Adopting Someone Else’s Bastard, Twelve Years Ago, Shocked His Own Mother…He Wasn’t Mine, I Was Just, Trying to Help a Friend Out

Yeah, it’s, a TOTAL surprise here all right!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The woman, Lin after her son passed away, she’d shockingly discovered, that she’d had an “extra grandson” with the last name of “Huang”, after she’d asked around, she’d found, that it was from her son, “helping someone out”, that he’d, adopted him before he’d died; she’d fought for the adoption to become invalid, the courts used the facts of “the blood tests don’t match for the great uncle and grandson”, and mandated that it wasn’t, a valid adoption, and severed the relationship of grandparent and grandson.

The Taoyuan District Court investigated, that the 67-year-old Lin who took her husband’s last name, a year after her single son died, found that there was an extra twelve-year-old “grandson” on the household registry, because she’d never heard her son spoken of having a girlfriend, or that he’d had an illegitimate child, and the son’s last name was “Lin”, and the grandson’s was “Huang”, she’d felt that it was, awkward.

After Lin prodded around with her son’s friends, she’d found, that the teen was from her son’s helping a female friend, Huang out, adopted her son out of wedlock, and because Lin never knew of this “daughter-in-law”, the two of them never even met, and Lin stated how the existence of her grandson would affect her right to inherit, and filed for a void of the adoption, based on the fact, that they weren’t related by blood at all.

During the court hearing, Huang admitted, that her son’s father was another man, that back then, because she couldn’t tell her own family the truth, that was why she’d asked Lin to adopt her son, the problem that happened, was the least from her expectations, she was willing, to resolve the matter, and testify, that the son wasn’t Lin’s blood, that he wasn’t Lin’s grandchild.

The judge thought, that the grandmother and grandson weren’t related by blood, and because Lin’s son was an only child, unwed, without any children, there was, NO way to check for D.N.A. with Lin’s children, later on, they were able to find the son’s uncle to do a blood test; and from the DNA samples, the blood types don’t match up, that it wasn’t Lin’s blood, and the courts mandated it wasn’t, a legalized adoption.

So, this man, was only helping a friend out, not realizing, that his actions of being helpful was going to cause this sort of an event after he’d died, and, the mother was fighting, on the front of money’s sake, because, she didn’t want to share her son’s inheritance with anybody who’s NOT related by blood to the family!

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Police Officers Forced the Parolee to Entice Adolescents to Use Drugs, for the Sake of Making Their Quotas

The police who were SUPPOSED to make sure the rules are followed, because they need to MAKE their arrestment quota, did this!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Xinyi Police Substation’s detectives, Chu, Fu, were suspected of making the quotas for arrests for drug abuse, they’d forced the drug parolees to frame the drugs to the adolescents, and told the adolescents, “Take bigger puffs, for it to show up on the scans”, causing the youths to be taken into police custody; the Taoyuan District Attorney’s Offices asked the courts to take officer Fu into custody.

The Xinyi Substation pointed out, because they’d found the officers having done something illegally internally, they’d worked hard, to get to the truth with the office of Internal Affairs, and found that Fu had, broken the law, on August 22nd, all the evidences were turned over to the D.A.’s office,, the Xinyi Substation stated clearly, that they would not, cover the actions of their officers, that if the officers in the station engaged in criminal activities, they will be charged.

Chu, because he was suspected of running a gambling ring, and attempted to destroy his opponents, last week he was taken into police custody, and was already, suspended by the Xinyi Substation already.

The Taoyuan District Attorney’s Office investigated, that during April, Chu, and Fu lied about they were working for the D.A.s Office, threatened Lin, the parolee, to find two youths, and framed them for possessions of illegal substances, and that if Lin didn’t comply, they were to, withdraw his requests for parole, Lin was worried he may be imprisoned, so he’d, complied.

Chu, and Fu gave the level three substance, ketamine with unknown source to Lin, the parolee, to entice youths to use, and demanded that Lin tell the youths to “take a bigger puff”, otherwise, it wouldn’t show.

Lion couldn’t find the two adolescents, he was able to find one fifteen-year-old, Huang from Hsinbei city, and enticed him to use, and the two detectives immediately showed up, and busted him.

As the Taoyuan District Attorney’s Office’s investigator, Chu was looking into the gun framing case, he’d heard of this “drug framing case”, and the D.A., Wu yesterday led a team, to search the Xinyi Police substation, as well as Fu’s residence.

Fu denied having framed the drugs on the adolescent, claimed that he’d arrested Lin from before, that Lin had, framed him.  But the parolee, Lin testified, that the two officers framed the illegal substances, claimed that he’d feared the consequences, that was why he’d, complied, and later on, he’d learned that the D.A. didn’t make the deal of paroling him, that was when he’d learned he’d been tricked, the youth also claimed, that Lin had, enticed him to abuse the substances, and said, that “they were the two officers who’d arrested me for it.”

The D.A. believed, that Fu was covered by the officers, and seduced the youth to use and abuse the illegal substances, and has the flight risks, in the evenings, asked the courts to take him into custody.

So, this, is how officers can go bad, they were supposed to be, enforcer of the law, but, they couldn’t make their arrest quotas, so they’d, thought up of this, elaborate scheme, to get a parolee to work for them, to entice youths to use and abuse substances, and, they were, RIGHT there, to make an arrest when it’d happened, and this just showed, how people are going to be willing to, do ANYTHING, to make a quota, for money, or for some OTHER reasons too!

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A Man Faked His Status as a “Hottie” to Scam Women from China, But No Woman Fell for Him

Thankfully, the police were here, before ANY of these ladies too desperate for love actually fell for these LOSERS!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

Five ordinary looking men, found the photos of good looking men, and used them on a friendship website in China, claimed that they’re managers in the company, Sharp, and some other name brands, and met women in China, then, they’d, used the excuse of needing emergency cash, to get the ladies to wire the funds to them; but, in the close-to-a-hundred ladies they’d hit on, none fell for it.  The Detective Squad in Taichung arrested the scam artists a while ago, and charged all five men for fraud, and other charges, the D.A. asked the judge to place the primary suspects, Huang, and Jiang into custody, which the judge allowed for.

people can pose like this, not my photo…

The Detective Squad found, that Huang (age 36) called out to the twenty-six year-old Jiang, the twenty-eight year-old Fu, and the thirty-two year old Wu, to set up the scam ring, through the photos cropped from online, they’d scanned them onto their I.D. cards, and posted the pictures onto the three known dating sites from China, zoomed in on the women who are desperate for love, who were, looking for something stable, who are already established.

The law enforcement officials found, that Huang and members of his scam group claimed that they were managers from the well-known corporations, and used the fake I.D.s to gain the women’s trust.  The five men normally stayed inside their apartment rental suite and played online games, but they’d, selected the good looking ladies from China as targets.

when in TRUTH, this, is what they looked like, photo from online…

Based off of investigations, Huang had set up a manual to pick up ladies, started in June, he’d told the members of his group to find twenty women from China to connect with each, and, the men had carried on in conversation with the ladies for over two months, and started referring to one another as hubby or honey.  The five men had asked the ladies from China for money, told the women that they were being transferred to another country, that they may never see them again, if they couldn’t make the payments, and asked these women to wire $100,000RMBS (about $450,000N.T.s) to the accounts, and one woman, nicknamed “Si” was about to start wiring the funds, gladly, the police had, put a stop to these men just in time.

The police pointed out, that the electronics confiscated from the men contained over hundreds of letters from the women they were scamming, including, “honey, where are you?” “I miss you”, “Why aren’t you writing me back?”, “Don’t you love me anymore?”

Yeah uh, are you ladies just, too stupid, or too desperate, it can be SATAN on the other end for crying out loud, and, you’d still, fallen easily for them, that just showed, how easily, these single, desperate women are made targets, but gladly, for this time (and this time ONLY!), the cops were able to STOP them in the midst of all of these SCAMS!  Wise UP, ladies!  And stop falling for ALL their SHITS, you are, way more intelligent, than they ALL are, you do realize that, don’t you???


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My Mother Became a Clingy Child, the Daycare Program Gave Me and Her Time Off from Each Other

As dementia progressed, from the Newspapers, translated…

My mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease since 2005, it’d been, over thirteen years now, and these years, it’d hit my older and younger brothers, and their families the hardest, during the daytime, they both worked, and at night, they’d needed to, care for mother, two years ago, I’d worked for twenty-five years, and was considering whether or not I should, retire.  Because my mother could no longer care for herself, acted like a child, soiled herself, and after careful considerations, I’d, sent in my resignation, and returned home, to be with my mother.

As I got home, mom became like a child every single day, clung tightly onto me.  Even it was just, for a bathroom break, she’d waited for me outside the doors, every time I’d gotten out of her sight, she’d started, looking for me constantly, and in after a month’s time, I’d become, too stressed out, too fatigued, and after a period of time, I just, couldn’t, take it any longer, I’d started looking online for help, and finally, I’d found the “Daycare facility” sponsored by the county government of Pingdong.

feels a lot better after a bath, doesn’t it???  Not my photo…

In the mornings, the pickup bus took my mother to class, and in the afternoons, the bus would, drop her off, allowing me to have my own time.  Every morning, after I’d, helped my mother groom herself, I’d fed her, then, waited for her, to get lifted to the daycare center.

I’d used the time that my mother was in daycare, to enrich myself, expecting, to return back to the workforce again, and, as the bus dropped my mother off in the afternoons, I’d prepared a snack for her.  Then, I’d, helped, bathe her, but, my mother would, dodge it, so, after the snacks, I’d allowed her to have some time to rest, so long as she’d wanted to go to the bathrooms, I’d, followed her into the bathrooms, run her a bath, helped her get cleaned, she’d fought me for it, and I’d lied to her, “You’re going to Taipei to a wedding, so you needed to get cleaned!”  And if she still fought, I’d told her, “On tomorrow’s wedding, you’re, walking the bride out, so, you’d needed to, smell good”, this happens, every single day.

My mother often fought to not take her medications too, I’d told my mother, that what I was administering to her was something that makes her brain clearer, so she can remember more and more, and I was able to, trick her into taking her meds.

helping you put some moisturizers on, so your skin won’t get too dry!  Not my photo…

My mother loved riding in busses, so, I’d taken her often on the busses and other public transportations, traveled all over the south, and because she couldn’t walk, we’d taken the cabs or the busses everywhere, and after I took her home, she’s always, in a good mood!

So, there’s, that need of LYING, coaxing the demented elderly into doing things s/he was supposed to, and, at this stage, this would be, the only way, to make sure the elderly gets cleaned up, and, this person used the tricks, to get her own mother to comply, and because the mother is progressing, the caretaking responsibilities, I imagine, would only, become more and more difficult.1

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The Very First Sail

破殼而出的鴨寶寶,首次出航了。動作生澀,賣力向前划去。 圖/張玉芸a baby duck, working hard, peddling away, photo from…

From watching the baby animals strike out for the very first time in their lives!  With a photo attached, translated…

The duckling that broke out of the shell, it’s, its, first swim.  It’d looked, awkward, worked hard, to peddle; its small, weak body, focused on, keeping that balance.  Deary, as you see this scene, were you, just as, moved as I was too?

Because it’s, so very, familiar.  In our separate lives, there may have been moments that we, peddle really hard, to try to, move away, to get through, the trials, of our own lives too.

So, this, is what the photographer got, from watching a duckling peddle hard, to swim, and, she’s right, there are, moments of difficulties in our lives, that we can only, just, peddle hard, to keep ourselves moving forward, because stopping is NEVER an option!

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When a Little Boy Gets Banned from School for Having His Hair Too Long…

Yeah, uh, whatever happened to, allowing our children, to EXPRESS themselves in their own ways, huh???  And, who was it again, that PREACHED about allowing our young children, to BE themselves???  This is a TRUE story, summarized, by me…

A four-year-old boy was forced out of school, because he wore his hair long, because the “rule” of the school, for boys who wanted to keep their hair long was that it must be cultural, or religious, but for this young child, it was, neither, which meant, that he couldn’t, possibly, keep his, long and beautiful, brown hair.

and here’s, a photo of that little boy who was, ostracized, for his long hair, photo courtesy of Houston…Jabez Oates, 4, has been told by his kindergarten school in Barber's Hill Independent School District that he cannot return unless  he cuts his long hair. Photo: Jessica Oates

 And this, is usually, what happens, in an educational institution that is, “run” by the books, they don’t allow the children have ANY forms of self-expressions, and this, is still in a PUBLIC school, imagine how much WORSE it will get, IN a private institution!!!

And, what are we, teaching these young children, about their freedoms of EXPRESSING themselves?  After all, it’s, THEIR rights, to express themselves, in the ways that they see fit, you DO realize that, don’t you???  I mean, it is, what FREEDOM of expression is, ALL about, you DO realize that, don’t you, adults???









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Helping My Friend Find Excuses to Leave During Her Blind Dates

Helping a friend out, to get her away, from that blind date that’s, not right for her, translated…

Time flew by, my best friend and I went from being younger, to the age of marrying, the two of us, started getting set up by our elders.  And yet, knowing, that the one we’re set up with, aren’t the ones we loved, we’d still, gone with what we were told, gone out with the men for just once on that blind date.

After several times, my best friends who’d become, totally, fatigued from it all, wouldn’t even spare the time for a meal anymore, and begged me, to rescue them all away, and I’d, taken the job of the emergency services responder willingly, given them excuses to leave in the midst of their blind dates.  We’d used two icons as our S.O.S., if she’d felt that the guys were simply, a bit, too boring, she’d sent me this dozing off icon, and a few minutes later, I’d called her up, told her that someone had, lost her purse at the restaurant, and asked her to help pay for the meals; and if the man was someone who got on her nerves, I’d gotten the icon of someone’s head on fire, and I’d needed to call her, to tell her that I’m in a car wreck.  I’d recalled how once I’d gotten, too much into it, I’d gotten so loud, that without the phones mic being on, the man she was on the blind date could hear, he’d even pressed her, “Go see your friend!”, my friend almost burst out laughing.

To this day, I’d lost my wallet for seven whole times, gotten into FOUR car crashes.  I’d truly hoped, that my best friend can, find the man she deserves, so I can, get out of this cycle too.

What you’re willing to do, for your friend, this showed how close these two ladies are to each other, the writer was willing, to go all OUT, to get her friend out of a boring, unfruitful blind date, as that, is what friends do, helping each other out.










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