The Mercy of Forgiveness…

Where’s THAT “located”, huh??? In, G-O-D’s arms, perhaps??? But, oh, wait a sec, there, IS no god, which naturally means??? Oh yeah, there is, NO forgiveness, anywhere to be F-O-U-N-D!

The mercy of forgiveness, it’s, on everybody’s wish list, because, who wouldn’t want to be, forgiven for something hurtful that s/he had done to another human being? To hear her/his “vic” say, “oh yeah, it’d hurt from before, but it doesn’t anymore, and I FORGIVE you!!!” But, it just, doesn’t happen that easily, or, if you ask me (and who asked Y-O-U!!!), it shouldn’t happen at A-L-L!

Because how the FUCK can you forgive someone, for MURDERING you, huh??? Especially when that FUCKING person still ain’t got NO clue (feel free to get those Bad Grammar Cops to ARREST me!!!), of WHAT s/he had, done to you, when you were, way too vulnerable, way too, weak, to FIGHT back?

The mercy of forgiveness, you can search it, until the ENDS of the world, the END of all times, and, you still won’t find it, ‘cuz the only way you’ll EVER be forgiven, is through cleansing down YOUR guilty conscience, and, that ain’t happenin’, as you will, always and forever, be GNAWED (that’s pronounced, “NAWED”???) by it, because that, is your D-E-B-T, and, you will, NEVER find a way, to PAY that up in FULL, as in, E-V-E-R!

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Outrageous! The Two Children Locked Inside the Bus Inside the Garage, They’d Climbed Out the Windows to Escape

This is, the CARELESS of the driver of the bus! From the Newspapers, translated…

Yesterday morning, there were two elementary age students from a private school in Keelung who’d boarded the nine-seat transportation bus not owned or operated by the school, as they’d arrived to school, they may have fallen asleep, and the driver was, negligent in not waking them up, he’d driven to the underground parking lots, and not discovered the two children, locked up the doors, then, left. The students’ parents accused the driver for being way too careless two consecutive times, and said, that thankfully, the windows weren’t closed, that was how their children were able to, climb back out, otherwise, nobody can foresee what may have happened to them.

查看來源圖片it was, originally, like this…photo from online….

A parent called a press conference, and said, that at seven in the morning yesterday, the two elementary school children, fourth and fifth graders, took the van to school, but later, the school teacher called them up, said that the students were, trapped inside the van, that was when the parents learned, that this sort of an outrageous thing had, occurred.

The parents said, that as the driver drove the students to school, he’d not called them to get off, that was, his first negligence, then, drove the van to the parking complex, and didn’t check, and just, locked up, and left, that was, the second neglect, and thankfully, the window was left open, the students said, that the doors were locked and they couldn’t, get out, they’d, managed, to climb out the window, “If everything WAS locked down, we can’t even begin to imagine the outcomes!”

and then, it became, like this…photo from online…查看來源圖片there’s that barely visible head, four rows back…photo from online…

He said, that this sort of a transportation system is way off, it’d, affected the psychological wellbeing of the students, getting locked up, inside a bus, surrounded by darkness.

The operator of the bus said, that the driver told him, that he’d reviewed over the dash cam, thought that all the students had, gotten off, and he’d, not checked the back, he was ashamed of not noticing, and that he would be, more careful the next time, later on, as another bus saw the students, it’d, given the students a lift back to their school.

Based off of this driver, he said he had, called out to the back, and looked to check, thought that all the students had, gotten off, he felt really sorry for what had happened, and that he is surely, to check it out personally, the next times.

So, this still was NOT the fault of the driver, because the students had, dozed off, and, the driver said he HAD hollered out to the back, but, apparently, the students were too sleepy to wake up, and, the parents think that it’s the driver’s fault???

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Life, in the Metaphor of Candy Crush

The addictive game of Candy Crush, offering a lesson to this woman, translated…

As I was on the commute, everybody around me was always checking out FB, or playing an assortment of cell phone games. Once I saw an elderly woman who was playing too, I’d, looked closely, it was, Candy Crush! I’d smiled, hard to find someone who shared my same interests these days.

This game had, already, lost its popularity. But, I’d not deleted it, after all, it had, helped me through one of the hardest times of my life. Back then, I’d, taken on two jobs, not being used to ask help from others, I’d lived in anxiety night and day; and so, my husband had, installed Candy Crush for me, to divert my attention when I feel stressed, to stop my mind from wandering.

At first, I kept, getting stuck on the level, but, unwilling to admit defeat, I’d asked my friend about how to get through the levels. And, not knowing how or when, my feeling stressed out, was replaced by that need to get through the levels. I’m no longer, stuck, in my own anxiety anymore. Slowly, I’d, gotten the hang of how to master the levels, with the music that’s upbeat, it’d, encouraged me, and, my lost self-confidence, came back. In the hoorays I get from making it to another level, it’s, a way of de-pressurizing, and, a sort of self-affirmation.

As I’d fallen ill, Candy Crush became the reflections of my moods. Sometimes, I’d, gotten stuck on a level for a month, as I was, about to give up, then, I’d, gotten through, and my moods turned itself around. By the same beliefs, as I’d, gotten through level after level, after level, and, I’d, gotten stuck again.

like this???  Photo from online…playing candy crush 的圖片結果

My body and mind got better, in the screams I’d let out from the games, the levels were too hard, but, I’d, eventually, passed, every single last one of them. From not having any passage before me, to walking toward that cliff, to passing through that winding pass, to finally, return, back to the easy-to-travel passes.

And now, I’d, still played the game, as I played, I’d felt, like it was, a metaphor of life.

And, I’d always, just focused on what’s, right before me, not seeing the big picture, and, I’d, gotten stuck. I’d not gone by a plan, just passed the levels, with pure dumb luck, or help from others, and, more often than not, when I got stuck, I’d, simply, casted the game aside, and stopped playing it. These obstacles are normal to me, because that is, how I’d, tackled life. Especially, I’m, without the patience, or the courage, to solve my own problems, believed, that not seeing, the problems simply, don’t exist. I’d laughed aloud, that every time there’s a bump in the road, I’d, taken this, approach of an ostrich, believed, that if I ignored the problem, then, it’d, eventually, go away, that somehow, someone will help, and save me, get me out!

level up!!!  Photo from online…查看來源圖片

Back then, had I face the pressures of work bravely—to work through each and every difficult that comes my way, then, maybe, they wouldn’t be, hard to conquer. And, the results from my dodging my problems, avoiding deal with them, caused me, to get very ill.

This kind of candy, is not sugar-coated poison, it’s, my best friend, and guide to life. I don’t need to ingest these “pills”, and, it’s, already, taught me a lot about life.

And so, who’d thought, that a cell phone game that was, so addictive, can help someone figure out her life? After all, she got stuck, and, started using the games as a distraction, then, as she got more and more into it, it’d, shown her the lights…

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I DARE You to Say “No”

How STUPID we were, when we were, too young, too inexperienced in the world of things, but, it’s, too late, it’s all, hindsight now, the trials of life here, translated…

As school started in August of 2017, the freshmen rushed in from all around, became so noisy in the classrooms, the Shu-Der School for the Makeup hadn’t been overpopulated like this for a very long time. Dai was among the freshmen, his silence, made him stand out in the noisy crowd, and I’d, instinctively, believed, that he must have a story.

That year, Dai went into the realm of the bad world, with that nostalgia that he carried, expected that there are, members of the gangster squad that’ll, get his back. But one day, the head of the mob told him to stay, inside that emptied office, that gun that’s left on the desk became so, visible. As he sat himself down, the head of the mob came out, of the dead frozen air, “There’s this guy, that’s way out there, kept challenging me, I need you, to SHUT him up. If I need you to handle this, will you?”

where this man is…not my photo…

Do you dare? You dare? You…………in that vacant office, the voice echoed on, and as Dai got up to leave that space, the gun that was, left on the desk was, hoisted, around his waist.

Actually, there wasn’t, that man who’d, constantly, challenged the head of the mob, the one who’d gotten gunned down was, that out-of-luck builder, who’d, refused to accept, that he wasn’t, getting paid. And yet, the biggest mistake that Dai ever made, wasn’t how he was, foolish enough to trust the head of the gang, but how he’d, not had the courage to tell him “No”. Had he said “no” back then, he wouldn’t be, counting down to the end of his own youth as someone else is, counting up the bills; had he said no, his father wouldn’t have gotten so angered that he had a stroke, his wife wouldn’t have, left with tears in her eyes, and, even, for his son who’s, still a baby, wouldn’t be carrying the reputation, of having a murderer for a father.

查看來源圖片like this???  and, stripe really, doesn’t look good on anybody…photo from online…

Eight years, during his time serving, Dai always put on that strong front in front of others, but every single midnight, he’d, awakened again, and again, and again. And his, manly tears that’s, stained his pillows, were the only ones, who understood, how much, he’d, regretted what he’d done.

This still showed, how easily, it is, to take that one wrong step, that leads you, down to HELL, and this man had, murdered someone in cold blood, because he thought it was, getting even for the mob boss, because he needed a place to belong, and he’d ended up, being imprisoned, because of his naïve, and, his father suffered, his wife, left him, his son, without anyone, to take care of him, but, he’d allowed his own youthful hotheadedness to get the best of him, and now, he’s, paying that huge price, for being young, naïve, AND stupid!

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The Drunk-Driving Accident that’s Caused One Death and One Severely Injured, the Mother of the Injured Person Hugged the Drunk Driver, it’d Made Him Cry Like Hell

And, hopefully, this college age dude really can turn his life around, and NEVER get behind the wheels drunk again!!! From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A male college student, Hsu drove drunk and HIT the motorcycle in front of him, waiting for the light, causing the lead singer of the band, Lin to sustain serious injury, and his girlfriend Tsai’s death, the Shihlin District Court held its sessions, and Hsu settled with both families with over $100,000N.T.’s price, he’d cried in court, hoped that he could, “make amends for what I’d done”, the mother of the injured asked, “Can I give you a hug?”, they’d hugged and cried Lin’s mother said, “I hope you can truly change your ways, otherwise, NO amount of money you pay will be enough.”

查看來源圖片look like, the numbers are, declining, isn’t ti???  Not my chart…

Based off of understanding, afterwards, Hsu was taken into custody, and in the penitentiary, he’d once written and sent letters to his victims, to show his remorse, and handwritten the Buddhist verses, to show his remorse, and afterwards, he’d already paid $8.8 million N.T., settled with Tsai’s family, and paid another $4 million N.T. to settle with Lin. As the court opened yesterday, he’d stated he’d wanted to go and offer incense to the person he ran over and killed, to pay his respects, and to apologize to the person who’d sustained a serious injury because of his driving drunk in person.

After Hsu had reached a settlement agreement with the families, the judge gave Hsu bail, Lin’s mother said to Hsu in court, “Can I give you a hug?”, the two embrace and cried in court, Lin’s mother said, “You’re still very young, don’t do anything that put yourself and the society in danger anymore, you need to think over what you’d done, and really change, otherwise, no amount of money you gave to us would be enough,” Lin said repeatedly, “I’m sorry”.

at the scene of a fatal crash, photo from online…查看來源圖片

Based off of understanding, the lead singer of the band, Lin suffered a pelvic fracture and a foot fracture, is currently in rehab, after he’d learned that his girlfriend had died, he’d become, emotionally unstable. Lin’s mother stated, that as the crash occurred, she couldn’t forgive Hsu at first, and struggled with herself for a very long time, but, because she was a devout Christian, plus, she kept in contact with Hsu’s parents through all of this, that was why she was, willing to, forgive him, “If I don’t forgive him, I will always be in pain.”

Lin’s mother said, that she hoped, that Hsu had learned his lessons and truly changed his ways, “If he drives drunk again, we won’t be the ones feeling the most hurt, it would be his family members who would be, hurt the worst.”, she’d also hoped, that the society can see drunk-driving as a serious offense, “the punishments are way too lenient, there is a case of drunk driving by the day”.

So, this would be, the mercy of forgiveness, by the victims’ families, and, it must be, very difficult, for the mother of the man that this drunk driver had seriously wounded, and, she had, touched this young man, with her forgiveness for him, and hopefully, this will, keep this man from getting behind the wheel drunk again.

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Hating the World is a Collective Form of Self-Mockery

What’s caused this deterioration in this current generation of kids, I wonder??? From the Front Page Sections, translated…

Over twenty years ago, the writer from the seventies, Wu took his first part-time job in college, working as a security at a building, in charge of overseeing who comes and goes in and out, receiving and putting the mail in the mailboxes of the local residents, he received $28,000N.T. monthly; but awhile ago, a college graduate from a namely university told him, that he’d worked for two years, at a franchise, and brought in the same amount. Comparing to the past, Wu described it as, “nothing more, than a horror story”.

Wu gave the lecture on “Generation” for the “Engineering of Dreams-the Forum for the Citizens”. Since 2016, he’d interviewed over 40 members of the younger generations, to collect the stories on facts of how the younger generations are, living below the poverty lines, and published the findings in his work, “The Hated Generations” last year.

Wu said, the youths’ talking of “hating life” wasn’t about how they’re all, suicidal, but of their collective feel of the low wages, being overworked, and the long hours of work.

“The younger generations can no longer feel the era where money is everywhere in Taiwan”. Wu said, that the 50’s, “Working Hard, and it’ll, Pay Off”, to the sixties, “My Future is NOT a Dream”, to the eighties, “There’s No Party Anywhere”.

Wu hoped, that through the reports of the true cases, it’ll help instill that sense of empathy in the younger generations, that was what made him write his book, “Through understanding the generations, then, we’ll be able to, fully, resolve the issues of the younger generations in Taiwan.”

Yeah uh, that just shows, how one generation is worse, than the previous, and, that’s just no good, because, as a society, we’re, deteriorating, and, it’s still NOT up to the individual few who’d realized this, and start making changes in themselves, the entire society MUST see this as a huge problem, then, collective, work to solve it, otherwise, the poor are getting poorer, and they keep on whining about how the world ain’t fair, blah, blah, blah…

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He’d Traveling, and You’re Paying for It

how can we afford o trust anything that someone like this says???  Cartoon from online, and how do we know, that he won’t turn around, and BETRAY us, after all, he IS a businessman, and all business cared about is, “What’s in it for me!” or in this case, “How does this benefit the U.S.?”

On the deal that Donald Trump signed with the immigrations department here! Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Taiwan Travel Pact is NOT for jokes. Trump had just, signed this act passed by the American Congress, and in just a few days afterwards, the Asian assistant of the American Congress, Huang came to Taiwan to visit. His visiting here, became reflective of how the Mayor of Kaohsiung, Shu-Ju Chen’s visiting the U.S.

Chen’s visiting U.S., Huang’s visiting Taiwan, they’re NOT arrangements after the traveling pact was passed, but it’d, encouraged the spirits of exchanges from higher up government officials in U.S. and Taiwan, and its significance, magnified. No matter what, for Taiwan, which had been suppressed long-term diplomatically, this act is considered, a HUGE breakthrough. As for how glad of it we should be, that’s, another matter.

Based off of the day’s news, our attending the conferences held by the WHO, can become, normal, as for how the Liaoning Aircrafts passing over the Taiwanese Straits, people may feel a more in-depth meaning of the Taiwan Traveling Pact. Meaning, that we can’t just view the signing of the American Pact toward us as a single victory, it opened up a brand new arcade machine in the gambling of diplomacy; and naturally, gambling has its, risks. And, don’t forget, the man in charge of this casino, is Donald Trump.

“The Taiwanese Traveling Pact”, may be a bit, misleading, but, that, was its, effect. In actuality, this pact has nothing to do with the citizens of both Taiwan and the U.S., the people of both nations can travel to and from, to visit as we please, it’d only, gotten rid of the limited number of Taiwanese government officials’ visiting to U.S. And, as more and more government officials wanted to use this to show how we’re, taken seriously, the risk of it heightens, for the citizens in this country.

Simply stated, for the public, the “Taiwanese Traveling Pact”, is a simplified concept of “You’re paying for his trips”. The higher up officials showed their faces in the U.S., then, Taiwan gets, retaliated, gotten blocked out of the international organizations, and that’s, all on the citizens, citizens are the ones, suffering the consequences.

Once again, this is still IDEOLOGY, because Donald TRUMP wants to BEAT China, that was why he’d signed off on the traveling pact, and, Taiwan, is merely, a sacrificed PAWN in that chess game, because, Taiwan is unimportant to Trump, it’s only, a means to an end, Trumps way, of getting BACK at China, and, the government here thinks that they’d, made an advance in diplomacy??? Give ME a BREAK!!!








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