What I Excelled in

The blessings of having children here, translated…

I’d, listened in on the conversations of my children, my nine-year-old eldest daughter asked her younger brother, “in the first and second grades, I’d received a total of seven certificates, how many do you think you are able to get?”  Her younger brother said, in a, barely audible voice, “I don’t think…I will……get any!”, I’d felt heartache for him.

Surely, my eldest wasn’t’ just, academically excellent, she was the head of her class, a model student, and received numerous awards in the competitions, and comparing, her quiet, shy, average younger brother had, paled, by comparison.  And so, I’d, lowered the standards for my second child, that so long as he can write the Chinese phonetics legibly, or make the corrections as he’d caught them, then, he would receive, my “praises gift pack”.  But at this, my eldest got jealous, “Mom, you’d given him such easy tasks!”, and surely, teaching different children, using different methods is, nothing easy.

查看來源圖片what the kid is good at, and this, is more than good enough!  Photo from online…

Naturally, my son has, many other better qualities, for instance, he is, easygoing, would hug and kiss mom on his own, and, when we’d played games, he’d, let me win, he was, a warmhearted little boy, I suppose.  And, although, all of these better qualities of his, doesn’t get him the certificates of achievement, so long as it makes him like himself, that would, be more than enough.

Once I’d taken the advantage of the two of us being alone, I’d asked him, “do you think you’re awesome?”, as he’d nodded, I’d, felt relieved, and became curious, “How so?”, I’d inquired.  Without any hesitation, he’d replied, “in loving mommy!”, then suddenly, I got that wake up call.  I’d been this, mom who’d felt she had a ton of love to give, turned out, I was, the one being, loved dearly.  Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, my son is, AWESOME!!!

And so, the mother worried too much, she thought, that her younger son would feel bad, paled by comparison to his older sister in school, but, he actually, has a great level of self-confidence, because he knew how to, show and give the love he has for others!









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The Case of the Two-Year-Old Starvation Death, the Mother Was Suspected of Not Feeding Him for Three Days at a Time

Here comes, the follow-up, from yesterday, and the charge is, NEGLIGENCE HOMICIDE, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The two-year-old boy, was found, starved to death, like a child in a refugee camp in an apartment in Taipei yesterday, the birthmother, Lin told the police yesterday when they’d called her in, that she’d given her son to her older bro..ther to look after, and said that her mother gave birth to a total of five children, and two of them died.  The investigators felt greatly impacted, and they sent Lin and her cohabiting boyfriend into the D.A.’s office on death by abandonment charges.

The police investigated, that Lin was registered as a seriously handicapped individual, looked younger than her age, works in a bar in Zhongshan District in Taipei.  She’s very young, and yet, had given birth out of wedlock, was a mother of two, the daughter she had was born prematurely last August, and died after seventy-one days, the two-and-a-half year old young boy was developmentally delayed, and was originally taken care of by Lin’s mother and aunt in Chiayi.

what it looked like…查看來源圖片photo from online

The child’s uncle went up north to find a job, and took the child to Taipei too, and, lived with Lin and her cohabiting boyfriend.  The three adult and the child were, cramped into a very small space, normally, Lin had, tossed the bread her boyfriend couldn’t finish as food for her own young son, and whenever the child started crying, he was, locked inside the bathrooms, she’d shown no care or concerns toward her own young son, the child went hungry for three whole days at a time.

Lin claimed, that her son didn’t have a good appetite as is, and had always been very thin, she’d asked her older brother to care for him, but, he’d stolen $8,000N.T. from them, and got away.  As she’d arrived home from work two days ago, she’d found her son stopped breathing, she’d not known how to handle it, she’d called the owner of the bar where she’d worked for help, and, then, went out to eat with her boyfriend, and didn’t call it in until early in the evening.

查看來源圖片like, this???  Grueling, isn’t it???  Photo from online…

The police reviewed over the surveillance and found, that two mornings ago, Lin returned home with her boyfriend after playing at the arcades, and they’d suspected that she was, trying to evade her responsibilities by blaming her older brother for not watching her son well enough, and the police will call her older brother, and her mother in for questioning too.

The police examined the scenes, and found the two-year-old with nothing on him, his limbs were, rigid, he was, curled up, like a fetus in the womb, and he was, DEAD, inside the bathrooms on the floor, with urine and feces all over his body, he weighed about only six kilograms.  After the D.A. checked, they’d found the boy clearly, malnourished, and in order to clarify if there were, external forces that may have caused him to die, an autopsy will be conducted soon.

The paramedics who’d come to the calls sighed, that this sort of tragedies is still happening here in Taiwan.  The lieutenant of the fire department posted, “Looking at how you were lying in the bathrooms, curled up, like you don’t want to get out of bed, you must feel very cold, without any covers on you, don’t blame your mother, she’s, just, way too young” and he’d, bought a box of cookies as offerings to the dead, hoping, the child’s soul can find peace, and can find a better family to be born in the next time around.

Yeah uh, the mother was, WAY too irresponsible, way too young, and, she’d not fed her own young child for THREE whole days, and, the woman should be charged with NEGLIGENCE HOMICIDE, and should NEVER be allowed to have ANY MORE children, but, the sad thing is, she would probably only get that slap on her wrist, for “murdering” her own young son.

This is still, currently happening, just so you all know………

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Emotional Difficulties, Thoughts from the Wild Side

The results, if you don’t deal with your own griefs properly, translated…

The moonlight returned from its archaeological dig, with the windows and buildings, all over it………rest peacefully, nightingale, like what, it can’t make you, into something else.  The happiness we feel, was merely, an accidental, run-in, a small car wreck………rest in peace, nightingale.  You had, the accidental insurances, hadn’t you?  Safe passage home was only, the ashes, from going towards death, it can’t make the burning incense happy.  Treat your grief kindly, and if you don’t grieve over it, you’d, neglected it.

查看來源圖片like this???  Photo from online…

So, this, is on how someone chose to ignore the losses in her/his own life, and, it’ll end up, damaging the individual, along with screwing over ALL the relationships the individual has, with everything outside of her/his physical presence, the importance of fully grieving, for something you’d loved dearly, and lost.

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Her Daughter-in-Law Became a Stranger to Her, the Elderly Woman Gave All of Her Inheritance to the Insurance Agent

Because the insurance agents were, way much, kinder, showed more cares and concerns toward this elderly woman, than her own daughter-in-law, which is why she’d, left them with all of her assets, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

After Her Only Son Died, Her Daughter-in-Law Severed Off the Ties with Her, the Insurance Agents were Named as Inheritors, and Got Sued, but the Video Showed that the Cares & Concerns Shown, Beats Out the Relationships of Blood

An Elderly Woman, Liu in Taipei, Toward the End of Her Life Lived in a Nursing Home, Because Her Daughter-in-Law NEVER Showed an Inkling of Care or Concern Toward Her, Before She Passed, She’d Given the $16 Million N.T.s in Saving to the Insurance Agents Who’d Visited Her in the Nursing Home Often, and Brought Her What She’d Needed; Her Daughter-in-Law was Angered and SUED the Couple; Her Daughter-in-Law Sued the Husband, Wang, for Fraud and Forgery, but the Taipei D.A.’s Office Investigated and Fou8nd, that the Elderly Woman, When She’d Written Down Her Last Will, She’d Kept a Video Recording as Records, and There was a Notary Public Present and Found Wang Not Guilty.

Based off of understanding, this elderly woman in her eighties, Liu didn’t get along with her daughter-in-law, after her only son died, the mother and daughter-in-law stopped engaging in contact with one another; she’d moved into the nursing home to live on her own; the daughter-in-law originally believed, that she would get the inheritances, but, she didn’t realize, that her mother-in-law already, made other arrangements, and now, she’d felt, really regrettable.

The D.A. investigated and found, that in her earlier years, Liu had put money into a life insurance policy, and, became friends with the female agent who’d helped her with the processing of the paperwork, the two had been keeping up rapport over the years, and became, friends in life, even the female agent’s husband Wang too, became a good friend of hers.  As the couple saw how bad Liu’s life turned during her elderly years, they’d gone to the nursing home to visit with her often, and they’d even made arrangements for her funeral after she dies too.

Last June ,because Liu was on the edge of death, the nursing home called up her daughter-in-law to come see her one last time, but she’d not shown up, until three days after Liu passed, did the daughter-in-law, show up, to collect her mother-in-law’s belongings.  And whilst she was sorting through the records, she’d found that her mother-in-law’s savings account was drained dry, believed that Wang had taken the records and the stamp that was her mother-in-law’s, and robbed her, she’d sued Wang for theft, forgery, fraud, and other charges.

Wang denied having stolen money from the elderly woman, claimed that it was an inheritance from Liu to him, that as he’d made the withdraws of the amounts, he’d gotten the okay from Liu, and, provided the recordings of Liu’s going to the notary public to give him and his wife all her assets, proved that Liu had set it all up while she was still capable of making the decisions, that it was, of her own, free will.

As the D.A. reviewed over the tapes, they’ found, that on the day that Liu went to the notary public, she was in high spirits, and clearly stated, that she’d wanted the couple, the Wangs, to have everything that she’d owned; the district attorneys believed that Wang didn’t commit any crimes, and not pressed the charges against him.

And so, what makes you think, that you can get a share of your mother-in-law’s money, if you’d, dumped her into a nursing home, and not shown any cares or concerns toward her, huh?  And, this, is one more case of how a member of the younger generations thought, that she could still get a CHUNK of the assets, if she’d not, done what was right by her mother-in-law, but she thought wrong, because the elderly woman was, intelligent enough, to have everything on tape!

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The Twin Younger Brother of the Man Forcibly Kissed His Four-Year-Old Girl Neighbor, Was Sued

Adults behaving BADLY here again, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The man Tang this September was suspected of bear-hugging and kissing his neighbor’s four-year-old daughter, he claimed that the child was too cute to resist, he couldn’t help it, but kissed her on the cheeks, denied having kissed her lips, but the Shihlin District Courts based off of the surveillance footage which confirmed that he had, kissed the young girl’s lips FOUR times, he was charged with forced molestations.

The older brother of Tang (age 33), is a member of the legislative board of the government, both brothers were educated outside the systems, the younger brother is famed for his learning methods of self-teaching.

On the evening of September 19th at around six, Tang took along his own three-year-old son to the temple in Danshui to play, as his son was interacting with the neighbor’s four-year-old daughter, Tang was suspected of forcibly kissing the four-year-old girl in front of his own son.

The child told her mother, “I was carried up, and kissed on the lips, it’s so scary…”, my mother felt that it wasn’t something simple, she’d asked for the surveillance footage of the area around the local temple to see, and found, that in the four short minutes, her daughter was kissed on the lips four times in just four short minutes, and each and every time she was kissed, she’d, wiped her mouth clean.

The child’s father posted on the neighborhood watch FB page, to warn the rest of the neighbors, and, Tang left a message, said that he’d only, wanted to play with the young child, that he didn’t intend any harm, that he’d failed to realize that he’d been, improper with her, but the parents still notified the police.

Tang claimed, that he saw how cute the young girl was, and couldn’t help it, held her up, and kissed her cheeks.  But the surveillance showed, that as Tang bearhugged the young child, and forced himself onto her, and after he’d put her down, he’d, wandered around her, then, carried her up, to kiss her again, the last time, the child’s mother made the noises, to stop him from it.

And so, this loser’s intents were, very clear, don’t you think, he’d wanted to, hurt the child, by making the impasses on her, and he’d attempted to, weasel out of getting arrested by stating how he thought she was so cute, and just, wanted to play with her?  Yeah, uh, nobody’s buying that!


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You’re Pigheaded, Because That is What They’d, Called You

A what-not-to-do in teaching your young, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

One day as school lets out, I was at the bus stop, when I heard a mom grilling her son, “you PIG, you can’t do anything, you can only, fool around!”

The son rebutted, “it’s because there’s NOTHING I CAN do, that is why, I fool around!”

Hearing their conversations, it’d, made me sad, because for children who are, fooling around, their faces are in all smiles, but, tears are, falling inside, everybody wanted to gain acceptance and friendships from others, and, making fun of oneself, is the last resort.  We should, empathize with children like this, and NOT grill him.

The researches found, that most people in growing up, had been neglected: perhaps it’s the grades, the family backgrounds, or not having the good looks……they’re, no good, and, everybody is, focusing on someone else, not her/him.  And so, in order to get the attentions of the classmates or the teachers, the children started, fooling around.

And so, this mother should, find out what her son excels at, and help him bring that out, and once, he’d built up his self-confidence, he would have, no need, to fool around anymore.  But if she couldn’t, that’s okay, there’s, NO roads less traveled in life.  There were, several famous columnists in their memoir, they’d told, that because they were, joking around, that was how they’d, become, humor writers.

The column on UDN written by Art Buchwald, was a case.  He grew up in an orphanage, and, couldn’t, compare to the rest of his classmates, with parents, even the clothes he’d worn were, hand-me-downs, he’d refused the pities from others, and so, he’d, taken the preemptive strike, before someone starts to make fun at him, he’d started, making fun at himself.

Another man was David Barry.  Back in his middle school tears, he’d not done well in his academics, nor was he good in a sports, wanted to play basketball, he wasn’t, tall enough, football, he wasn’t, built up strong enough, he couldn’t do anything, and can only, be the class clown, to get the girls’ attention.  Every time someone laughed at his jokes, he’d bled inside his heart, hated that he couldn’t, do anything, that he was, a good for nothing.  As he’d become famous, once at a T.V. interview, he’d, blurted out what he was really feeling inside, “Now, I no longer have to, make fun of myself, to get the world’s attention.”

The true confidence came from the long-term affirmations from your peers, not how we were trained, by the earliest versions of the counseling booklets, “waking up in the morn, go to the mirrors, say to yourself: I’m the best, three times!”, that would be, self-deceiving, a sort of a bluffing, after it gets burst, the damages will surely become, greater.  The adolescents define themselves based off of the reflections in their parents, their teachers, and their peers’ eyes, and so, this is the time, when the adults’ attitudes are, the most important.

A mother told that her son told her, that the teacher always complained to the class, on how the principal wasn’t fair, that he’d, given the worst class in the school to her to teach.  As her son took it in, time after time after time, he’d started, believing that he wasn’t, as good as the other students in the other classes.  She’d asked the professionals what to do?

I really don’t know, it seemed, that the only way was, to transfer the son out of the class, or, get him into another school, because the experiment of self-fulfillment in the sixties showed, that if you call the children pigheaded every single day, they will become, pigheaded.  So, there’s, a British idiom of, “the parents’ attitudes define the children’s destinies”.  As children are young, they can become whoever they want to be, and, it’s our hands, that, shaped them into, who they ended up as.

If every single negative word, required four positive words to delete its, effects, how can we keep on, calling our children pigheaded, and not expect them to turn into, pigheaded people?

And so, this, should serve as a WARNING, for all of you, parents out there, who’d, ever called your children a bad name, even if it was playful, something carelessly spoken, children will, take it to heart, because that, is how sensitive they are when they were, younger, and they needed you, and, you’re the ones deciding, to HAVE them, so, ACT right, parents!!!







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He’d Driven Drunk SIX Times in a Period of a Decade, He Received Probation from the Beginning, to Now, a Heavy Sentence

The judge should’ve ORDERED his driver’s license, REVOKED, to prevent him from being a danger to himself, AND the rest of the public too, but it’d, taken him so many “tries”, to finally, receive the RIGHT punishment in SEVERITY that he deserved!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A painter/decorator, Chen in a decade’s time, had drunk and driven multiple times, and his punishments went from probation to eight months’ sentence in prison, after FIVE arrests, he’d still not changed him bad behaviors, in August of this year, he was found, a SIXTH time for drunk driving, and this time, it’d, broken all the records of how intoxicated he was; the D.A. believed that he had no intentions of ever changing his behaviors, charged him with public endangerment, asked the judge to pass a severe sentence.

The D.A. and police investigated, that Chen (age 49) was arrested back in 2008 for the very first time for drunk driving, because it was his first offense, he’d only received probation for it; in May of 2012, the police arrested him again, he was sentenced to two months, and he can pay a $60,000N.T. fine to skip out from serving the time.

like, this???  Photo from online查看來源圖片

In June of 2014, Chen was caught, for a third time, not only did he refuse to take the breathalyzer test, as he tried to get away from the police, he’d, injured a woman, Chang, he was sentenced to four months, and seven months for both charges.  A month later, he’d driven drunk, a FOURTH time, with the previous drunk-driving, the getting away, the judge sentenced him to serve a year two months total.

Last November, Chen was found, for the FIFTH time, getting behind the wheels, drunk, the judge criticized how he thought he wouldn’t get caught, after the previous times of getting charged with public endangerment, he’d already had his license revoked, and he’d still, gotten behind the wheels, drunk, with a total disregard of the safety of others on the road, gave him EIGIHT months.  But, before Chen began to serve his time in jail for it, in this August, he’d, gotten drunk, and rode out on his scooter, and, the police arrested him close to his home.

And so, this, is NOT an isolated incident for this man, and maybe, because the punishment from the judges from before wasn’t severe enough, he thought he could, get away with drunk driving repeatedly, and this time, the judge came down hard on him, and hopefully, he will, NEVER get his motor vehicle operating license back again ever!

We need to keep these dangerous people OFF our roads here, don’t you think???








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