As a Newborn, He Weighed Approximately the Same as Two Cups of Soymilk, He’d Worked Hard in Getting His Body Up to Shape, and is Now, a Tae-Kwon Do Competitor

With extensive rehabilitation, this young man overcame the complications in his younger years, a story of inspiration, from the Newspapers, translated…

The nine-year-old Tae-Kwon-Do boy, Beans last year took the silver medal in the Tae-Kwon-Do competitions nationwide, he is very agile, and nobody could tell, that he was a premature baby at all. He was born when he was only seven months, weighted only a little over two pounds, the same weight as two cups of soymilk, he’d suffered three subdural hematomas, anemia, and retinopathy, worked hard in rehabilitation for seven whole years, then he’d finally, gotten caught up with the developmental milestones of children his age.

premature babies gorwing up healthy 的圖片結果coming a long way in life so young!  Photo from online…

Bean’s mother, Huang said, at age two, he still couldn’t walk yet, and by five, he couldn’t manage the fine motor movements or the bigger movements either, and the medical assessments showed that he had visual impairments as well, she’d discussed with the physicians, and decided to get Beans involved in Tae-kwon-do training, plus the daily physical therapies, by age seven, he’d finally gotten caught up to the developmental milestones of children his age, and successfully enrolled into school.

And, because of the mother’s never giving up on her young son, and his hardworking manners of working out, exercising to get his physiques up, he was finally, caught up, and that still just showed, how hard work pays off, and never giving up on anything is what will help us overcome the obstacles in our lives!

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Suspected that his Elderly Wife was Having an Affair, the Seventy-Year-Old Man Hammered Her to Death

See how a little jealousy goes a long, long, L-O-N-G way here??? The wife was murdered, because the husband got jealous, of absolutely NOTHING, it’d turned out! From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A seventy-two-year-old elderly man, He suspected that his wife had a boyfriend, two evening ago, he’d gotten into a verbal altercation with his wife who was a year younger, he was suspected of hitting her in the head with a hammer then hacking her head with a butcher’s knife, killing his own wife. The D.A. charged him with murder and asked the judge to allow the elderly man to get taken into custody. The D.A. and the coroners found, that the deceased had over thirty knife wounds on her body, mostly in her head, and the precise cause of death is still pending investigation.

He two evenings ago at around nine in the evening, went to his son-in-law, Liao’s home, told him that he’d killed his own wife, wanted him to help call up the funeral home for him, the son-in-law was shocked, ran to his father-in-law’s house, and found his mother-in-law lying in a pool of blood, already dead.

As the police arrived, they saw He’s wife’s head seemed to have gotten bashed with a hammer, already dead a while, that there’s blood all over the bed, and the floors, He claimed, that he had a verbal altercation with his own wife two evenings ago, that he’d gotten angry and in the heat of the moment, he’d, bashed her head, saw his wife down on the floors not moving, he’d become stressed out, not knowing what to do for four hours, and in the end, he’d called his son-in-law over.

The police found, that the elderly, other than hitting his own wife with a hammer on the head, was also suspected of grabbing a knife from the kitchens to head up.

The relatives told, that He recently started suspecting how his wife who’d gone out to workout in the evenings went to see her boyfriend, they’d slept in separate rooms already, and their four children, already grown and moved away, it’s just the two of them in their home, and He was usually looked after by his own elderly wife.

The neighbors told, that He’s wife was very kind and took care of him well too, but, as He didn’t see his wife, he’d run around crazy, looking for, that he’d showed a lack of sense of security.

He’s family was in deep grief, and He became emotionally unstable, the police said, that there was NO records of domestic violence, that nobody ever got treated by a psychiatrist, that this, was a “normal” family.

So, what made this elderly CRACK, was his suspicions of his wife having an affair with someone else, which wasn’t even confirmed yet, just because she’d gone out to exercise in the late evenings, and, because of their fight, he lost it, and killed her, in the moment of heat, it’s a tragedy that could’ve been easily prevented, but it still wasn’t!

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Words Behind Pictures…

There are now, words behind pictures, you can safely say (or unsafely say???), that pictures are made up with words!

Words behind pictures, and now, as the hi-tech age takes over, people are getting lazier, and lazier (the primary cause of ILLITERACY???), they just wanted to be “fed” those photo bytes.

And so now, the world is being replaced with pictures, and, less and less reading materials will become, available to us, until, we return (finally, doomsday has come!!!), back to the Cavemen Days, where written communications are in forms of simplified pictures (😊, ☹, etc., etc., etc.), and mankind will become, D-O-O-M-E-D for sure!!!

what’s happening right now, and it’s truly, very sad…not my comic…

Words behind pictures, because it’s easier for us to see a picture, and have it register, unlike with reading, you’d need to use your Wernicke’s corpuscle, your visual cortex (aka. the OCCIPITAL lobe of your BRAINS!), relay what is registered visually into your MTL (medial temporal lobe, where MEMORIES are S-T-O-R-E-D???), and comes the output: you making SENSE of what you’d just read………

Why is it, that modern day people get so god DAMN lazy, that they just wanted the information they get “fed” (like in BREASTFEEDING???) to be uniformly visual (in pictures, emoticons, or whatever ELSE it is you can come up with???), and, aren’t there still people out there (like me???) who READ for the sakes of READING???




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Before I Got Lost in the Paperwork…

There was a time, before I got lost in the paperwork, that everything was, working fine and dandy…

Before I got lost in the paperwork, there was a time, when I HAD the time, to just, gaze up at that blue clear sky, and daydream away, then, reality came a-knockin’, telling me, to GET back to work, to keep on, crunchin’ them numbers, to make my sales quota at the end of the month!

and this, is what that looked like…not my photograph…

Before I got lost in the paperwork, there was, that period of time, when I could just, sneak out, for a cup of joe in the afternoon, to steal some time away, for just me…

Before I got lost in the paperwork, life was, too easy then, and it hadn’t, been the same, I got buried now, completely, in the paperwork, and, I have, absolutely NO time for myself, can’t even, take a five-minute short break, to just B-R-E-A-T-H-E!

Before I got lost in the paperwork, I actually, enjoyed my life, and then, I got, buried too deep, crunching the numbers, balancing the budget, and everything else.

Before I got lost in the paperwork, how was life back then???  I thought, real hard on it, and, I can’t, remember those days, they’re all, behind me, too far, far away, like, a distant, dream now………






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His Cohabiting Partner Left Home, and He Took His Two Young Daughters to Commit Suicide by Burning Charcoal

A family tragedy here, a suicide that took the lives of THREE total, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

An unemployed electrician, Lai was suspected of his cohabiting partner, Lin’s leaving home after they had a fight, five days ago, he took their two young daughters out, and sent the photos of “a small wash basin, charcoal” to Lin, Lin thought Lai was using that same old trick, so she’d, ignored him.  The police and family members found Lai’s car in the city of Taichung, found that he’d taken his young daughters and committed suicide.

The coroners and police’s preliminary investigations found Lai was found dead in the driver’s seat, his two young daughters on the back, with the basin of burned up charcoal inside the car, all three didn’t show any external injuries, they’d estimated that they’d been dead for over 24 hours.

The Department of Social Services in the city of Taichung stated, that because Lai wasn’t with a stable source of income, four years ago, his family was reported as being high-risk; a year later after the registry, Lai found a job, and because of his household economics had improved, they’d taken him off the “watch list”.  In the past two years, there had been four domestic calls, but every time the social workers came to visit the home, his cohabiting partner always told them “we’d made up”, that there wasn’t a need for a restraining order.

The police found, that Lai had two children with his ex-wife, later as he started cohabiting with Lin, they’d had two daughters, the family of six lived together.  Three months ago, Lai became unemployed, and because the household economics getting tight, he’d often argued with Lin; last month on the 28th after they had a fight, Lin got angry and left, went to Kaohsiung to live with a relative.

Lai’s eldest daughter told, that after Lin left, her father started drinking away his miseries, and had stayed out and not come home a lot, sometimes, he’d taken her two younger sisters out; on the morning of the twelfth, she’d found her father not at home, and the grandfather got a call from the kids’ school, that her “younger sister didn’t show today”, she found that something wasn’t quite right, and two evenings ago, she’d gone to the police with her second eldest uncle.  The police tracked down the GPS on the cell phone, and at one in the morning yesterday, they’d found Lai’s sedan in Fugui Road in Tanzi District.

As Lin got the news of death, she’d rushed to the funeral home, wiping her tears; the police found, that on the 13th and the 14th, Lai had texted Lin multiple times, including, “It’s raining now, we need to get gong now.”, with the photos of charcoal, and the basin.  Lin cried and told the officers, that Lai had attempted suicide twice previously, she’d believed he wouldn’t hurt their young daughter, that was why she’d not called the police on his last two suicide attempts.

And so, this man still cracked, and, the fact that his cohabiting partner left home was merely the LAST straw, and, this could’ve been prevented (once again!!!), but it still wasn’t!

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Loneliness, Ltd.

An alternative way to look at something that we once worked so hard to avoid feeling, a brand new perspective here, translated…

Loneliness Ltd. strictly, it’s a workshop, with only a store branch, sitting in a community,, the close to forty-year old building was renovated, it’d looked like an apartment from the outside, the entrance has a very tiny wooden plate, etched into the brick walls, with the words, written small on it, “Lonely”.

“Sir, give me that fish-shaped red No. 7 lonely please.”

“For the night time or the day?”

“For the evenings, the kind that you can take to sing karaoke with the clients after work.”

“Going to end before one after midnight?”

“Maybe last a whole night.”

“Then, the turquoise spiral heart No. 8-3 might be more suitable, do you want the cream, the sound, the orally ingested?  Or injections, the patch, the implant?”, the owner asked very fluently.

“Oral.  Lasting only twelve hours.”

“Okay, please wait, here comes lonely~~”, the shopowner handed it to the customer.

Loneliness is often tied with emotions, there’s that scent of sorrow, that lingering on, in the past, people often treated it as something lethargic, and would want to get rid of it.  And yet now, loneliness had been proven to have treatment purposes, to help people think, to feel calmer, to become more creative.

From the researches of Loneliness Ltd., loneliness is found, to be a positive energy, it’s a black chemical element in the darkness, it will help get rid of the excessive emotions, and illuminate a sort of a light that naked eyes can’t see.

In this day and age of speed and standardization, our company insisted on handcrafted, personalized process of making all kinds of loneliness.  “The Loneliness industrie, the s” can be traced back to the new Stone Age, when people used lonely to hit, to dance and sing, and through the chants, they communicate to God, that was how the earliest forms of gospel came about.

Loneliness sometimes gets made like how alcohol gets brewed, sometimes, through the process that’s solid like making cheese, sometimes, it got collected like the scents, sometimes, through the mixtures, with that touch of poeticism, that silky texture, sometimes, it’s, slow cooked.

On the sound stimuli, we’d developed a latest APP, through your cell, download lonely, and lonely enters into the brain through soundbytes, then, enters into that hollow part of the heart.  The other forms of lonely, solid, liquid, or gas, are still made to order to get delivered to your homes, with an assortments of kinds, creams, orally ingested, injections, patches, or implants.

The company also set up courses of lonely, and it’s very popular, the lecturers being senior lonely men and women.

“Why did lonely became the primary selling point?  Beaten happiness, solitude, sorrows, jealousy, hatred……an assortments of other product.”

“Hormones and genes are evolving, people no longer desired sex or company, two people together doesn’t guarantee happiness, the loneliness that came after the breakup, is the start of joy.  When people get together, they’d missed the loneliness they had alone, lonely can help one settles the self, lonely makes you aware of your existence, that scent of destitude, combined with the heartache, has the properties to nourish the souls.”

Loneliness Ltd is now expanding the kinds of products provided, extending toward the universe, to provide that boundless loneliness to those who seek it.

So based off of this, loneliness ain’t that bad, is it?  In fact, loneliness can help people reach their potentials of becoming whoever it is one is meant to become, and, loneliness was seen as something negative in the past, but, not so much so now…

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The Castle of Her Loneliness

This is, the castle of her loneliness that she’d built, to keep all the dangers in the world out, and the end result was, that she is, left alone, on her own, inside, this big castle of hers, away, from the dangers of the world!

The castle of her loneliness, her loneliness grew and grew, since she was a young child, she’d been, isolated by all who were supposed to love her, to be, kind to her, but wasn’t at all, and so, in order, to survive, she’d, learned to, lock the world out, built up this castle of her loneliness, where it’s, very safe, without the intrusions from the outside world…

The castle of her loneliness, she’d, grown up in, and now, she’d gotten, very used to the company of her loneliness, and that became, ALL she’d ever needed in life, just her, and her loneliness, side by side, sitting at that coffee table, sipping down that bitter cup of black coffee, without a single word of exchange, because there’s, no need for words.

like this???  Not my artwork!

The castle of her loneliness, she’d grown tired of living in it, so, she’d, broken out, threw that rock through the windows of her huge castle, and, as the glass pane shattered, everything came back into her life, and, ever since, her life is no longer lonely, her life became, filled with, CHAOS!

The castle of her loneliness, well, she doesn’t feel lonely anymore, living, ALL alone on her own, inside this, castle of loneliness of hers, because she’d realized, that being lonely alone, is WAY, WAY, W-A-Y better, than having someone next to you, lonely beside you………

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