Realizing How We Were, Betrayed, by Those Who Should’ve Loved Us…

One day before I should leave here, tell me she is somewhere, tell me that she exists. She who would lie beside me, whose glance would not cut into my soul with disdain. Tell me she would be as eager to hold me as I am to hold her. Tell me when she went away […]

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The Infant Suffered Multiple Serious Injuries, and the D.A. Ordered a Rare Indictment

A case of abuse AND neglect, by the adult caretakers and their family, and so, they’re all, found GUILTY, of this infant male’s injuries, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A Four-Months Old Infant Boy Was Suspected of Being Abused, He Was Taken into the Hospitals for Fractures All Over His Body Two Years Ago, the Nanny, Chen and Her Daughter Passed the Polygraph and Escaped Indictment Twice; the Taichung’s Subsidiary Court D.A. Believed that the Woman’s Son-in-Law Was Looking After the Infant Boy, Believed that He Was Involved with Abuse; and Ordered the D.A.’s Office to Charge Chen and Her Daughter with a Rare Manslaughter Charge, and After the Crimes, Wang Already Went Abroad, the D.A. is Currently, Working the Case.

The turning point of the indictment was that the D.A.’s Offices believed that the infant boy WAS abused severely at the nanny’s, and even IF the mother and daughter Chen didn’t physically abuse the infant, they’re still, responsible for neglecting him, but the Taichung D.A’s offices only focused on who had been the one, abusing the infant boy, didn’t dig deep enough, to see if there’s, neglect on the involved individuals’ parts.

And, witnesses told the D.A., that the mother and daughter, Chens lived with the son-in-law, Wang; and the investigation also found, that there were, multiple old and new fractures, that it wasn’t caused, in a single moment in time, but from long-term abuse, as the mother and daughter passed the polygraph, Wang was the primary suspect of infant abuse, and, a month after the case started being investigated, he’d, gone abroad, the timing was, just too coincidental.

The D.A. stated, that Chen the nanny (age 53) and her daughter (age 32) two years ago, was given this newborn infant boy to care, and, four months later, as the infant’s family took him to get check, the doctors found the infant to have multiple bruises, and multiple fractures too, and after the treatments, they still couldn’t correct his disfigured left thigh, they’d suspected abuse, and so, the family sued the Chens.

But, the mother and daughter said they never abused, and, in order to get to the truth, the district attorneys conducted polygraphs on the mother and daughter, which they both passed, and, the D.A. believed they weren’t involved in the infant abuse, and, dropped the indictments on them.  But the infant’s boy was dissatisfied, and asked the courts to reexamine the facts again.

The district attorney, Lin found, that Wang, the son-in-law of the nanny, Chen lived with them, that as the mother and daughter went out, they’d left the infant in Wang’s care, and because the infant boy was abused, the two women were responsible for neglect, and, a month after the case went to trial, Wang went abroad, that was, suspicious, and so, they’d believed, that Wang is involved somehow.

The district attorneys Jiang and Lin reached the consensus, that the infant boy was abused repeated, and for long term, by Wang, that the nanny and her daughter, living under the same roof didn’t put a stop to his behaviors, they’d not fulfilled the responsibilities for caretaking, and so, they’d ordered the Taichung District Attorney’s offices to indict the mother and daughter pair, and start looking into Wang’s involvement as well.

So, maybe, the nannies didn’t abuse this child to death, but, it’d happened, under their care, and so, they’re just as responsible, as the son-in-law, who actually physically abused the infant child, because by not stopping his abuse, they’d, unknowingly, enabled his abuse on this young, innocent life.

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The Debt-Collectors Pushed the Debtor to Die, and Went to the Crematorium to Confirm the Man’s Death

Call this, another case of, law and DISORDER if you will!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The garlic manufacturing plant owner, Liao in Changwha, awhile ago, was arrested for driving around and stealing, he’d committed suicide in the D.A.’s placement room in Changwha, he was pushed by the debts owed to Hsu, Lee and others, after his suicide, because he saw no way out, and Hsu and Lee, suspected that Liao was dodging his debts and faked his death, went to the crematorium to make sure he was dead, the police officers busted this gambling ring, and arrested Hsu and six others, and charged them with illegal gambling.

The detectives investigated, that Liao drove his car in June, and burglarized three properties, one of the elderly woman in one of the houses was beaten to unconscious by Liao, and he was arrested after attempting to escape, and sent to the D.A.’s office in Changwha on charges of burglary, and, Liao hung himself, and committed suicide in the interrogation room.

Afterwards, the police department received a call, that Liao lost over a million of dollars at a gambling ring, that he was pressed to kill himself by the violent debt collectors, and the collectors thought, that Liao had faked his own death, to avoiding paying up the money he owed, they’d gone to the crematorium to confirm that he was, dead, and afterwards, they’d continued getting the debts owed by him by his families.

The police chased the leads, and found, that the owners of the gambling ring, Lee, Hsu, and a woman, Yang, had gone to the Liao’s residence to collect the debts, they’d taken the him and his wife by force, robbed the $170,000N.T. Liao had on him, and continued pressing him to pay up, and, in order to pay up, Liao had committed thefts and robberies in Yunlin, and Changwha areas.

The Yunlin Police Department found that the gambling ring was located at a private shrine somewhere in Chiayi, that it’d operated everyday from four in the afternoon to ten in the morn, yesterday, the officers were sent to the location, and arrested forty-nine gamblers, and seven employees of the gambling ring, and collected the two million dollars in money collected, and went to Taoyuan to arrest Hsu, and Lee, because he had a leg injury, he didn’t, get taken in yet.

So, this, is death, caused by an addiction, and, had the man not gambled, he wouldn’t have owed that much debts, and, the debt collectors wouldn’t have, pressed him as hard, and he wouldn’t have committed suicide, and so, it’s still, a series of chain reaction here, that’s caused the suicide of this man and he didn’t want to get charged with robbery, that might be one of the reasons, why this man killed himself in police custody.

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Miru Chen, a Once Stray, Works Now, as in Public Relations at the Local Offices of Pingxi

Giving a new lease on life to the stray dogs here, from the Newspapers, translated…

In order to implement the adopt not buy policy, in July, the Pingxi district offices adopted a furry child from the Banciao Animal Shelter, “Miru Chen”, the office even made a worker’s identification for the animal, he was cute, and loved people, became, the hit PR “officer” of the office.新北副市長侯友宜視察區公所,看到「陳米魯」可愛模樣,不禁逗著牠玩。 記者陳珮琦/ from the papers online

Chen, who’d adopted the dog from Pingxi District said, that the Hsibei City is working very hard, to push forth the No-Kill Policies, plus the assistant mayor, Hou wanted the government workers to be an example, that was why, the worker at the local land office went to the Banciao animal shelter and adopted; Chen said, from online, he’d originally wanted to, adopt the older sister of “Miru Chen”, but as he arrived at the shelter, the female was, already adopted, that was why, he’d, adopted him instead.

“Miru Chen” is a mix male, and why the name, Chen said, Chen was his last name, and, Miru’s coat was golden like the beer’s, so, his English name was “BEER”, and, in Japanese, it’d, sounded as “Miru”, so, the dog was given the name of “Miru Chen”.

Miru Chen was only three months old when he was adopted, he is mild-tempered, loved staying close to people, and everybody at the office loved him, and made a special worker’s identification tag just for him too.  Chen told everyone who came, “Miru Chen” had multiple purposes, although he wasn’t, a good watch dog, but he did, excel in other areas, in receptionist, and public relations for the land offices, and he would be seen often, keeping the grounds at the offices.

Chen said, he’d hoped, that the land offices adopting the pets first, can initiate the same response from the public.

So, this is a great program, to adopt, and not buy, as there are, many great animals in the shelters everywhere, in need of a home, and this man gave this pet a brand new lease on life, and, the dog became, the head of PR at the workplace too!







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If You Were Mine…

If you were mine, but you’re, not…

But let’s say, that you were, and how would that work out?  ‘Cuz at the end of the day, no matter how I’d wished upon a star (like Gepetto???), you still, won’t be mine!

If you were mine, I’d, loved you right, never hurt you, because I will NEVER, do what was done to me, to you, because I already SNAPPED out of it already, but, you’re, NOT mine, no matter how much, I wanted you, I can’t (it’s more like I won’t!), have you, love.

If you were mine, I would’ve taught you RIGHT from wrong, and trained you to SIT, and STAY, and never abandon you, like whoever the HELL that owned you last had…

If you were mine, but, you’re, not mine, and I don’t need any of this, looking backwards SHIT in my life anyways here.









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Turing You Loose

‘Cuz, let’s face it, you are of, NO use to me!

Turning you loose, that, is what I’m ‘bout to do, and just as I was ready, to release, something stopped me, in my tracks.  What if after I released you, I’d realized, how much, I needed you, and then, I’d, have, a HELL of a TIME, getting you back again, won’t I?  But, keeping you with me, it’s doing more harm than good, and thus, I am, trapped, in this dilemma, that I’d, caused for myself.

setting you free 的圖片結果not my photo…

Turning you loose, I don’t want you ‘round here anymore, you’re, no good to me now!  Turning you loose, can I, really?  I mean, just, let you go, with ANY second thoughts, or even, that smidge of, regret?  After thinking on it too hard (my brains fried!!!), I can’t, make up my mind still!

Turning you loose, that, is what I need, to make myself free, and yet, I can’t, turn you loose, without losing sight of me, so, what am I supposed to do now?  I know that I no longer love you, and yet, having you around, it just, feels, comfortable, and these days, we can all use, that little extra bits of comfort anyway we can………








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Bullying Prevention Starts with You & Me

The level of awareness starts with individuals, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The survey of bullying experiences showed, that over ninety-percent of surveyed believed, that bullying can affect someone for life.  But the Department of Education’s alert systems recorded number of bullying was way lower than the confirmed cases of bullying, the Children’s Welfare League worried that there are, way more unreported incidents.

The relational bullying increased to eighty percent, at the highest, and cyberbullying, with the prevalence of hi-tech devices, is also on the rise.  Verbal insults, being made fun of, and singling the victims out, are showing up everywhere, and because evidences of these are hard to collect, the damages from these are way severe, compared to the physical injuries.

Recent years, there’s this heightened awareness of anti-bullying, the schools are now, carrying a careful attitude, that they’d rather, report an incident that wouldn’t classify as bullying, then to not, and through the anti-bullying board set up by the schools, to find out the truth.  And if the cases didn’t make it to the anti-bullying board, the school would also continue to counsel the victims.  And yet, due to the lacking of personnel in counseling, it’d become, the weaker link in handling of bullying in school.

The anti-bullying awareness should start at home, with correspondences in social awareness, getting rid of revictimization, reducing the victims and the bystanders, with the social environment working to change, to reduce bullying.

Yeah uh, easy for you to say, but, the bullying in school usually starts at home, the bully is a victim, of violence from the home, that, is why s/he needed to, externalize the hurt, and bully the weaker ones in school, and if you don’t solve this problem from the home front, then, how can you possibly, TACKLE it in school, huh???

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