A Grain of Wheat, Fallen, into the Fields

Commentaries on how N.T.U.’s original president “went missing” from the graduation ceremonies, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A week had passed, since the N.T.U. graduation ceremonies, and yet, the live footages are still being, streamed online. The interim president, Kuo said that N.T.U. is in the midst of a major crisis, the students reacted very strongly, they’d all used their cell phones, and posted, “Give us back the president of our school”. The graduates at the ceremonies all felt this thrilling and shrilling atmosphere, and, a group of members from online all voiced their opinions on the matter as well.

Most of the graduation ceremonies were normally, very loud when it was being hosted, and after they were over, the noises usually, died. But the N.T.U. graduations this year that’s caused that alarming sense of threat, “the absentee president”, was something worth noting. This was a never-before-seen “echo effect”, the N.T.U. students would be carrying the memories of losing their school president, into whatever fields they choose to work in for the futures, like it’d stated in the Bible: a single grain of wheat, fallen into the fields, and, many were, born from it.

The incident of removal of the president of N.T.U. caused the post of president, as well as the head of the Department of Education to continue to be, unfilled, and, the pleas, along with the amendments to change the constitution, heaven only knows how long this will last, and Wu, who was only “fulfilling his orders from high up” is now, faced with the investigations. This is, considered, a weird scene, in the higher education field in not just Taiwan, but also, the world too.

And this still just showed, how impotent this current government is, and, it’d caused anguish in and out of the country, and the ones to blame, is the Democratic Progressive Party, as they were the ones, who’d, started this whole thing of removing ALL who don’t agree with them on policies.

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He’d Performed a Song He Wrote, the Visually Impaired Graduate Moved Everybody

He’d, overcome his impairments, and stood up on that stage, and performed his songs! From the Newspapers, translated…

Lee, who’d studied in the Taipei School for the Visually Impaired, received the Presidential Education Award this year, his sight declined steadily, as he got older, he majored in vocal, and minored in piano, used the braille sheet music, his own hearing, to learn music, and, became outstanding, competing with the regular students, managed to get accepted into Taipei Arts University’s music major. Yesterday was the graduation ceremony of the Taipei School for the Visually Impaired, he’d performed a song he wrote and penned the lyrics for, it’d made all who were in attendance cry.

here’s a photo of the young man, from online…啟明學校的李昌勳昨日畢業了,今年獲選總統教育獎的他,靠點字譜、聽力苦練琴藝,考上...

When Lee was born, there were the problems of the pigmentation of his visual neural network, which caused him to become lightly visually impaired, in the fifth grade, he’d started reading with a magnifying glass, and, as he entered into middle school, the rate of his eye sight deterioration exacerbated. Although he was losing his sight slowly, and bit by bit, he still carried that positive attitude in his own life. In his three years of high school, he’d not only gotten certified as a massage therapist, the street performer, he’d also won many awards in the speeches, the musical competitions as well.

Yesterday was the graduation ceremonies, Lee went on stage with his friends, to sing the graduation song for all, “Written, on the Eve of Graduation”, which took him a month in the past year to write the lyrics, the music for, it’d showed the sorrows of the visually impaired students, and, a lot of those who were present cried as he’d performed the piece.

This, is an amazing tale, of how this young man, refusing to get defeated by his handicap, strived for excellence, worked toward the goals he’d set for himself, and, achieved a great thing for himself, and this still showed, how when one door slams in your face, you just have to keep on looking, pushing at, all other doors, until you find one that’s, unlocked, and you can, pass through.

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The Bus Driver Who Spoke Multiple Dialects

The ins and outs of the world here, translated…

It’s a good thing, that I don’t know how to drive, one of the perks being, becoming an “Expert Bus-Rider”.

When I received an invitation to teach, so long as I’m able to get there by public transportation, I’d signed on. Because, isn’t this, the dream “work-vacate program”? Being paid, and getting the opportunities to venture out, I’m so happy!

illustration from the papers online…圖/朱靜容

I’d carried the mindset of journeying, and so, as I planned out the routes, I’d, found the passages that has beautiful sights for me to see, the roads without that much traffic. For instance, from Taichung to Guguan, I can pass through the city of Fengyuan, into Dongshi, but I’d enjoyed the route that took me pass the New Sheshan Community, then turned toward Dongshi.

This path, so long as it’s not the flower seasons, it’d usually, quiet. And, as I rode to the mountain passes, with a bit altitude, my eyes were satisfied, so was, my nose, and even my ears, got their share of enjoyments as well. The bus slowly around the path, the echoes of the engine resonated all around, so, I’d not enjoyed the sounds of nature, but instead, the conversations of the driver and the passengers.

I got on in the metropolis of Taichung, the driver greeted the serviceman in Mandarin; as the bus started climbing uphill in Shinshe, the driver chatted it up in Taiwanese with the elderly farmers; after the driver turned toward Dongshi, he’d started using the Hakka dialect, to greet the elderly woman who went shopping; and, as we’d turned over Tienlen, the driver greeted the elderly man in the native tongues.

This is, the variations of dialects I wouldn’t get the chance of experiencing, if I were, driving myself! It’s, a good thing, we have, the busses to ride on!

Because the bus pass throughout the various regions of the city, that is why, there are, the multiple dialects, which is why this driver must be, fluent in an assortment of tongues and dialects, and this added to the passengers’ enjoyment of taking the busses, seeing how the driver interacts with everybody who gets on and off the busses.

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Embrace, a Poem

Found off of a carton of milk tea I bought earlier, on the “collateral damage” of a marriage, translated, by me…

I’m No Longer Embracing

the Whereabouts of the Meanings

the Love for the Undesired

Had Led Us Toward the End

查看來源圖片see how this kid felt???  Photo from online…

to Where We Currently are

Our Child is Teething

Reaching for Empty, But Kept on, Crawling

to Hug on Tightly

to the Rest of Our Lives

查看來源圖片the child, SPLIT, down the middle, because we EACH get our “fair share” in the divorce???  Not my silhouette…

And so, as love is over, what’s left, is that innocent child the two of you had, come to share, so, what’ll, happen to her/him, now that mommy and daddy no longer loved each other, huh???






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When Their Daughter, Somehow, Ended up, in the Neighbor’s Pool…

And we all wondered, H-O-W, this could’ve, happened!

When their daughter, somehow, ended up, in the neighbor’s pool, well, someone WAS to blame, first, whoever that was last in the house, should’ve, CLOSED up that backdoor to their own yards, and, before that, the person needed to make sure, that the doors to the neighbor’s wasn’t easily accessed by a young child, and none of that happened.

Which led us to this current situation, of somehow, their daughter, ended up, in the neighbor’s pools! And, although it wasn’t, MURDER, it’s still, NEGLIGENCE homicide, due to the god DAMN parents’ lack of enough attention on their young, NOT locking the doors to the backyard, NOT latching up that gate connecting their backyard to the neighbors, and yet, we can’t, blame these, DISTRAUGHT parents, they’d, lost their baby, and, that should be, PUNISHMENT enough for them, right??? WRONG!

like this, perhaps???  Photo from online…查看來源圖片

A LIFE is lost, due to your, GOD DAMN adult carelessness, and now, you’re, MOURNING for that DEAD child in your loving arms? You have GOT to be shitting me here, and yeah, my heart (if I had one!!!) goes OUT to the families who’d EVER lost a young baby to NEGLECT…

Negligence HOMICIDE is what I call this “scenario”…

Or, maybe, we SHOULD blame that NEIGHBOR, for NOT posting a DANGER: pool filled with WATER in the BACKYARD sign? Yeah, that’ll, do it, it wasn’t OUR faults, we were, GOOD parents to our babies!






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She’d Encountered TWO Horrid Lovers, Last Year Her Car Was Torched, This Year, the Man Set Fire to Her Home

The patterns, still, not yet detected, by this woman, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

At the start of last year, a woman, Liao broke up with her ex, Hou, Hou called someone, to commit arson on Liao’s father’s van; she’d started dating Jiang, but the love was, over. Early yesterday morning, Jiang lit up the firecrackers, threw it into Liao’s kitchen, but thankfully, the fire was not started, six hours later, the police caught hi, charged him with public endangerment, and other charges.

The twenty-eight year-old Liao and her father (age 52) live together, and would drive out with her father in his van to sell the breads he’d baked, she had a ton of suitors. After breaking up with her ex, Hou two years ago in August, he was displeased about being dumped, at the start of last year, he’d had a teenager gone to Liao’s residence, committed arson, and destroyed her father’s van.

Starting in February this year, Liao started dating a skilled worker, Jiang (age 32, with priors in public endangerment), because she felt that they weren’t compatible, not longer after they’d started dating, she’d decided to end the relationship; Jiang had voiced his displease over this on FB and via communication app, and claimed that he was going to pour acid, recently, Liao’s back window was destroyed by an unknown person. Because she’d gotten scared by her exes, she’d installed three cameras outside.

Early yesterday morning, Jiang lit a firecracker, and threw it into the gas stove in Liao’s home, attempted to commit arson, the firecracker let out a huge noise, and caused smoke to rise, but the fire died out quickly after that, it’d not caused any disaster. The police chased the leads and found Jiang, he’d admitted that he’d committed arson, because he was unhappy he was, dumped by Liao.

Yeah, uh, one would be an incident, two’s a pattern, and this woman apparently, had the tendencies, to ATTRACT losers, and, these are, the bad breakups, that will, keep on happening in her life, if she doesn’t figure herself out!

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At the Terminal Station of Life: How My Mother Lived Out Her Final Years of Life

How this elderly chose, to live out the remains of her years, maintaining her own freedom of lifestyle of her choice, translated…

That day, my mother and I went to have our meal at the restaurant nearby the park, with the glass pane window, we saw a field of green, swaying in the wind, this breeze had, grazed across both our hearts. She’d told me of the goings-on of the nursing home, with that light smile on her face.

illustration from the papers online…圖/陳佳蕙

This was the third year since my mother started living at the assisted living center. After her second minor stroke, although she’d not become paralyzed, but she’d become, immobilized; and so, we’d, hired a home care nurse to watch over her during the daytime, and in the evenings, my sister-in-law would look after her. In no more than half a month, my mother who’d hated troubling others told us of her decision—she’s, moving into a nursing home.

Although we’d, contemplated on this, but, so soon, and she was the one, deciding on it, I’d felt bad over it. As she’d moved into the nursing home, I was in Berlin, in my online call with my older sister, I’d showed my displease, “What’s wrong with you? Mom’s not ill or bedridden, nor is she in a vegetative state, you guys had, lost patience with her already……”, my older sister tolerated my shouts of displease, and still, followed my mother’s wishes, placed her into assisted living.

About a month later when I’d returned back, I’d hurried off to visit my mother. The nursing home was no more than one kilometer from where my mother used to live, with huge space, the flowers planted, and, in the acres that belonged to the nursing home, there were, corn, and a few mulberry trees planted, there were, two one-story buildings, with the birds, raised in the cages next, with the rows of the chairs, available for resting. My mother did not lay in the three-bedroom suite to wait for me, instead, she’d set under the roof, waited for me in peace, she’d, looked a whole lot better, compared to before I left for my trip.

socializing with other elderly residents in the home…photo from online…查看來源圖片

“Why did you do this?”, I’d stated, still angry at her. Mom told me, “your sister-in-law is at work during the day, she’d needed to sacrifice her free time afterwork for me, and the nurse’s aide is only focused on her cell phone when she’s around, I’m better here! I have the around-the-clock caretaker, and the nursing staff too, the meals are nutritiously prepared, it’s way better compared to when I was at home alone, with no one I can talk to!” She’d told me of how she’d strolled daily as exercise, and how she’d, socialized with her classmates, no worries over anything, she’d felt very free and well.

Two years flew by, I’d not, said anything, and, as the relatives visit her there, they’d not come back, and scolded us for not fulfilling our filial piety duties, especially when she’d no longer needed her cane to walk, how her face glowed, the elders all said she’d, looked, healthier, she’d worked hard for her children, and her husband, and now, she can finally, relax, and enjoy her own life………

Mom told me, that the nursing staff cared a lot about her, and, she’d always shared with others in the home, the foods we’d, brought for her, and had helped picked out the vegetables to be prepared in the meals, and the staff member all praised and thanked her too, she didn’t have time to watch T.V. when she was younger, and now, she has a group of friends to watch the shows with her, her spirits are, lifted.

And, even as my mother’s health is improving, she’d not wanted to leave the home now, to live with us, she’d chosen a day on the weekends, to go to my younger brothers to visit with her grandchildren, and, I’d taken her out to dine on the weekdays, and my older sister would, come to accompany her from time to time, she felt, more than satisfied with the arrangements.

My older sister often told, that mom’s open attitude had allowed us not to burn on both ends, I’d not carried the grudge about it anymore, after all, it’s, my mother’s choice, she’d used her senses, and her kindness, made a perfect life in her elderly years for herself!

And, contrary to popular belief in traditional Asian societies, nursing homes are NOT a place unwanted elderly goes to live in, like for this elderly, it’s her own choice, she’d found her own independence, living in the assisted living homes, continued to stay active, socializing with others in her age group, and, there’s, NO better way to age than living out your elderly years, with ease!

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