parents a bit, to validate my own worth.

In a friend’s introductions, I’d come to part-time at a lunch shop. The couple who owned the shop were very friendly, and, I’d found, that a lot of the workers there were, handicapped, and in order to keep the flow of working going, the shop owner had, put a sort of a production line, in which everybody is responsible for doing her/his own tasks, everybody has been, assigned a specific task that s/he has to handle………the foods that the shop owner put out, the quarter legs, the porkchops, the smoked meats, the fish, as entrées, not greasy, very lightly seasoned, but, very delicious, with reasonable pricing.

a place like this???  Photo from online…

Other than the food being tasty, all the customers knew the shop owner’s kindness, and so, the business continued very well. As the crowds went away, the group of us, employees, sat down for the meals with the couple who’d owned the shop, and, we’d all understood, that every bite we’d taken, had their kindness and warmth in it.

Because of all the worker, I’m the one, with the better physiques, the owner encouraged me, to “climb higher in work”, plus, back then, I’d wanted to, return back to school, and so, I’d taken the blessings they’d, given to me, kept marching on this road of my own life.

So, this couple who’d owned this lunch shop were very kind to their employees, they’d offered the handicapped, the mentally decapacitated a place to work, and assigned them simpler, more manageable tasks to do, so the workers can feel that they’d, achieved what they were there to do, without feeling discriminated by the rest of the outside world. It’s a great place to work in.


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The Joys in Teaching in the Mountains

The experiences of a school principal who’d started overseeing the workings of a distant-region school, translated…

Every time there’s news on how there’s this lacking of teachers in the distant regions, I’d always gotten reminded of my experiences. For me, those day were, happy, with my moods, lifted.

Early in the morn, I’d stood outside the gates of the schools, watching the parents drop off their young, and bid me good morning, then, returned back to the fields to work, I’d felt I was, entrusted by these parents, to give to my students during the day, like how the parents would, look after their crops so they’d all grow up well.

what the school that the writer taught at look like…photo from online…

When the school let out, the parents, with their, muddied shoes, and sweat rolling down their tanned faces, brought over the crops they’d harvested for the day. It may be some fruits, or a bag of, vegetables, I’d always, taken them, while not wanting to impose, and understood, that these, simple gifts, were a show of thanks to us, teachers.

This school located on the hilltops of Puli, is a way away from the city, but, you get to, see the entire basin from up here. There was, a fruit farm next by, in the summertime, when the fruit trees were in full bloom, the aromas from the flowers would greet us. There were, only limited number of students, and the family makeup are not necessarily, all the same, and we, the teachers needed to be more attentive to the students. Once, a teacher told me, that there was this young girl who’d, mutilated herself with a craft knife; based off of my experiences, these things usually happen to students in the higher grades, and the students may, model after one another, so there’s a need for us, to understand the reason behind her self-mutilations, that it’s an emergent matter.

I’d had the teacher talked to her in private first, but, this young woman refused to open up, as a principal, I can only use what I’d learned, to set up a short, focal therapy session, and had the counselors come and watch, how to resolve these types of issues.

Turns out, this young woman is of indigenous origins, and had started school here because of her parents’ work, she’d missed her tribe so very much, her parents aren’t around, and she was, watched over by her uncle, she’d had some adaptation difficulties. And, as she started in her teenage years, she’d started feeling attracted to the boys in school, and, with the combinations of all of these reasons, she’d started, cutting herself. And, her act of self-mutilation, wasn’t caused by one single factor, and to resolve it, we’d needed to, build up her sense of the self first.

photo from online…

At the very end, with the help from her teachers, she’d finally, regained her smiles once more. Seeing how radiantly she’d smiled now, I’d found, that this, is the moment I feel, proudest, doing what I do.

And so, by working in these schools with the children’s parents working, and the children being raised by grandparents, there would be more of these sorts of problems, especially as the students entered into their teens, the older adults that are looking after them, may not be that well-equipped to deal with their teenage turbulences, but thankfully, the school officials are there, to help guide the students through, and seeing how the narrator had, effectively, solved this crisis that this teenage girl was facing, it’d made his work more than worthwhile, working in the distant region schools.

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No Regrets, Having All Daughters

Because??? Oh YEAH, women ARE, WAY, WAY, W-A-Y, better than ALL of you, MEN!!! Translated…

The storms from the female T.V. entertainer’s divorce, the reason stated was, because she was, infertile, and, the marriage she had with her husband, for so many years, collapsed, due to this small problem. I’d felt strongly about this, not because I’d encountered similar situations, but because my husband came from a very traditionally Asian family, and believed, that the daughters-in-law must have sons.

Although, nowadays, we all know, that the sex determinant gene lies in the males, but, in the countryside, some thirty odd years ago, there’s not any of the awareness of this “scientific fact”. And so, I’d felt so much pressures, for having two daughters, and, a lot of the hard work all, landed on me, and I didn’t even, get enough rest time for my month-long recoveries of my two births.

As I got pregnant with my third child, and, after learning that it was, still a girl, some of the elders had, urged me not to have her, but, how can I comply! She was, a part of me, I’d gotten pregnant with her, not because something was amiss, but it’s all, due to affinity.

As my youngest daughter was born, I’d tried finding my husband work up north, so the children won’t get mistreated by all the relatives. And, the life of living away from home was too difficult, to the point, that I’d, contemplated divorce too, but, I’d finally, gotten through it. And now, we have a small diner, and my daughters are all graduating, and found good jobs, and good men.

During the holidays when we’d gone home to visit, we’d heard of how my older brother-in-law’s sons kept coming home to get money from them, and they were too spoiled from before, like those, baby birds that left the nests too late, and couldn’t go too far away in fear. I’d listened to their complaints in silence, and, looked over at my three beautiful girls, and felt glad, that their behaving themselves well, and being so close to me, was what took away my hard days’ work away. I’d often thought, that if I can make more money, and invest in them, they can become, even more, outstanding, but, they all seemed to see what I was worried about, and told me not to, think like that.

I’m so proud of having a family of five like this, it doesn’t matter if we have sons or daughters, the most important thing is, how we perceive and how we feel about our children, isn’t it?

And so, this totally, DEFIES the beliefs of how having SONS is what makes this world go ‘round, doesn’t it? Because, if you have sons, and they’d become, LEECHES like the brother-in-law’s in this tale, then, having sons, would be, totally, BAD, isn’t it? And, it doesn’t matter what SEX your child is, so long as s/he grows up, healthy, and into a good person.

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With the Encouragements from Her Companions, the Woman Who’d Fallen into the Valleys for One Day and Stayed There for Overnight Was, Finally Rescued

You can attribute this woman’s survival, to how she’d, received the encouragements from her companions, and how hard the fire department rescuers were “on-the-clock” 24/7 or, you can simply see it as how her time wasn’t “up” yet!!! From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A woman, Gu from Hsinbei City on the second of the Chinese New Year, fell into the valley that was three feet deep, her five male and one female companions stayed by her for twenty-four whole hours, until she was finally rescued yesterday, she was air-lifted by a medical helicopter to Taipei.

The Second Squad of the Hsinchu Fire Department pointed out, that Gu followed the five members of the Four Season’s Stream Trekking Group of Taiwan on a five-day, four-nights’ trip, but, on the morning of the second of the Chinese New Year’s, as they’d gone across an unknown waterfall at intersection of the Maibalai Creek and Xiwong Creek, Gu had a misstep and slid to the depth of thirty meters below, she seemed to have fractured her arms and legs, and was bleeding from her forehead and other part of her body, she was going in and out of consciousness.

The team leader of this trekking group, Chen said, Gu’s companions used the satellite phones to call out for help, and they’d camped out by Gu overnight, to keep boosting her spirits.

The Second Squad also set up a team of nine rescuers, and rushed over, and by eight in the evening, they were still, a kilometer away from the site where Gu had, slid and fallen, and because the pass was very uneven, and they’d needed to, pass across a huge waterfall to get to the spot, the rescue squad can only set up camp for the night.

The Second Squad stated, that during the New Year’s, there are still rescuers working 24/7, all of those who’d gone to the calls had already been working for six days straight, they were all originally, going home on the third of the Chinese New Year’s to get together with their loved ones, but, as they’d received the S.O.S. calls, they’d still gone out to conduct the search and rescue.

And so, this woman’s life was spared, ALL due to these, hardworking rescuers, who’d given up their days off, to the calls of their duties, and, I’m sure, that how her companions didn’t abandon her had helped, a little, but mostly, this woman’s life was saved, due to these paramedics, rescuers working around the clock, even during the holidays.

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The F.B.I. Blamed, for Not Identifying the Shooter of the Florida High School Early, for Chasing Down Trump’s Ties with Russia Too Hard

This is what Y-O-U, AMERICANS who’d voted in the LAST presidential election didn’t foresee!!! A PRESIDENT who has ONLY his own interests in mind, as that, is how the BUSINESS world works??? And, Trump IS, a BUSINESSMAN, and ALL he cared about, is NUMBER one: HIMSELF!!! From the Front Sections, translated…

President Trump today, blamed the F.B.I. for getting too involved into investigating his ties with Russian that they’d, ignored all the signs and couldn’t prevent the shooter from opening fire in the Florida middle school.

The L’Agence France Presse pointed out, that Trump Tweeted, “there are so many signs that the shooter of the Florida high school showed, that it’s such a shame, that the F.B.I. didn’t catch them in time. This was totally, unacceptable. They’d spent way too much time, trying to prove that Russian had the ties with Trump’s campaign, that there was no conspiracy. Go back to what you do the best, make us proud again!”

The nineteen-year-old Cruz, on the fourteen, opened fire at the Douglas Middle School, and killed seventeen. This was, the EIGHTEENTH school shooting this year, and it’d caused the debate on gun control again.

The F.B.I. admitted on the sixteenth, that they’d received a tip back in January, warned the Cruz was planning a large-scale shooting, but the F.B.I. agents didn’t chase the leads. The local police knew of Cruz as well, as his mother reported him for domestic violence from before.

The records from Sun-Sentinel in Southern Florida showed, that the locals had investigated Cruz back in 2016, because he’d posted videos of him, slashing his own wrist on Superchat, and threatened that he was going to buy a gun.

And this school shooting started the calls for gun control, the surviving students came out on the 17th, and supported in the rallies of the cause; the student, Emma Gonzales, who was a survivor of the shooting blamed Trump for his ties with the N.R.A. on the Gun Control rally, she’d stated, that all the politicians who’d received campaign funding from the N.R.A. should be ashamed of themselves.

Another sixteen-year-old student, Lorena stated that she was not interested in the politics, but the experiences had changed her mind. She said, “I think students like us should use our voice, and directly call out to the government, and have them change the policies.”

And so, who’s to blame here??? The F.B.I. for chasing Trump’s ties to Russia too hard that they’d, failed to notice the signs that this particular shooter had shown? The government, for NOT having a strict enough policy on bearing arms? Or, the SHOOTER himself, for going O-F-F? Uh……Let me think………(this is me, thinking!!!)……, why don’t you ALL think about it, and then, tell someone E-L-S-E???

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