My Dutch Grandmother, Come for a Visit at My Home

荷蘭歐媽的八十歲生日派對。照片提供/Anneke Groenenbergthe photo of the homestay mom’s mother having her birthday celebration, photo from…

How the elderly in the Netherlands are aging, in their own ways, more gracefully, than most of the elderly in the Asian world, because they were able to, maintain their own independence, and their own offspring aren’t, burdened, or feel suffocated from taking care of them, an alternative perspective, translated…

Although I was only there for just a short year, but, decades had passed, and I’d, still, kept the rituals of visiting the Netherlands every year………

Is it, that I may have, watched, too many Korean soaps? The Opa and Oma in Dutch, doesn’t mean “brother” like it does in Korean, it’d meant grandpa; then, oma shouldn’t be that hard to guess then? Yup, it means, “Grandma”

My Dutch Grandma

I have a Dutch grandma, the mother of the homestay mom as I’d boarded in my studying in the Netherlands. That year, oma was eighty, and had a huge party thrown on her behalf; the elderly friends all put out their best, in preparations for the party, it’d, made me realized, that partying, is NOT the given rights of younger people.

The first few years after I’d finished my studies and returned back to Taiwan, we’d still, sent the cards, the letters to each other, but, the next time we’d all met up, it was, twelve years later. It was the winter, I’d, finished my work, and as I’d, “returned” back to the Netherlands, Oma was ninety-two, still kept at her appearances, dressed up nicely. She’d invited us to the seaside restaurant in Hague for supper, during the time, she’d even, joked with the male waiter too—ha, it didn’t matter how old, a hottie, looks like, a hottie! Before I returned to Taiwan, she’d phoned me to say goodbye, “Deary, I hope that I’ll still be around when you come back the next time.”

The following year, I’d returned, Oma at ninety-three had, lost so much weight then, and had, become forgetful too, no longer recognized anybody anymore. I’d felt, so sad, but still, I’d, forced on my smiles, talked with her, but suddenly, she’d, spoken, “how is your father’s pharmacy?”, it’s, shocked me—she’d, remembered me, remembered that I was pharmacist Chou’s daughter.

I have a very meaningful necklace, it was a gift from Oma to her daughter, and, her daughter, who didn’t have any children, my Dutch mom, gave it to me. Although, I’d only stayed in the Netherlands for just a year, but, I’d kept that ritual of visiting the Netherlands annually for the decades that’s, come to past.

Through Oma, I’d observed, how advanced medicine was in the Netherlands, how tolerant the society was, and most of the elderly in the Netherlands received wonderful care, and continued to pursue their hobbies, they’d not stopped living, because of their age. For this, a lot of the activities fitted for the elderly population came about, including the trending recent year, Oma’s Pop-up (grandma’s flash kitchen), which invited the retired and the elderly population, to make their best dishes, so others can have a chance to savor them. Anyways, the Netherlands won’t let you feel old that easily!

Having this free way of choosing how one is to age, it’d, allowed the elderly in the Netherlands to feel happier, and have more sense of their own independence. On the subject of rights, another first that the Netherlands had started, had caused a ton of attention and discussions.

The Courage to Say Goodbye

In the Asian communities, death is a tabooed subject, we’d normally, evade from discussing it; and in this conservative environment, as we’d, mentioned it, we’d be noted as jinx, unlucky. But, with the discussions of euthanasia coming back up into the discussion forums awhile ago, I couldn’t help but think, that there’s, a real-life case that’s happened, close to me, in the first country that legalized euthanasia.

I’d been connected very closely with the neighbors from opposite, Mr. and Mrs. Adrienne, Leiti, I’d gone to their house to play a lot in my schooling years, and, called them like their grandchildren would. They have a very pretty traditional Dutch garden, the front and backyard are, green. But, after they’d retired, in a few short years, they’d, decided, to move to an apartment for the elderly, because they no longer have it in them, to fix up the garden anymore (the Dutch believed, that it’s something shameful, when you can’t tend to your own gardens!)

The year the Mr. Adrienne was eighty-two, he could no longer live with his esophageal cancer, in his wife’s support, he’d, decided on euthanasia. And, toward the terminally ill patients, euthanasia offered them an alternative, to end their own lives, in a dignified manner. Even if you’re a Dutch citizen, the process of getting approved for euthanasia is not a simple one, although the costs were covered by the national health insurances, the government and the medical facilities will still be very careful in evaluating the cases, to make sure, that the patient fitted to the criteria of “Can no longer alleviate” and “Can’t be altered”, then, the euthanasia would be, approved.

Before saying that final goodbye to life, Adrien hosted a wake for himself, invited all of his families, and friends, as well as his neighbors too. This “party” was mixed with the celebration, and the sadness of his parting.

A week later, the same group gathered again. It’s just, that this time, it was, at Adrienne’s funeral.

The elderly in the Netherlands are unlike the elderly in Taiwan, our own grandparents were amazing, they’d, busied their lives away for their offspring their whole lives; the sense of filial piety doesn’t pale by comparison to the Asians in the Netherlands, but, “happiness”, this basic wasn’t ignored either. The elderly has a ton of socialization with their peers, to help better their qualities of life, and give their loved ones some rooms to breathe when they’re not together.

I think, what made Oma and Opa happy in this cross-generation relation, is because the generations respected, communicated with, and understood each other.

And so, this, is something we can, borrow from, how the people in the Netherlands, are aging better than people in Eastern countries, because, we are, tied down by the beliefs of filial piety, that we must, take care of our parents, not place them in a home, and sometimes, placing the parents in a home, may be the better option, because that way, the elderly parents would have the opportunities, to have more friends their own ages, to socialize with, but, here in Asian countries, it’s, a common belief, that if we sent our elderly parents into assisted living, then, we’d not done, our filial piety duties, and that should be changed!





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The Process of Enslavement

This is, completely, LOPSIDED if you ask me! Translated…

At the beginning of July, a ton of my Indonesian friends virally shared a footage on FB,, it was about three minutes in length, at first, there were, ten Indonesian wearing the unified yellow-colored uniforms, standing in two lines, there were men and women, uneven in stature and height. At this time, a woman from outside the frame suddenly spoke to them in Chinese, “are you all ready?”, then, these ten individuals, like members of a marching troop, replied back to her, “Yes we are!”

That woman barked out an order, and this group of Indonesian bowed three times deep toward the camera, then, with their right fists, high up in the air, and started reciting a series of Chinese, although they have thick accents, but, after hearing it a few times, you can understand that they were saying, “Good afternoon, I want to work, I will, work well, I don’t need days off working in Taiwan, I swear, that I shall never run away, as I’m working in Taiwan.”

Based off of understanding, this group of Indonesian were trained laborers in the agencies, in the future, they are to come over here by flight to work in the factories, although they may have NO clue what the long sentence in Chinese they’d spoken meant, but the superiors had them say it, they can only, recite the phonetics of the Chinese pronunciations, and called it aloud. I’d watched how the Indonesians of the online community saw this, some offered blessings to these people who are about to embark to work, some felt that their thick accents, speaking in Chinese were, funny, suspected that it was, a video joke, but, as a Taiwanese, I couldn’t, laugh.

Actually, this sort of having the workers called out, is something familiar for the Taiwanese culture. We can from time to time, see the managers of a company, leading a group of uniformed workers standing outside the shops, bowed down hard, and, called out to the passersby. This behavior came from the Japanese enterprises, but, it didn’t matter when it’d started, trending here in Taiwan, just knew, that the local business owners, enjoyed these sorts of “group cohesiveness”, and so, the workers from Southeast Asia are, forced to learn this too.

marching on the streets here, demanding to have their days off from work!  Photo from online…

To tell the truth, do you think those workers who were made to stand outside on the streets, and calling aloud like this? Not necessarily, and, even, for someone who’s, quite timid, it’s, surely, uncomfortable, but, this was, the trends of work in Taiwan, using the name, of forcing oneself to have more guts, but, it’s still, a sort of an, authoritarian way of running a company, your manager wanted you to do it, you don’t have the right to say, “no”, otherwise, you can, find work elsewhere…just take a look, at how many people here, worshipped the C.E.O. of Foxx Con, Terry Go.

And yet, as citizens here can quit their jobs, if they don’t feel like doing it, the migrant workers are, not so lucky. In the employment laws, they couldn’t, switch companies they worked in as they wanted to, and, as they’d signed their contracts, they’d needed to, slave themselves for the same company for three whole years, unless the company had done something to break the laws (and this needed hard proofs). And, if they were, faced with bullying in the workplace, wrongful disciplines, and the company wanted to sweep it under the rugs, there’s nothing they can do, and, for the sake of their livelihood, they can only, swallow all the hardships down.

The reason in sum, perhaps, our society had a better view of “slave workers” more so than the workers who are capable, the less opinions the workers had, the better behaved, the better, especially those from Southeast Asia, they wouldn’t “run off” to another company—hey, that’s NOT the demands of their workplace, it’s what they were, calling aloud in front of the camera lenses!

And so, this, is only on the sides of the migrant workers, but, they’re the ones who’d, signed on to work here, and, yeah, I admit, that these migrant workers are taking up the jobs that citizens here, don’t normally do (kinda like how the illegal immigrants of the U.S. are working at jobs that are mostly related to manual labor, because U.S. citizens would much rather sit in their air-conditioned offices???), but hey, if they don’t need the work, why would they come here, and, after they’d come here, they’d realized, hey, this is, WAY too hard for me, and they wanted to escapes? And, this gave this country a bad name, in how we’d, MISTREATED our migrant workers??? This article is only based off of the side of the migrant workers, the writer failed to take into considerations, the owners of the businesses, or the separate households that needed these workers.


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The String Beans & the Dragonfly

Taking her class, to discover the world outside, to teach them, about the values of life, outside of the classroom setting, translated…

As the kids were off school, the campus became, especially, peaceful and quiet, there were, only a limited number of children who were, involved in the extracurricular activities, and the teachers.

查看來源圖片planting something like this…photo from online…

Being too busy the entire day, I’d finally, had the time, to look after the strong beans that the kids had, plant4ed down.  Because the children planted the beans inside the pots the students didn’t have the time, to set up the racks for the plants to climb over, I saw the vines of the beans intertwined, they’d, flipped over to the other side of the walls now.

These were the plants, that didn’t, bear any flowers or fruits, but the kids would, tend to them by the day, kept expecting, but, they still hadn’t, seen the beans yet.

I’d watched these, entangled, ungroomed, unmanageable leaves, and found, suddenly, that there was, a yellow-brown winged dragonfly, quietly, resting, inside this, miniature of a jungle.  The dragonfly was colorful, it’d become, the one and only thing I saw, other than being overjoyed, I’d, called out quietly, to the students in my class to come look.

to attract insects like these…photo from online…查看來源圖片

Worrying that we may, scare the dragonfly off, the kids asked quietly, “Teacher, in that thin, long thing underneath the dragonfly’s legs, a string bean?”  I’d zoomed in, it was one, the one, we’d all, hoped to see for so long!  It’s just, that it’d, looked so thin like the bean sprouts, very hard, for us, to connect it with the string beans, but the kids were so overjoyed, like farmers who’d had their, very first harvest.

This made me recalled Tagore’s poem, “The Flowers Bloomed from the Leaves Out of Love, the Fruits Formed Because of the Respect the Flower Paid the Gods”.  Because of love, the most ordinary of things became, special in people’s views; because of love, that thin-as-a-strand-of-hair string bean, became a full harvest for the children; because of love, there would be the Chinese bulbul, the white butterfly, it’d made, our concrete classroom, become more alive.

Because there are the “children of love” here, and I was, bathing, in this passion that the kids have shown, busy as I am, I was, filled with bliss just the same.

This would be, the important lesson that nature has to offer to us, and that still just showed, that meaningful learning doesn’t necessarily need to happen inside a classroom setting, like how this instructor took her group of kids to discover the wonders of nature, outside in the vegetable garden they started…

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Remember What It’d Felt Like, to Be Misunderstood

What is learned by children at school, not your regular lessons of 1+1, 2+2, or the alphabets, or the phonetic spellings though, translated…

As the whole family is slowly, adapting to the pace of school, my son seemed to have some sort of an understanding of the matter, unlike how in the previous weeks, he’d, dragged on and on, he’d only, stayed in bed an extra five minutes before he got up this morn.

Although breakfasts were prepared at school, and the school told us not to feed them breakfasts (perhaps, they’re afraid that some kids would want the food and others wouldn’t, making it harder, to manage the entire classroom?), but we’d still gotten used to getting him washed up, dressed, having him sit at the breakfast table, we ate our breakfasts, while our son have a glass of his milk, and, we would have, our family conversation time together.  I know some of the preschools are supportive of the children’s having their breakfasts at home before coming to school, because, if the breakfasts were eaten at school, then, wouldn’t there be the suppers where the children are, allowed, to share some quality time with their parents?

This morning, I’d, told my son especially, “Stop talking in class, save all you have to say for when you get home, and tell me everything; don’t talk at lunch either, if you were punished to stand up, I’ll feel bad for you; don’t climb up on the chairs, it would hurt real bad if you fell; keep what you can’t finish inside of your own bowl, don’t put it in the other children’s bowls; don’t horseplay with your classmates…………” after I’d ranted, I thought, that schools can be, a bit, more boring.

Before I took him off to school, he’d turned around and said to me, “it’s okay if I were to get punished to stand, it’s only for a minute (his shoulders shrugged).”, okay then, it’s, I suppose, a perk for my son, if he sees things on the brighter side.

It’s just, that after school, he’d, lost his cool.  The teacher told me that my son was punished to stand up twice, once for pushing the other kids in front of the sink, the other, as they got their lunches, he’d put his empty bowl on top of his head, the teacher told him, “That’s not allowed!”, I’d felt it was, actually, quite funny, there’s nothing wrong, with an empty bowl over his head, it’s just, that if the bowl was filled with food, then, we’d, have something to worry over, and I’d replied back to the teacher, “oh…”

After the teacher closed the door to the class, my son explained to me, that he was standing in front of the faucet first, that it was the other kid who’d, cut in front, that was why he’d, gone up, pushed him aside, but, the other kid went and told the teacher.  “Then, how come you didn’t explain that to the teacher?”, he’d stated, “I don’t know how to tell her.”  He’d continued, that there were, two, three other children who’d, put their bowls above their heads, but only he got punished, “perhaps, I have, a bigger head!”, I don’t think so, it’s because, the teacher is, zoomed in on you.

My son pointed toward the two places he was punished to stand on told me, “Standing in these places makes me upset”.  Then, let’s do something happy, I took him to the super convenience shops to get some air-conditioning, bought him two drinks that he’d downed too quickly that he was having a headache.

illustration from the papers online…圖/豆寶this, was what had happened to the writer’s son at school…

Before bed, I’d told my son, “You may think that the teachers are unreasonable, that they don’t listen to children, actually, sometimes, the parents can’t even, listen to their own young.  We may never meet up with people who can understand us all the time, but we can remember, how it’d felt, to be misunderstood, and as we become adults, we must, be better than how those adults treated us from before, so we can, become better people, and treat our own young, more gently!”

And, this must be an AWFUL experience for this young child to experience, but, he’s now, getting “socialized” to play and work with other kids, and that, is just a part of growing up, and, there are, a TON of unreasonable things that happen in the adult world, that children aren’t ready for, and, there’s, NO way to fully prepare the children, to learn to survive in this world, run by us, the adults, and we can only, give the children, small doses of antidotes on how to cope with these unreasonable situations they may be faced with daily.

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He’d RAPED Three Students, and Claimed that His Students Didn’t Tell Him “No”, Sentenced to TEN Years in Prison

And, GUESS what THIS L-O-S-E-R’s “excuse” was???  “They NEVER said ‘no’ to me!”, believe it or don’t!!!  Here, the punishment, still doesn’t QUITE fit the crime if you ask me, but hey, W-H-O asked Y-O-U???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A male college student, Hong was accused of raping and forcibly sexually molesting three fifth grade girls during his time as an assistant basketball coach in a certain elementary school in Taichung, although he’d claimed, that the girls he’d raped and sexually molested “never said no to me”, but the Taichung High Subsidiary Court judge in the verdict stressed the Me Too spirits, stressed that the international forces of protecting young children, tossed back his appeal, and maintained the rulings of ten years in prison, but he can appeal still.

The High Subsidiary Court of Taichung’s Collectivist Courts pointed out, that the assistant coach, Hong used his mouth, to feed candies to the victims, or kiss, hug, and touched their pubic area, breasts, and, stuck his finger into two girls’ vaginas, he’d been found guilty, for thirteen counts of forced sexual molestation and four counts of rape.

The male college student, Hong testified in court, that the female students never fought him off as he was molesting or raping them, nor had they struggled, attempted to get away, or called out to their teachers or fellow students for assistance, that they’d not said “no” to him; his attorney even stated that Hong had only used his power status, to molest the children, and claimed that he was “compassionate”, that the first trials ten years was way too severe, hoped that he can get his sentence reduced based off of the fifty-ninth penal code.

The Collectivist Court pointed out, that as the crimes were happening, Hong was a last year student in the university, he’d forcibly raped the three female students, that his criminal behaviors aren’t to be taken lightly, that the minds of the victims were, already, severely impacted, that he’d disappointed the school, as well as the parents who’d allowed their children to get trained by him.

The verdict even pointed out, that Hong’s attorney spoke of compassion, which was completely opposite of the international codes of protecting children, that Hong shouldn’t have taken advantage of the students being too young, too unknowing, and take advantage of them, tossed back his attorney’s appeal, and maintained the ruling of ten and a half years.

The thing is, how would you know, that this SEXUAL molester won’t do it again, because, you do realize, how this sort of SHIT can be, quite addictive, especially when you feel that power surge, from being in control of someone else’s life, and, the ten year prison sentence this LOSER received, was still, WAY too light, if you ask me!!!

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She Worried It Might Break Her Mother’s Heart, Was Raped by Uncle the Ten-Year-Old Told the Court that She “Forgot”…

It’s NOT the J-O-B of the child to PROTECT her mother, and yet, this, is what had happened, raped by someone she trusted, off the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Dai took in a pair of mother and daughter in distress for many years, and as the young child turned ten, he’d started, raping and molesting her. The child “worried that if mom hears she’ll be heartbroken”, she’d claimed she’d forgotten what happened as the police asked, later said that she’d felt that she “didn’t have ANY dignity”, the Taoyuan District Court found the man guilty of two forced sexual molestation charges, and gave him three years two months per count, and on the rape charges, he’d been given seven years four months, and this man is to serve a combined sentence of a total of TWELVE years.

The investigators found, that Dai’s wife and the child’s mother were best friends, he saw they were in trouble, took them in, and made the second floor of his house available to them; in the three years, the two families got along well together, and the child called Dai “uncle” too. Two years ago, the child’s mother finally got on her feet, and was able to rent a place of their own, after school, the child would still head over to the Dai’s to wait for her mother to get off work, but she was, raped by Dai.

The child put up with Dai’s behaviors for a while, held it in, not told her mother, and, the moment the mother found, she’d taken her daughter to the hospital for a rape kit and reported the incident to the police, and told the courts, that she would NEVER forgive Dai for what he’d done to her young daughter, that she will NEVER forgive him.

The verdict pointed out, that Dai had grabbed the young child’s breasts twice in the living room and bedroom, and forced her to fellate him, and because the child fought him, that was why he wasn’t able to have her fellate him successfully; but Dai still wouldn’t quit, when they were alone at home, he’d, snuck into her bedroom, forcibly kissed her breasts and her pubic area, and successfully, raped her.

The child testified, that before Dai headed out of the house, he’d come to her room first, to grab her breasts, that she’d been molested at least, two, three times, and she didn’t dare fight back, because Dai was her uncle.

She’d stated, that Dai had even forcibly stripped her panties off and raped her, forced her to fellate him, although she couldn’t make sense of it, just knew, that what was happening was “sensitive” that if her mother knew, it would break her heart, reason why she’d not told was because she feared getting blamed, and felt “doing this made me feel like nothing”, stressed that everything that had happened, was against her own free will.

Dai admitted to having sexual intercourse with the young child, but claimed that he’d gotten “consensus” from her. The defense attorney told, that afterwards there were NEVER any calls of help that came from the child, she’d stayed right where she was, played on the cell phone games with Dai, and even asked him, if she could told what happened to her mother.

The courts believed, that the child was overwhelmed with fear as she was forced to fellate the man, that was reasonable, and she’d relied on Dai for living, and, she couldn’t cut him out of her life because of it, and, disregarded the defense’s claims.

And so, this is, ANOTHER case, where the CHILD is asked to become the ADULT, this young girl was raped, and yet, she felt the need, to protect her mother, to NOT break her heart, that was why she’d, not told, and this god damn MOTHER F***ER (maxed out???) just took advantage of the fact, that she wouldn’t tell, and kept raping her, and this man deserved the HARSHEST of all punishments, he deserved to get CASTRATED for what he did to this young child who trusted him!

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The thoughts of a mother, on HOW her child is smart, translated…

Since my daughter was younger, she’d not been outstanding, she was, a bit, timid too, I’d once, worried in secret, that she may be, mentally slow.  She isn’t like her older brother, everybody’s attention in a group, it seemed, that nothing, can arouse her interests, seeing how in just one year, she will enter into middle school, I’d become, extremely anxious, like my worries are about to, cause me internal damages, but I believed, deep down, that every child is smart in her/his own ways, it’s just, that how the child is smart, hadn’t been, discovered yet, and, as parents, we have, NO reason, to give up on her!  In the end, I’d, decided, to shoulder the responsibilities, to homeschool my daughter for a year, during this period of time, I’d taken her out all over the places, done everything.

Until she’d wanted to understand the dialogues in the Japanese animated features, she’d started, learning Japanese on her own, everything fell into, its, rightful places.  Luckily, the middle school she went to has a foreign language program, ever since, she’d, started, shining bright, in the area of Japanese, and, found her place, in the groups among her own peers.  In her first year of middle school, she’d, passed the examinations for a level four qualifications test in Japanese, and, her participation became, vital in the sister school in Japan, the ugly duckling finally, turned into a beautiful swan.

As the rest of her class faced the trials of tests, she’s one of two in her class who’d, selected a technical high school.  Of course, she’d, struggled and doubted, but we’d, encouraged her, to go toward her own areas of interests, to continue learning Japanese, before she finished the first year of applied foreign languages department, she’d, passed the level one Japanese examinations, it’d, shocked the rest of her school’s teachers and students, “interest is the BEST kind of instructor”, this was, proven on my daughter.  She also got, successfully, selected, to the “Taiwanese High School as Foreign Exchange Student to Japan” program hosted by the Japanese-Taiwan Foundation, became the very FIRST exchange students who got their tuitions paid for by the government, and studied alongside the Japanese high school students locally.

In that year, she’d experienced the life in Japan, whether it be getting along with her fellow classmates, or the daily living in her boarding family, or the culture, she’d, paid very close attention, and recorded everything down, and, all of her experience she’d written about online, received great accord, she’d also, gotten discovered by a publisher, they’d wanted to, put her experiences living and studying in Japan, into a book, to share it with the readers.

illustration from the papers online…圖/Tai Pera

A stupid flies slowly, directly translated into “The bird’s too stupid, so it flew, slower”, but I’d much rather believe, that even if the bird is stupid, it will, eventually, take flight!  So long as it’d, mapped a course of its own life, never giving up, it can still, reach its, destination.

My daughter isn’t stupid, she’s just, using her own way, to walk on a path, all her own.

And so, thankfully, this young woman’s parents NEVER pushed her, or compared her to her older siblings, they’d, allowed her, to go at her own speed, and, surely enough, she’d, found what she’s good at, and, excelled at it.  That just shows, that every child IS intelligent, in her/his own way, if the child is slow to learn, that doesn’t mean that s/he is stupid, it may just mean, that s/he hadn’t found anything, that peaked her/his interests yet, and once s/he’d found something that peaked her/his interests, you can be certain, that the child will, soar, HIGHER than the rest!

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