Affinities, from Start, to Finish

Weird, how things, worked themselves out, how sometimes, things are, already set, we just don’t know it, until, it happens…translated…

I’m a firm believer, that people connecting is solely, based off of, affinity, it’s just, that how deep the connections are, aren’t, up to people to decide.  Some met up on an airplane, and became, a married couple; some were sharing the same dormitories in the armed services, and became, closer than, brothers; while others may live under the same roofs, but, interacted as strangers.  All of these, can be, attributed to, affinity, it’s, just the depth of the affinity being, different is all.

My husband’s older siblings are all, elderly, there are those who are, demented, and those who are, immobilized.  And because most of them lived alone, for the sake of their own, safety, their children hired the foreign caretakers to look after them.

A little over three years ago, I’d learned that the Indonesian nurse, Lina who was assigned to taking care of my eldest sister-in-law, upon arriving in Taiwan, she’d, fallen ill, got hospitalized, what’s worse was, my eldest sister-in-law’s younger brother had a car accident, and shortly, her father, passed too, she was, forced, to take two months’ pay beforehand to pay for the trials, which meant, that she wouldn’t be able to send the money home for two months afterwards.

I felt sorry for Lena, or maybe, it’s because I’d lived through the trials of not knowing if there’ll be enough food on the tables, the days we’d had to, go to the shops, to ask for the handouts of rice first, and paid for the food later, I’d still, recalled those days, and felt the pains.  So, whenever there are the troubles of my next-of-kin or friends, I’d, more than loved to, help out.

Although, I’d not met Lena, but I knew the trials she’d encountered in life, and, gave her some money so she can have her family life back to normal.  She’d worked for my eldest brother and sister-in-law for a little over two years, then, transferred to Kaohsiung, three months ago, my husband’s third eldest sister got sick, her son and daughter-in-law filed for a foreign nurse, and, Lena was the one who came, everybody was in awe, at the affinities she had with our family, there are, tens of thousands of migrant workers, and, she was the one, assigned to the family!

After Lena started looking after my husband’s third eldest sister, a little over two months, my husband’s sister passed, Lena was, out of a job temporarily.  And at this time, my husband was, hospitalized, because he’s getting older, I was, contemplating on whether or not I should, hire a nurse for him, as our relatives learned, they’d all, recommended Lena to us, and so, as my husband got out of the hospital, Lena arrived at Taipei with her agent.  At the moment I saw her, I gave her, a big hug, thanked her for willing to, come to my household to help out.

Every day I’d watched her taking care of my husband with tentativeness, other than feeling grateful, I’d also felt, that “affinity” is something amazing, with the twists, and turns too!

And so, this, is how sometimes, things worked, you have that sort of connection, that you were aware of with someone else in this world, and, no matter what, the two of you will eventually, meet up together, that, is how affinity works, like the experiences of this family, with the foreign hired nurse to look after the family members who’d, fell ill.

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Narcissus & Longan Teas

In memory of you, the kindness of her mother’s neighbor, translated…

I grew up in the army retirement villages, there was a mom in the village who’d, planted a lot of narcissus in her yard.  There’s, that kind of elegance, that flair that these plants carried, around the New Year’s, we’d often received the flowers from the mom in the neighborhood as presents, and, there was, my mother’s favorite, longan teas.  My mother had been called on high for three years now, we no longer paid that much attention to the New Year’s, we just, let it all, pass, it’s just, that that sense of supporting each other, that joyous, atmosphere, all came back up into my mind, as I, drew this sketch, and I want to, dedicate this painting, to my mother, who’s now, up in heaven.

illustration from UDN.com圖/豆寶

And so, this, is how someone’s kindness toward you and your families mattered so much, even now after your mother had passed, the neighbor’s kindness, is still, remembered like it was, just yesterday, by you and your, families.  Life may not last forever, but the kindness you received from others, lasts, more than a lifetime.

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The Death, of an, Only Child…

There had never been one before, nor will it, ever be, another, after, “it” (failed to form, and so, we don’t know the sex of Baby Doe???).

The death, of an, only child, yeah sure, the parents could, always, have another one, if they’re both, fertile, but more than likely, because this only child had, died, its (gender unspecific???) parents won’t stay together, after all, they were, already, hitting that god damn ROCK, before “it” (the kid???) died, and now, “it” had died, the parents no longer felt compelled, to stay together anymore, so, they BREAK up!

The death, of an, only child, it hurts, doesn’t it???  Knowing, that you shall, NEVER have her in your arms again, that you were, the ones, who’d, MURDERED her, so fucking, brutally, but oh wait, as parents, your minds would, make sure, that you are, protected, and so, your minds lied to you, on how, it wasn’t, your faults, and yet, you are, gnawed (pronounced: NAWED???), by your own, GUILTY conscience, as that would be, the fucking ultimate price you will keep on, paying, for the rest of your god damn FUCKING, eternal lives (and you will feel like you’d lived, an ETERNITY, before you finally DROP DEAD too!!!)………

The death of an, only child, it’s, gone now, you’d, already, cried too long, and hard over it, and yet, you’re, not done yet, are you?  Nope, ‘cuz, you will, and shall, NEVER, get OVER the fact, of how you’d, unknowingly, MURDERED, your own, baby………

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Returned You, to that, Safe Place

Returned you, to that, safe place, I couldn’t, because, life got, in my god DAMN, WAY!!!

Returned you, to that, safe place, I’d tried so hard to, and yet, I still, wasn’t, able to, because, there was, NOTHING I could do, than to watch you, get, BRUTALIZED, by this, god DAMN world, for I am not, in control, of this, god damn, FUCKING (and your point being???) big ol’, awful shitty world!

查看來源圖片where you’ll be safe, and sound, forever!!!  Photo from online

Returnd you, to that, safe place, the only place I can think of, is heaven, but, there’s no heaven, on the surface of, this god damn, FUCKING planet (yeah, feel free to take just, one MORE offense, P-L-A-N-E-T!!!).  Returned you, to that, safe place, I don’t know how, I’d, lost sight of that, safe place too, been tryin’, to find it back, but never could, quite reach it for some, unknown, reasons here…

Returned you, to that, safe place, as they lay you down, inside, that infant sized coffin, it’d, suddenly, dawned on me, that the safest place that life has to offer, is, D-E-A-T-H…

Well child, you are now, forever safe, and sound, in death’s arms, and, although, this wasn’t how I would’ve, wanted it, but, fate had, destined it that way, and I’m, totally done here, fighting, arguing with fate, ‘cuz I know, I will, NEVER win, so, I’d, stopped, playing this game already………

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Translating You

On deciphering the meanings of life, of death, of loss, thoughts from the wilderness, translated…

Reciting to the lavenders, the violets, you’d, weighed the translations, the aromas together.  Taking in the stanzas of Elizabeth Bishop, as well as the season of rain within your mind.  You’re, grinding down a word, a punctuation mark, severing off the stanzas, at where it’s, most, merciful.  Bishop is, in another world, just like you now, your hair’s, not completely, white yet.  You’d, watched the world closely, hearing the calls from the stars, you are like a ball, rolling between various, signs, at the foot of the rhymes, you’d, planted down the lotuses.  You’d, conversed with Bishop, about a piece of leaf, a petal of, flower.  The night skies that spun around, on that pasture of the poetic stanzas and verses, as those tiny insects, ants, grasshoppers, busied themselves about their tiny days, among the grasses, the flowers too.  You thought about, how to pass down the inherited dreams from the leaves.  In the midnight hours, a heart underneath Orion, dropped right down, into the classrooms, with that butterfly, fluttering its wings, and the very next second, you too, flew, into, an alternative, world.

And so, this, is how someone remembers someone who’s already gone, with the verses, the narrator lost someone s/he loved, and, is reminded of the person everywhere s/he goes, and, all the narrator could do, is to, keep the individual s/he lost, in mind, to not allow her/him to, get away, so the narrator forgets her/him eventually.

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The Regression of Dreams

How dreams, regressed, you’d, started, dreaming of your futures, of what they might hold, of everything you’ll, NEVER be, when you grow up, and then, you grow, up!

Then, you’d, started, dreaming of the present, getting chased down by those, deadlines you can’t even make, all the bills, piling up, from floor, to ceiling, that you failed to make, and there’s, that final notice on your property, the one that the bank threatened, to repossess, so you no longer, owed them the money?

查看來源圖片like this???  Only, without the bright lights…image from online

And, you’d, dreamed of, those childhood years, of beautiful moments, those wonderful parents you believed you could’ve have, because, you’d done, nothing wrong, or bad, you were, a young child for crying out loud, but that actually, NEVER happened, because, instead of loving you as you were, your parents they’d, mistreated you, abused, and neglected you, brutalized you, and, they set up these, high expectations, you can’t, even come close to, reaching………

And, you would, wake up, each and every single night, feeling scared, like that kid who’d had, yet another, night terror, but, no matter how you’d, wrecked your brains, you just, can’t recall, what it was that you just, awakened from, that’s, scared the, SHIT out of you.

Welcome to H-E-L-L, honey!!!

And that would be, how those dreams, they’d, regressed, and, there’s still, NO way out for ya, ‘cuz you deserved, to get, TRAPPED by your own, FUCKED up childhood nightmares………

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He’d Nagged Someone, and Got Scolded, He’d Lost it, Used a Pair of Sharpened Scissors, Stabbed Two People Repeatedly

Lost it, so suddenly, and, there must’ve been, something else that’s, going on in the man’s mind, for him, to react so violently toward someone telling him to shush!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A homeless man, Lin early yesterday morn got into a fight with Shue who was out having a midnight snack with his three other friends, he was suspected of physically assault the four men with a scissors, he’d, stabbed two people in the neck, shoulders, and the two victims were not in life-threatening danger after being taken to the hospitals.  As the police rushed over and arrested Lin, they’d found that he’d, ranted incessantly toward the group of four, and the four men told him to stop it, it’d, angered him, which was why he’d, attacked them.  He was charged with attempted murder, sent to the D.A.’s office for processing.

The police investigated, that at around six in the morn yesterday, Lin (age 35) was passing by a famous local porridge shop around Zili Second Road and Mingxing Street.  The man, Shue (age 31), his friends, Chang, Liu, along with a Thai woman were in the shop having their midnight snacks, Lin started ranting incessantly toward the group, Shue was displeased how Lin had, interrupted his meal, called out, “Can you keep it quieter?”

Lin left shortly then returned, pulled out a sharpened scissors, started attacking Shue; Liu witnessed his friend getting attacked, and, he’d, attempted to stop Lin, but he was also, injured in the process.

Both men sustained injuries in their shoulders, and neck, and were both covered in blood, fallen down on the side of the road, started crying out in pain, but they’re not in life-threatening danger after being rushed to the hospital.

As the police arrived, Lin stood close by silently, and didn’t fight as the police arrested him, and, answered all of the police’s inquiries, but he seemed, in a daze, in the investigations, he’d started, mumbling to himself, said things that aren’t, related to the case.

Based off of understanding, Lin was unemployed, hadn’t returned back home to Pingdong for many years, lived on the streets, got into troubles with the laws from before, and this time, he’d, caused the blood to get spilled right before the New Year’s.

And so, this man may have a history of mental illness, and, that was why, he’d, reacted so violently, toward the men who’d told him to keep it down, and this still just showed, how unsafe the streets can be, you can be just, minding your own businesses, and you get, attacked and injured.

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